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  1. Pandora Bracelet

    Mirdif City Center has a Pandora store!! Big with a huge selection. Prices slightly higher than the US.
  2. Buckle Up In The Back

    If you are ever near ACS please drop them off. We would LOVE them!
  3. Where To Buy Mirena Coil?

    Ahhhhhhh! Please tell me u are not "installing" at home. I took 2 Vicodin and still cried when I had mine changed in August.
  4. Platinum Blondes Of Auh, Untie!

    Sheri-Toni and Guy-Grand Hyatt-Deira -Dubai. The best hands down. Make a day of it!
  5. Language Barrier Translation Thread

    Funny how the Britsh call an eraser a rubber;)
  6. Recommendation For Good Dentist For Kid

    I would not recommend Advanced Am Dental Clinic. They are money hungry thieves! IMO. I am yet to find someone who does not share the same opinion! Remember....IMO.
  7. Hairdresser - Blonde Hair

    Tony and Guy, Grand Hyatt Dubai. Sherri. She is Wow! I have naturally very dark hair and she somehow always manages to make me a "natural" looking blonde. Yes it's far, but make a day of it. Only 10 minutes from Mirdif City Center! (my favorite!)
  8. School Holidays 2012-2013

    Ok..I'll just say, so I don't jinx it....hoping it stays what it is.
  9. School Holidays 2012-2013

    ADEC has approved the ACS 2012-23 calendar. 100% sure! Good luck Al Raha. We must all remenber that a school calendar should be built around what works best for our kids academically, not what works best when planning our holidays.
  10. School Holidays 2012-2013

    Moms, before calling the school, this does not apply to ACS! Our calendar has been approved by ADEC and we will definately be starting as per our published school calendar. We have been inundated with calls this morning so please spread the word.
  11. Flats In Abu Dhabi: Plz Share Your Experience

    Khalidiya-Sheikha Salama Building 4 bd, 5bath,maids room and the biggest living room I have ever seen.(my kids use it as a roller rink!) Nice finishing (something thats hard to come by in AD) Beautiful view of ACS, Emirates Palace, and of course the sea 2 parking and storage 300k Hey there GKelley!
  12. Children's Backpacks

    Pottery Barn, Mirdif
  13. Honest Opinions On Gems American Academy

    At ACS they add 24 additional seats in the 6th grade as they have 4 classes in the middle school compared to 3 classes in the elementary. Having said that, grade 6 and grade 7 are the best grades for non-Americans to join the school as there is usually not a waitlist. I believe if you do your research :) you will find that ACS :) is the best school in AD:) Opinion.
  14. Honest Opinions On Gems American Academy

    If you want the American curriculum, apply to ACS for grade 7!
  15. Honest Opinions On Gems American Academy

    What grades will ur kids be in next year?