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  1. Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

    I miss your quizzes DD. Pleased to say I got them all correct ;-)
  2. `*~*~*~*~*~EID MUBARAK EVERYONE*~*~*~*~*

    DD, just saw this and realised I didn't post over Eid. I was actually back in AD for the Eid break with my son. Felt strange being back but I enjoyed the break and seeing some old haunts. I do hope you and your family had a Blessed Eid break
  3. 8 th & 9 th Day of Ramadhan 2017

    Umm Ali is my all time favourite dessert. Haven't had that since my return to the UK. Oh how I love reading your Ramadan posts DD and I especially enjoy reading about all the wonderful food you prepare for your family......reminds me of my dear Mother In Law who passed away a few years ago. She was always cooking lovely Arabic food for us and meal times were so special as it brought the whole family together. You have a truly truly wonderful family DD. Masha'allah, you are so blessed, as are they to have such a wonderful wife, mother and Grandmother. Blessings to to you all x
  4. 2nd Day of Ramadhan

    How I love your Ramadan updates DD. I also love to read what you have cooked each day for your family. Having lived in the UAE for 11 years and now being back in the UK I'm finding that I actually miss hearing the sound of the canon firing, cooking extra food and sharing with our neighbours, the calls to prayer, the coming together of the local community etc....not the same in the UK. At least I have many fond memories of past Ramadans and can feel a part of this Ramadan via your updates :-) I look forward to reading more from you. Blessings to you and your family x PS: hope your Grand-daughter wasn't too tough on her Baba ;-)
  5. ***~**~**~Ramadhan Mubarak everyone~*~*~~*

    Ramadan Kareem to you and your family Desertdream. May Allah bless you and answer your prayers during this Holy Month x
  6. Congratulations DesertDream

    Hi TG, hope all is well with you and hubby. Are you still in AD? DS is doing very well and almost at the end of his second year of studying Law at LSE...he's doing very well and loving Uni.
  7. Congratulations DesertDream

    Shukran Habibti. I'm back in the UK but my husband remains in Abu Dhabi, for now at least. I was last there in November and enjoyed catching up with my lovely neighbours and of course looking out across the view I gave up....can't beat that view and and I do miss that and the regular events that happen there. My husband, and also a very dear friend who lives close to The Corniche, send me updates and regular photos ;-) It sounds like your preparations for Ramadan are well under way and you are as organised as ever my friend. Nothing seems to phase you and I admire you for that. I will have to check in closer to the time to see how you are getting on. It was great to read that your lovely family is growing and you must be so happy to have such a wonderful close family. I wish you and them good health, peace, happiness and long life. I will do my best to keep checking in and will let you know if I do another trip back to Abu Dhabi x
  8. Congratulations DesertDream

    Mabrouk DD on your great news. After many, many months of not looking at the forum I decided to look in today and saw your wonderful news. I am thrilled for you DD and hope all is well with you and the family. Seems I have missed quite a great deal as I see that Smiffy is now back in the UK. Times are a changing in Abu Dhabi......
  9. Lots of questions.

    Hi Dakmor, what a lovely surprise to see your name appear. Do hope you are doing well. I would stay at the Millenium out of the two you have named. What about the Hilton Corniche, did you look at that? Friends of ours have been staying there for years and really love it Do hope when the time comes you have a fabulous trip
  10. *~*~*~*~HAPPY EID AL FITR EVERYONE*~*~*~*~*~*

    Eid Mubarak to you DD and all who are celebrating. Hope you have all had a wonderful time with your families. We have seen lots of people celebrating in London today whilst we were having our own special celebration.....25th wedding anniversary :-)
  11. Anyone else reeling from the shock of Brexit?

    One of the latest headlines this morning.....seriously, is this guy for real! Boris Johnson has boasted "the markets are stable" - just as trading in publicly owned RBS was briefly suspended after a 14.5% drop. The Tory leadership favourite went on: "It's clear now that 'Project Fear' is over, there's not going to be an emergency budget. "People's pensions are safe, the pound is stable, the markets are stable, I think that is all very good news."
  12. Anyone else reeling from the shock of Brexit?

    Well it would appear things are going crazy here in the UK since last weeks shock results. The pound has dropped again as the markets opened here (shame we don't have any more dosh stuffed under the AD mattress), Corbyn is losing party members left right and centre, fight is on to keep Boris out of number 10, the petition for a second EU Referendum vote is doing the rounds but has now had around 80,000 signatures removed after it was investigated for fraud and Brussels are insisting that the UK start the process of leaving the EU by Tuesday!!! Let them wait say I....... Spoke to a neighbour yesterday who is French and has lived here in the UK for 20 years, she and her husband feels like they do not belong here anymore. Interesting, and I wonder if other people feel that way??? It is definitely the topic of conversation on everyone's lips here and wherever you go, be it cafes, supermarkets, tube, bus or just walking on the street it's what people are discussing. Long road ahead.....
  13. Anyone else reeling from the shock of Brexit?

    I'm back in the UK and it was a huge shock to wake to the news that people had voted to leave! It was a close call and even on Wednesday night when watching the live coverage it wasn't certain which way the vote would go. What was very clear on Thursday morning was that the Remain camp were in total shock at the news. From polls that were carried out it appears that most of the younger generation voted to Remain and it seems the older generation (65+) wanted out. Huge division within some families and younger folks are quite cross with parents / grandparents who voted to leave. Also a big divide between the North and South. Some people who voted Leave admitted that they really didn't understand exactly what the implications would be or why they wanted to leave.....they just thought it would be a good idea Today the news is full of people who voted to leave declaring that they didn't think their votes would count and are now wishing they voted Remain. Too late!!!! It's going to be an uncertain two years ahead for the UK and only time will tell if the decision to leave was the right one.....I'm not convinced it was. DS studying Law and his second year focuses on specialised subjects and also European Law but of course that may be in doubt now! Guess we all just have to watch and wait.......
  14. 6th Day of Fast ( 2016) Saturday

    DD, I still get the updates of Corniche happenings from my husband and also friends in the area so it helps me feel like I am still there :-)
  15. 6th Day of Fast ( 2016) Saturday

    DD, I am loving your Ramadan updates and it helps me to feel as if I was still there. Each Ramadan I always look forward to hearing what things your family get up too, the food you all prepare and share together and especially who needs that extra nudge in the morning to wake up. I pray that your family are well. Blessings to you all during this Holy month