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  1. Lifeline Hospital AbuDhabi Delivery update

    This site seems really dead you hardly get responses anymore!!! sorry I wish I can help u but I have no idea
  2. Burjeel Vs Brightpoint

    just an update on this I delivered in Burjeel in August this year it was an elective c section and my experience was amazing, the staff were more than amazing they comforted me and assured me continuously.. the epidural doctor was great and no one words can describe my appreciation for how he treated me and made sure I felt no pain at all :) Dr. Muhaj delivered me and she was also great.. so positive experience everything was great great great! and I have a gorgeous little girl now Al Hamdulilah
  3. Circumcision

    Many thanks dear DesertDream, I will check sheikh Khalifa hospital. I have since spoken to my son openly about it and he has accepted to go through with it and we have agreed to have it done during the summer vacation, hope it goes well this time.
  4. Circumcision

    Hi Resident in Abu Dhabi, I know this is an old post but I have only just come across it, I had the same experience with my son but mine was in London with a private Dr in his own home, I regret it to this day he asked us to leave the room also and it was not done properly, my son still has extra skin and doesn't look circumcised. I saw a few Doctors in the UK and they all said he is fine and considered circumcised but when I moved to Abu Dhabi (my son was 3 years old) he needed to be hospitalized for something else and one of the doctors saw it and asked me why I haven't circumcised my son I told him I have he said I should take him to a specialized Dr which I later did and was told by this Dr (at Al Noor airport Rd) also that he needs to be redone as it wasn't done properly he said the procedure would cost me AED10k but if I did it in his private clinic it would cost only 5K!!! he wanted me to sign papers and start with the process but I was scared and didn't go through with it as I was a single mum at the time and was not brave enough to go through this alone and just decided to live with it. The problem is that my son is now 9 years old and this is still bothering me as I am aware he needs to be circumcised properly but I am so scared because he is much older now.. my question is where did you get your son re-circumcised and how old was he? how do you convince a 9 year old to go through this and how quickly will he recover? I appreciate all your advice
  5. Burjeel Vs Brightpoint

    Thanks PinGrove, Burjeel seems pure luck to me because you get some really good experiences and then other bad ones and it just seems like if you are lucky on the day of your delivery everything will be okay! such a shame because it looks like a really good hospital and I am happy with my doctor there.. just scared of the horrific stories I hear :) I will check out Brightpoint even though I have had a bad experience there with a miscarriage a few years ago and all the doctors I saw were telling me scary and confusing things while I was going through a miscarriage so I vowed never to step foot in there if I am ever pregnant again! things may have changed now so I will have a look.
  6. Burjeel Vs Brightpoint

    Thank you so much ladies really appreciate you sharing your experiences
  7. Burjeel Vs Brightpoint

    Dear Ladies, I know this has been discussed before but all the reviews are quite old dating to 2013, I would appreciate your recent reviews on Burjeel and Brightpoint,..I am due to have a c section at Burjeel but after reading some bad reviews I got worried. Thanks a lot
  8. IKEA white plastic Shoe Cabinet (3)

    IKEA white plastic shoe cabinets set of 3 bought 6 months ago in new condition. selling due to moving to a smaller place
  9. What Suicide Does To Those Left Behind

    i feel your pain... my brother has tried to commit sucide a few times and i tell you it was not pleasant experiernce to go through.. although this was a few years ago and no matter how much you try to help and reach out to them sometimes there isnt much you can do really. i guess it is comforting for you to know that you have always told him how important he is... my brother is sadly not fully recovered from his deperssion and alcohol doesnt make the process easier..i am really scared that i will lose him to suicide at some point.. i dont know what else to do or say to him at times...
  10. Quran Class In Kca For English Speakers

    Hi there i am interested for my 6 year old son where is the Medina Quran Centre please i live in KCA by Chouifat School... Do you have their number or exact location please? thank you so much
  11. Screen Repair Off Island

    my son recently dropped his ipad and the screen is all cracked :( how much did the guy in spar replace it for plz?
  12. Non Doctor/teacher/engineer Female Wanting To Sponsoring Children

    Hi i am also a divorced female and don't fall into any of those categories and the first year the PRO at my company did it for me and i wasn't asked to pay anything or speak to anyone just gave him all the docs he asked for... howevere, things were much different when i tried to renew it the second year i was faced with so much drama and spoke to so many people including a captain with a fancy uniform who in the end said i must pay 5000aed and there was no other way so i paid it and i renew it every year now :( i really hope they change this law of "only doctor or teacher" can sponsor their children..
  13. Summer Camps

    My son is also at Al Forsan Club and he loves it lots of activities etc.. i only paid 1600 for the month, which works out alot cheaper than the weekly rate.
  14. All Ladies Beach Is Back Open Now!

    i totally agree and personally i won't bother myself too much about the stares and will wear what i want!!! at the end of the day it is a ladies only beach so that you can wear whatever you want and the last thing i want to worry about is other women giving me the stares.. stay at home if you don't like what you see arrrrghhhhh!
  15. Public Swimming Pools?

    i have asked my colleagues they said it is the exit after Al Rahba Hosptital (on your way to Dubai) take the Al RahbalAjban exit and when you come off the bridge you will find a roundaout with signs to the Shaleelah area where the beach and swimming pools are..I have also come across the same subject here in the forum under the below link: http://www.abudhabiwoman.com/topic/38405-ladies-swimming-pool-nr-al-rahba/ if i get more info i will post them :)