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  1. Not so complicated, contact the German Vet Clinic, Dr. Katrin Jahn can help you. With some Airlines the cat has to travel as freight, vaccinations need to be up to date, import permit from Abu Dhabi needed. But for the latest regulations best to talk to a vet here.
  2. DD please post the list of funny company names, that will be amusing
  3. What a chaos with the kids, not so nice ...hope now all ok!
  4. What a hassle on top of a busy time to deal with repairs. Can only recommend to be careful with the gas cylinders, dangerous if not taken care of properly.....
  5. The choice of food is really huge, the family is lucky to have you ☺!
  6. Tried at least 8 farmacies but no luck and if trying to buy online locally it says always out of stock, does anyone know where to buy FRANKINCENSE OIL? Would need the pure quality not the stuff for just giving the smell to a room. Thanks for your support!!!
  7. Sure it is interesting, Ramadan is such an important time of the year for many families here. Nice to know a bit more and if anything is different compared to last year....
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