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  1. Cake Decorating classes

    Does anyone know of any Cake decorating classes or workshops here in Abu Dhabi? I need a new hobby
  2. St Andrew's Thrift Shop

    Hi everyone, just letting you know that the Thrift Shop is open again!
  3. Visa application

    Thank you Jillybean
  4. Visa application

    I would like for my mom to visit me. She is 81, will I still be able to get a visa for her?
  5. Parcel/shipping?

    Thank you
  6. Parcel/shipping?

    Hi Super, did you find a shipping company to send your boxes back home, im also looking for a company to send some of my stuff back to South Africa
  7. Shipping Tips Please

    What shipping company would you guys suggest? I want to ship some of my stuff, that I dont have place for here, back Home.
  8. 6th Day of Fast ( 2016) Saturday

    Hi there Lamas, did you move back to the UK?
  9. Jewellery making supplies

  10. Jewellery making supplies

    Hi Ladies, is there any current jewellery making supply shops in Abu Dhabi?
  11. Fabric Shops

    Hi Ladies. Does anyone know where all the fabric shops are? There use to be a lot of them behind Chillies in Najda street (down 6th) (now Fatima Bint Mubarak) I went there on monday and they are all gone!!
  12. Happy Birthday Madelyn!

  13. Knitting Yards And Other Accessories

    Behind Chillys in Najda street (6th street) now called Fatima bint mubarak strreet, there is lots of little shops that you will find fabrics, ribbon, threads, just go down the slip streets.
  14. Coffee Morning And Hijab Experience

    Count me in, would love to go

    Hi Michelle, nice to meet you. My name is Madelyn, im also from South Africa and also a crafter. I hope that you arrived safely in AD and that you will enjoy living here!