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  1. Definitely go to the police and complain. This happened to my friend several months back. Suddenly one morning fines started ticking in and it was also from a time where she wouldn't normally be at that place. She got a court date and had the fines dropped.
  2. I asked my husband to check the website today as I thought I might have gotten flashed a couple of weeks ago coming from the airport, but turns out I didn't. However, since end of June until beginning of October I've racked up four fines on the same stretch of road, Umm Al Nar/Shahama Rd. I'm usually careful not to go over 120 and it's my first fines since 2012. I cross checked with my HSBC credit card sms and on all four dates I'd been in Yas Mall/Ikea. I live near Al Forsan so I enter the motor way at the new Golf Garden entry going and exit by Al Bandar when coming back and I have no idea which camera this could be. I've driven there on more than the four times I was fined so I'm assuming I must have been extra lead footed on those occasions....