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  1. Re-plating silver items

    I have some beautiful, but tarnished silver plated photo frames. Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Abu Dhabi that does re-plating?
  2. Coffee Morning And Hijab Experience

    Count me in too, please!
  3. Car Hire Uk This Summer

    I can recommend the website http://www.1st-ukcarrentals.com/ Used it a few times - usually cheaper than booking directly with the big car rental companies. Free extra driver was a bonus too!
  4. New Scottish Country Dance Class

    File Name: NEW Scottish Country Dance Class File Submitter: Petronella File Submitted: 02 Mar 2014 File Category: Classes NEW Scottish Country Dance Class Have fun, make friends and get fit with Scottish Country Dancing! Scottish Country Dancing is similar to square or contra dancing. Dancers make up “sets”, typically of 6 to 10 people, moving and turning in different patterns. This video clip is an example of the type of dance you can learn. There is no need - to bring a partner. - to be Scottish. - to have any dancing experience. You just need flat shoes and a sense of fun! Complete beginners welcome. Class Timings: Sundays 7.15 – 9.00 pm Thursdays 2.00 – 3.30 pm Class Venue: Studio, Health Complex, The Club Cost: Dhs 30 Advance booking required. Contact: Francine Quastel 055 9484 658 francinequastel@gmail.com Click here to download this file
  5. Another vote for Glamour salon from me. Kylie knows her stuff!
  6. Abu Dhabi Art Fair Closed Today

    Hi GG, Yes. At the Manarat. I called 02 657 5800.
  7. Abu Dhabi Art Fair Closed Today

    When I rang the information desk, I was told that the art fair is closed today (including all activities and the indoor exhibitions/workshops). Best to check (again) if you are planning on visiting!
  8. Beirut Weekend

    Had a great time - it's a beautiful country. I found the areas outside of Beirut very interesting - Old Palace at Beit Eddine, Byblos, Chouf Reserve. Enjoy your trip!
  9. Beirut Weekend

    We stayed at the Queen's Suite Hotel. Reasonably priced. V. good breakfast buffet and excellent location (close to Hamra).
  10. Scottish Folk - Should We Join In?

    I agree - the Scottish Society is very welcoming to all nationalities! No-one is stuffy about dancing at the Balls, Ceilidhs, etc, but if you want to learn more, there are regular Scottish Dance classes at the Club. The classes have stopped now until September, but are good fun and welcome complete beginners. You can check the adscots.com website for information on upcoming events and how to join the Society.
  11. Yoga Classes Where & When

    Does anyone know whether Monica (German lady who teaches at Go Yas ladies night) has a regular class on island? If so please can you send me details.
  12. Italian Tourist Information

    Many thanks DG! Will investigate!
  13. Italian Tourist Information

    Does anyone know if there is an Italian Tourist Information office in Abu Dhabi?
  14. Rotten Fruit Warning

    Thanks esandra! I only ever buy small amounts - but I'll have a go! :)
  15. Rotten Fruit Warning

    I must try shopping at Mina Port. I always have the impression that you have to buy huge boxes of things. Are prices displayed or are you supposed to bargain?