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  1. Submitting Visa Renewal Papers For Maid

    We used Roboa typing too to process a maids visa and I would recommend using them. In the past, we have done the paperwork ourselves for a maids visa but this time used the agency as I was working during the opening hours of immigration and my husband couldn't keep taking time off work to get things done. The fee isn't cheap, but the company did everything except take the maid to get her medical done. Having had several wasted trips to immigration the previous time, we found them very efficient.
  2. Online Stores In Uae

    Which online stores are recommended that are locally based. I know of souq and jadopado but can anyone enlighten me on others. Which is the one set up by one of the members here? Many Thanks
  3. We have been looking for a maid recently, but haven't had any luck yet. We are now considering using an agency but the fees of the ones I have contacted are now in the region of 14000dhs. I know it costs the agencies more to bring maids from the Philipines, but I'm not bothered about the nationality of the maid. Are there any agencies with more reasonable fees? Thanks
  4. Any Water Parks In Khalifa City?

    One of the playgrounds in Khalifa A has a few water features for children to play in. There is water pouring out of various features, water cannons and its similar to the one on the Corniche . There is also a small playground, the water features and some barbeques. The water only comes on between 3 and 6 pm and is turned on by pushing a button. To get there, head towards the pink shops from the Raha Gardens/Gems AA side of Khalifa. At the roundabout before the pink shops take the left exit. Drive along, then take the 2nd road on the right. After about 100m take the left turn. As you drive along there is a big orange fence on the right where a mosque is going to be built - turn onto a track immediately after the orange fence. You will see the playground on the right.
  5. Harley Street Medical Centre - Feedback

    Can I ask which ENT you recommend for children. We have been trying to find a decent ENT.
  6. Bedding Fabric Shops

    There is an area downtown that has a number of shops that sell bedding material and then make up the sheets, pillowcases etc for you. I visited it last year with a friend who has now left but cannot remember where it is. Does anyone know where I am talking about and can give me directions about how to find it or at least in the vague area of where it is. I think it is somewhere around Salam/Muroor St and I thought it was between 7th and 9th but despite driving around I couldn't find it. Thanks
  7. My husband used to attend a clinic at SKMC to have his blood monitored regularly as he has to take Warfarin. He is now unable to attend the clinic as he is not Emirati, but we do not know anywhere that does testing as efficiently as SKMC does. He would attend the clinic at SKMC, have his blood tested by a technician, get the results of test, may or not see a Dr if needed and get repeat prescription. So far he has been to Al Noor where it is a far lengthier process. Does anyone know of a suitable alternative. Thanks
  8. Flight Bumped Rights/help...

    If you google "flight delay compensation" check out the info under the which.co.uk and moneysaving expert.com sites. These will show if you are entitled for compensation We used a template letter from these sites to claim compensation from Air France. There are quite tight regulations on flight delays in Europe. As your sons flight was due to land at an EU airport it may be covered. If they are entitled to compensation, they are entitled to receive it as cash, not just a voucher to be used off their next flight. The onus is on the passenger to claim what they are entitled to as the airline is unlikely to offer it. We received a 100 Euro voucher from Air France as a goodwill gesture for my husbands delayed flight. We wrote back saying thanks for the goodwill gesture but we were entitled to compensation too, which we wished to receive as cash. They did a token amount of umming and ahhing, but we wrote back clearly stating the EU ruling we were claiming under, the facts affecting the amount of compensation such as length of delay and distance of flight affected and they agreed to settle quite quickly. HTH
  9. Which Trampoline To Buy?

    We are looking to buy a new trampoline and are looking for a very UV resistant one. Our last one did not stand up to the heat and we were frequently replacing parts. We have a south facing garden so it will be in the sun the whole day. We are considering the Springfree brand but would be interested to hear how they stand up to the heat and sun. Any other brands that can be recommended? Thanks
  10. Can you tell me what is normally required when getting education certificates attested. Is it the original or a copy that is needed. I have just used a UK company to attest my certificate, and despite only sending them the original and specifying to attest the original, they have returned a copy with all the stamps. As far as I know it is the original that needs to be stamped etc, but wanted to check what is the norm in Abu Dhabi. Thanks
  11. Flying With A Newborn -- Advice, Tips, Hints

    I would recommend a baby carrier for when you arrive as many airlines do not bring up the buggy to the gate, rather you get it with the suitcases. You can request for the buggy to be brought to the gate but it can depend on the gate staff that day so be prepared for the answer to be no. Juggling a baby in one hand and bags in the other isn't too fun so a carrier will be very helpful here. I found taking a nappy bag to the toilets to change the baby very inconvenient due to lack of space and found a wallet that opened out into changing mat with storage for nappies, wipes etc to be far more useful. Have a good flight
  12. Thanks, I think camps may be the best solution.
  13. I might need to sort out a full day of childcare in January and am wondering what my options are. Husband has prior work commitments for that day and cannot take the day off. Ideally I would like to use an agency that provides a nanny for casual work but I don't know if there is any. Has anyone found an agency that provides this service? The day in question has an early start so it isn't ideal to ask friends, but I suppose this is an option. I could advertise locally for teenagers to babysit, would probably need two as my kids can be a handful. Are any winter camps that accept children for the day, preferably in Khalifa and will take them early? Has anyone got any better ideas? Thanks
  14. ***~*~*~*~*happy Uae National Day Everyone*~*~*~***

    What channel is it on?
  15. Kandura For Kids - Where To Buy?

    I bought from LuLu's Mushriff Mall last year.