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  1. Where To Go For A Good Steak Dinner?

    You can't go wrong with either Blue Grill or Rodeo Gril
  2. Cost Savings/water Heater?

    Leaving water heaters on permanently is a major waste of energy. Do as DD does, and put them on during the half hour or so before hot water is needed, or consider putting them on a time for greater convenience.
  3. Are You No Longer Saving Anything As A Family?

    I keep hearing this same argument about the cost of living here being extraordinarily high (mostly in The National, admittedly...), but empirically this just doesn't make sense. 85% of the population here are expats and more and more people are coming all the time. I guess they're not here just for the weather, so I presume that economic advantage plays a big part in that decision. Of course, country of origin makes a big difference in this equation, but if there are places in the world where you can do similar work, have a similar lifestyle and then save a similar amount of money as here, I'd love to know where they are. Jessie - if you're paying Dh45 (that's $12, £8) for a small box of cereal, then maybe you just need to be more careful about where you shop and what you buy?
  4. Anyone Been To Global Village?

    There are probably around half a dozen rides suitable for a 4 year old. Lots of food to be had there at reasonable prices, so no need to take anything..
  5. Entertainer 2015 Book - Any Discount/deal?

    Jillybean - What are the prices and ambience like at the Burlington Grill? I've been meaning to go since it first opened, but keep forgetting that it exists being out at Mafraq. I agree that MPW and Meat Co are both best given a miss. For well cooked, good steak at a reasonable price, try the Grille at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, or Blue Grill if you have a Rotana card.
  6. Etihad Complaint Line

    In my experience Etihad seem to be a little more responsive to emails than calls, which are a complete waste of time. Just keep emailing again and again and eventually you'll get through to somebody who might be able to help. And as suggested elsewhere, as an organisation that seems to be much more focused on image than on service, they are likely to be much more responsive to social media complaints.
  7. Saaed Procedures

    Same was as you pay traffic fines, online or in the office You can just pay when you next register your vehice.
  8. Hoi An And Shang Palace @shangri La

    Li Jiang would be much better than either of these places for a special occasion. The couple of times I've been to Shang Palace the food has been good but the service poor. Of the two I prefer Hoi An.
  9. Marketing Mystery

    Pinegrove - out of interest, where do you come from that "inflammable" means will NOT catch on fire? Sounds like lots of potential for hazardous confusion there!
  10. I think they run pretty much constantly, with people coming and going as their pregnancies moves on to births. As for topics, our experience is that they cover breast feeding again and again and again, with occasional interludes where a third party vendor comes in to try to sell you some sort of DNA banking system. Don't get me wrong, they are worthwhile, but if you go to two or three classes you'll pick up everything you need to know.
  11. Cafe Arabia - Feedback Please

    I agree with most other posters. The food is not great and the service is dreadful, even by Abu Dhabi standards. The only reason to go here is for the wonderful venue/ambience, but with 30 friends in attendance you'll be to busy to notice that. I'd try somewhere else that's more likely to be able to do a good job.
  12. Holy Shmozes - Someone's Getting Greedy!

    Another rec for Delight here. They did a great job for us at a reasonable price, worked like Trojans and finished a day early. Excellent job.
  13. Anniversary Dinner

    Good call on Brasserie Angelique. Bord 'Eau is another good "Special Event" type of place. I guess two people are likely to spend around Dh1,000+ there, although choice of wines could easily push this higher.
  14. Visitors Driving My Car...

    In principle they can, but you should check with your insurance company to that they and your car will still be covered. Axa certainly allowed this last time I checked.