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  1. Maid's Visa

    the agency was right, she's got atleast 2 months for you to get her an employment/residence visa. unless the UAE govt changed the policy again...you see they always think you're living an extravagant life when you have a housemaid, hence, they will make sure you spend so much to keep her here. you should've asked (SEHA) why they took the original visit visa (pink copy). but you don't need to get another one...they will surely (they should) attach it to all her medical results when you go back to pick up her results. I suggest you go ask the agency too, for next procedure and information. they should know. hope everything works out. :)
  2. How Long Can A Maid Stay In The Country?

    a housemaid visa has to be cancelled first before a new sponsor/company can apply for a new visa. she then have 29 days to leave to country of origin or get another visa/sponsor. whether she will get out of country or not, you will have to give her cash in lieu of ticket. it is your discretion to send her home and the new sponsor will take her back from her country. as long as she gets her visa within 29 days (not 30 days) because penalty starts on 30th day. it's 100 aed overstay fine per day. if she's going for a secretary job for example, she will need to provide required credentials such as authenticated/certified - school diploma, transcript, certificates, etc, for the work permit to prove she is qualified for the position. OR don't wait till her visa expires, let her find a job now so she'll have more time to look. anyway you've been very clear that you are in good terms with your h/maid and you want to help her. just don't give her, her passport until you cancel her visa. though by law, you are not suppose to hold her passport, however, many people do that to avoid their h/maid running off. but the best way to do it, cancel her visa, pay her end of service benefits, send her home, and let the new sponsor that hire her bring her back. that way you're done and you don't have to worry about anything anymore. that way too, you are now free to hire a new maid as it reflect in your record with the immigration that you cancelled your old one. reference: my PRO husband :)
  3. Urgently required One (1) Boy age between 10-12 years old for an animation dubbing/recording for a 20-mins TV Commercial by a Health Organization in UAE. Pay: Dhs 500 Audition before Wednesday(Feb 2) Preferrably native English speaking, or able to speak English clearly without heavy accent when dubbing/recording for all types of audiences to understand. Interested parties may call for audition appointment at 050 2292188. No texting pls.
  4. Let Us Help You Pay Your Bills

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  5. What Is Going On With Maids?

    I don't think it's fair to base the performance and the rate on the nationality of the person but that has been the trend even in the corporate world...asians, westerns, and arabs have different rates. We all know that the nationalities you mentioned above will NEVER ask for that kind of price 800AED. I strongly believe that those two Filipinas that called have been here for long and have wide experience in this field. But that doesn't justify the attitude. Then again...doing all the housework is not an easy job, otherwise, we won't need to hire anyone to do it for us. And i'm sure that they have worked with expats (westerns and europeans most probably) becoz these nationalities compensates a lot better than any other. Like you said, turning the table around, if you are to get a new job, would you go for something lower than your last one? Of course not. These maid/nannies that are already here will really demand for higher salary becoz all you need to do is transfer their visas and you don't need to buy their tickets, etc, anymore. If you don't want to pay so much and you are keen on safety and peace of mind, I suggest that you go get a maid/nanny from an agency but it doesn't guarantee that what you will get is a good one. The good thing about agency is, you have the guarantee to change the hm/nanny up to 3 times within one month if you don't like what you first got. However, with the agency, you will be charged with fees and for all the expenses to bring over the chosen applicant aside from the visa bond. You can pay the hm/nanny as low as AED400 depending on the nationality. For a Filipina, starting is $250. I know a good agency in Abu Dhabi, if you need the details I can PM it to you.
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  7. Abu Dhabi

    Water & electricity bill so cheap... Home delivery by convenience store... Banks actually chases you just to make a loan!
  8. Start A Career In Modelling...

    Those who are interested in starting a career in modeling, acting, presenting or seeking promotion work, let me know and I will PM you the details. The agency always have a requirement for part-timers, too. Requirements: Excellent communication skills- Fluent in English - Pleasant appearance, confident personality.
  9. Job- Which One Would U Go For It?

    Hi! I've read your blog and can't help not to contribute for few reasons...and hope it
  10. Office Administrator Required

    hi, can i have your email address please....thanks!
  11. Good News... But Where To Start?

    @lulu08, congratulations to your new milestone! I believe mothering starts at the time it is confirmed positive. I can vouch for Dr. Tank's professionalism and hands on care. Dr. Samia is also nice and gentle, not sure though if she can deliver a baby (at all) at your choice of hospital. I think Corniche Hospital is really great in keeping you fit to make sure you don't get overweight and all. Appointment here doesn't mean you will see a doctor or a midwife that time. Patience is a virtue. I delivered my baby in Cornich by CS only after labouring for hours. Corniche Hospital will only allow CS if really necesary, otherwise, they prefer natural birth. Your husband is allowed to be with you only if natural birth but not in operating room. Clean place, good service, but you won't see the same doctor you the see the first time as they work on shifts. Another tip in Corniche, if you will opt for Epidural, please make sure you inform them first in hand, otherwise, if you decide at midnight, you are less likely to get it. Have a safe and fun pregnancy!