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  1. Repairman For Cooking Range

    Everyone, I am looking for a reliable repairman/serviceman to fix my Bompani cooking range. I had previously called the company's serviceman to fix the range but they didn't do such a good job and now I am having problems with it again. Can somebody please suggest a good company/person? Thanks
  2. Formal Suits For Boys?

    I bought a suit for my 6 year old at MINA CENTRE for a concert next week.
  3. Good Pakistani Tailors

    Thanks Humaira. Any tailor in specific? Hayya, I would love to give my clothes to u for stitching but unfortunately I live too far away from you. Will try to meet you if I come to MBZ. Thanks.
  4. Good Pakistani Tailors

    Hi All, I am not pakistani but I would like to know If anyone knows good pakistani tailors inside Abu Dhabi City. How much do they charge for lining dresses that have a lot of attachments? I have seen a previous thread on tailors but it was not so helpful. Kind regards, Zahiya
  5. Hanbok

    You may find it at the korean pavilion at Global Village in Dubai.
  6. Happy 5Th Year Anniversary A D W

    Happy Anniversary ADW! Thank you for such an invaluable site! It is through this site that I was able to get my son a place in a good school and it is here that i was able to find a job. Thank you so much!
  7. Arabic Tutor - Any Recommendations Ladies?

    you could try the Iqra learning center in airport road.
  8. Looking For Quran Teacher

    Hi mummydragon, i did send my son to Iqra. but the class for 2 hours and i was unable to make him sit for so long. they did have a break in between.
  9. Where To Buy Pakistani Cloths In Abudhabi

    you can get her details from her facebook page 'Ethnic'. 'Kotnz online boutique' (dealer) is another Abu Dhabi based dealer.
  10. Where To Buy Pakistani Cloths In Abudhabi

    Not sure about Gul Ahmed in Abu dhabi but "Ethnic" has Threads & Motifs dresses.
  11. Cambridge And Gems American Academy

    I am sorry Yazasha. I just opened my mailbox to see an email from the new Cambridge School Principal. She has mentioned that registrations will begin shortly and they will notify parents.
  12. Cambridge And Gems American Academy

    Yes they are opening a new campus in Khalifa city B near Mafraq Hospital. I called this morning to enquire about admissions but apparently they are full. Till the new building opens, classes KG1-grade 3 will operate in a temporary building which i guess must be GAA. here is the website www.gcis-abudhabi.com
  13. Mrs Halimi ,in another thread you had mentioned that you don't work for Little Gems but you daughter goes there. Somewhere you have mentioned your "kids" go there. now here you are promoting the nursery as if you owned it or are employed with them ! so who are you really? try to be consistent in your next reply !
  14. Doner Kebab/gyro

    Ohh i just came back from Al Wahda. IF i had read your reply before leaving, wld have definitely gone there. No problem, i live right next door to Al wahda Mall , so will go again.
  15. Doner Kebab/gyro

    yes in Dubai you get it at a restaurant called Ankara in Deira and then at an outlet in Etihad Plaza. but havent tried them out yet.