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  1. Definitely go to the police and complain. This happened to my friend several months back. Suddenly one morning fines started ticking in and it was also from a time where she wouldn't normally be at that place. She got a court date and had the fines dropped.
  2. I asked my husband to check the website today as I thought I might have gotten flashed a couple of weeks ago coming from the airport, but turns out I didn't. However, since end of June until beginning of October I've racked up four fines on the same stretch of road, Umm Al Nar/Shahama Rd. I'm usually careful not to go over 120 and it's my first fines since 2012. I cross checked with my HSBC credit card sms and on all four dates I'd been in Yas Mall/Ikea. I live near Al Forsan so I enter the motor way at the new Golf Garden entry going and exit by Al Bandar when coming back and I have no idea which camera this could be. I've driven there on more than the four times I was fined so I'm assuming I must have been extra lead footed on those occasions....
  3. Getting Married and Moving to Abu Dhabi

    Also, should you find yourself pregnant you should be prepared to show your marriage certificate. Sometimes these things happen, planned or not
  4. Nurseries leading to kindergarten entry

    If your child turned three before 1st September and you'd like them to do FS1 at a school so they are secured a spot for FS 2 (which is when they have to start school) you should have applied last fall or as soon as your desired school opens its registration for the following year. If you want your child to do FS1 at a nursery you are free to do so and I'm sure you don't have to panic as there are plenty of nurseries around. Personally I don't know about any nurseries that feed into schools. Not saying there isn't, just that I'm not aware of any.
  5. Ownership transfer

  6. My kid having pain in leg

    If x-rays and MRI have come back clear it could be growing pains. My 6 year old is tall for his age and about half a year ago he went through the same thing for a while, but then it went away by itself.
  7. Bsak vs Cranliegh

    I haven't looked into either school in detail, but from what I understand Cranleigh has smaller classes.
  8. How far is your child's school?

    The kids go to Al Yasmina and I live in Khalifa. It takes me about three minutes to reach school by car. I think it's perfect!
  9. Should I stay in the hot summer here

    Will take the kids "back home" and be gone for about 7 weeks. I don't work and DH will actually be closer to his employer so it works out nicely.
  10. New Mall in Khalifa City

    Yes and no! Is the short answer. The long one is; we're looking for a place to settle while the kids are growing up, but we can't quite agree on where. DH have been wanting to leave for a while as he's mostly working in Europe, but I've dug my heals in and refused. However, with the increasing cost level and taxes popping up here and there I think his 2018 deadline is firm this time and to be honest it's getting difficult to defend staying especially when it means extra time away for DH.
  11. New Mall in Khalifa City

    The good news is that it says Lulu on it, the bad news is I'm most likely not here anymore...
  12. New Mall in Khalifa City

    If you type in Central Mall Khalifa City in Google maps it comes up. Even if there is not really anything else to find out about it, that i can find anyway.
  13. Malls in Abu Dhabi

    For convenience I have to say Dalma Mall. I live in KCA and for me it's the quickest one to get to. I go to Yas Mall for the selection of shops for special occasions, for cinema (HSBC 2for1), and the salads and ambience at CF. However, it's too big (and far) for just picking up a few things. The layout is still confusing to me and the signage for toilets could be better. With young children who have to go at moments notice it's a big deal! As I don't like either Carrefour or Geant, I also have to mention Mushrif Mall for Lulu.
  14. gastroenterologist for 6 year old

    Last time I called I was told Dr Maurice is no longer at GDC. I don't yet know where he's gone. There was an advertisement on the radio this morning, though, and they said there is a pediatric gastro-enterology department at the Kings College Hospital. I only noticed it as I'd recently seen this thread.
  15. Saying Farewell to a Longstanding Member

    Good luck Jenny on your new journey.