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  1. Removal from London - Abu Dhabi

    A lot has changed in 12 years... you shouldn't have to do any of that (listing of books. DVDs etc, nor going to the port).. Just do remember that your container is likely to get pretty hot at this time of the year, so don't pack things which will suffer badly in the heat. For what it is worth, we found Crown Removals good 6 years ago - not the cheapest (though I haggled their initial quotation down quite a long way), but pretty efficient, and I've heard good things of them since then. We've moved house about 10 times, so I have some experience, and they were one of the best we've used. We are moving now within Abu Dhabi, and are using Delight International Movers - who seem to have a great reputation (so far, so good - after day 1 of packing). I believe they also do removals from the UK, but don't know anything about the quality of service from the UK.
  2. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Getting a "decent sized garden" will be your main challenge if you are trying to keep prices down, depending exactly upon how you define a decent garden. Otherwise you can get nice villas, in compounds further up towards town (& closer to BSAK than the Hills, for instance) with small or minimal gardens for 200k or less. That's a big saving over 3 or more years if you are paying for this out of your own pocket. You can also take them to nearby parks - for instance the Umm Al Emarat Park, off Karamah St, is a lovely place for children to play, and there are lots of smallish compounds within 5 mins drive (or 15 mins walk in the cooler months).. I might be wrong, but I have never (in 6+ years) heard of the Grand Mosque as "being full of activities for the children". My best advice is to take your time before choosing. Try to live in a hotel or serviced apartment for a couple of months (you can get ever bigger discounts if you commit for a little longer, and haggle a bit), and get a feel for the city, the compounds and options, traffic etc. As so many people have left, there is plenty of choice unless you are particularly picky.
  3. Book donation Abu Dhabi or Dubai

    St Andrews Thrift Shop is re-open now. I assume, but don't know, they take books - they used to. Located right next to BSAK school. According to facebook - "Open Sunday and Tuesday 10-1pm and Friday 12-2pm it gets super busy on a Friday so I would stick to going during the week"
  4. Good evening! We are AD residents, but will change visas this summer to a Dubai visa (while remaining living in AD). We are thinking sponsoring a maid in the autumn - has anyone done this, and were there any problems? We have a maid in mind (who works for an acquaintance, on a current AD visa), Sri Lankan (I believe rules vary for nationalities). Are there any issues changing her visa from AD to Dubai if she moves to us? Would she need to leave the country? Many thanks, "Seaweed".
  5. Removal company

    We used Crown from UK to UAE about 6 years ago, no problems, quite expensive but negotiable. We are about to move within AD, and asked friends. Delight and e-movers were both highly recommended. We got quotes from both, and they were very similar in price. We'll use Delight next month.
  6. Ebay delivery

    Contact the seller and ask if they sent it by post, or by courier. Only then can you work out what to do. If they sent it by post, but used your home address (rather than PO Box), I assume it'll be returned to them. Post can take AGES to get to the UAE - it is by far the slowest country for post that I have ever lived in. If they have sent it by post, and it then gets returned to the seller, that could take a very long time to resolve. It is always very important, when buying anything from overseas, to confirm how they will send/ship it to you. If in doubt, enter both PO Box and physical address in the shipping details!
  7. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    I very, very much doubt you need to get it authenticated just to live together. Legally you will by then be married, and that's all that matters. The authentication is only really necessary for the visa. On a different matter, don't forget to think about new wills in due course, particularly if you end up opening joint bank accounts etc - hopefully they won't be needed for a long time, but if a husband dies over here without leaving a will, it can get tricky for the wife as sharia law will kick-in. There are plenty of posts discussing the issue on this forum.
  8. Sending money home

    The malls might be offering you the same rate at all their stalls (though I am not sure that is true - friends of mine who use them more often than I do say you must always haggle, and some will offer you a better rate than that on display if you are transferring enough money), but online money transfer companies will often get closer to the pegged rate than the malls will.
  9. Sending money home

    No bank or money transfer company will offer you the pegged rate.
  10. Sending money home

    Banks are very rarely the best way of moving money - though they will claim there is no charge, they will offer a worse rate than a specialist money transfer company - and if you are transferring a larger sum, this worse rate can cost you a lot of dollars. There are quite a few money transfer companies in the UAE, and most have very similar rates. Alternatively you could sign up for a company such as https://global.moneycorp.com/usa/ (and there are others - I don't know which one is best for AED-USD, but almost certainly any one will be better value than a bank).
  11. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    This is the company most of them used when coming to UAE: http://www.asapdocument.com/
  12. Project Management jobs

    There are huge numbers of project managers with that sort of experience, I am afraid. It'll depend upon what exactly his PM experience is in (construction? IT? etc), and what achievements he can demonstrate to make him stand out. But, by and large, PMs with less than 10-15 years experience will be at the low end of the salary scale. If a UAE company is looking to hire a PM from overseas then they will be looking for plenty of experience.
  13. Good afternoon. We've never tried to go skiing from the UAE before - does anyone have any recommendations for a decent price, non-glitzy, family-friendly place to go to? We'll only have a week, so ideally somewhere that isn't too painful to get to! We don't need luxury, just decent family-level skiing - the children aren't complete beginners, but not far off it. Many thanks, PS - we've just had a recommendation for Georgia, to a place called Gudauri (Marco Polo hotel) - if anyone has been there, it'd be good to hear your feedback, in particular if you used instructors there for children.
  14. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    You must have been very unlucky - it shouldn't take anywhere near that long! (I have employed a number of people from America, so have some idea how long it took them - it was weeks rather than months). There are companies who can help also - clearly, for a fee! But I think we are all in agreement, much better get it done before you come here.
  15. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    If the school will give you a visa (sometimes it is easier to get the job if you are sponsored by your husband, as it reduces the school's costs) then technically no, I don't think you need to get it done. But if either of you are hoping to get family benefits (flights home, medical insurance, sponsorship etc) for your spouse, whether on arrival or at a later stage, then yes you'll need to get it done. Even if you both expect to be working at the beginning and separately sponsored, I'd still get it done, as it'll make it a lot easier if one of you loses your jobs and the other one needs to provide the sponsorship during the job-hunting. Also, you might find that your husband gets much better benefits (more flights, better quality medical insurance etc), and decide that you will stay on his sponsorship to take benefit of them - you wouldn't be the only teacher over here doing that... (he just needs to provide a no-objection letter, so the school can get you a labour card).