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  1. Sewer smell

    Not so far, Khalifa City A. Hope it gets sorted soon, not nice on this heat....
  2. Soo who's spring cleaning during holiday time??

    You sure are organized! Was thinking of having all curtains cleaned in our house, and that are many ☺ Postponed it again, just too hot now, will have to do that in November....
  3. Received a mail with a survey in regard to water and electricity. I had hoped to find a box at the end where it says to fill in any suggestions in regard to this topic but unfortunately no box.... They state they have one of the highest per capita use of both, well, yes, but in summer they also have the highest temperatures anywhere in the world, today 47 degrees. One question asked what makes me save energy, a question within that was the cost of energy. I cannot possibly save more energy or water, in a big villa we have only 4 aircons running, and not even all the time. The efficiency of the aircons is lousy, they hardly cool if not all the time taken care of, that depends also of the willingness of the landlord to take care of that matter, average temperature in our house is 28 to 30 degrees. So there is nothing that I can save, if the prices increase more I will have to move out to a smaller place, six years ago when we came here big villas were affordable at our given budget, more western style villas were ridiculously expensive, now rents came down so may be we just have to do the moving, even though I dread moving. Water savings neither for me, I never have the washing machine run half empty, water that cannot be used for drinking will be given to the plants. There is so much other to say about this which could have been done already from the side of the government or private builder etc. For example our house is not insulated whatsoever, nevertheless it is only 6 years old, there seem to be no law that says owners have to construct in an energy saving manner, better insulation, good fitting windows, doors, efficient white ware. There are 30 windows in our villa and these windows are all ill-fitted, the cold air is just going out to the window. The doors leading outside are all in wood, but they are never painted and protected from the harsh environment, the wood has cracks, cold air just floating out.... For the water, our tank is on the roof, no insulation, just a shade. Now there is no rocket science needed to know that the water has about 50 degrees now in summer. If I want to take a shower or wash cloths I have to make sure to run as much water as needed to bring that temperature down. In case of shower the water just goes down the drain, in case of washing I just plan careful, first the white stuff, hot water no problem and then down from there, last is the sensitive cloths stuff. Or 6am washing, that does not make life really easy. Of course people with maids and big families might not have that problem but I certainly do. It would be very easy to solve, insulated tanks, a wall around and solar panel that provides the energy during the day to run an aircon up there and keep the tank water cooled. During night no cooling needed, that would save a lot of water already and would not increase the bill for electricity. If I talk about this in my home country and mention the price of the rent (which came down already) they have this look: you must be telling stories.... And of course the biggest saving if they would allow solar panels to be used for private villas during the day, a lot of energy is saved. Well, that are only a few things, lots more to save on, limiting the space of lawn for each villa to a certain size, there are so many other possibilities to create a nice green environment. And many more things specialists would know about it far more. All in all good to know that they want to conserve energy, it is needed on this planet!
  4. Trying Out my Gift- new desktop Computer :)

    Hope you are well again, not nice to have a health problen with this hot weather.
  5. 29th Ramadhan. (today)-EID Tomorrow inshallah

    Eid mubarak! Have a nice time with family and friends.
  6. updated traffic fines

    With the new list of updated traffic fines I had so hoped for a heavy penalty for mobile phone users...especially reading text messages or writing one while driving is equal to try to harm others on purpose. I am out on the highway on a daily basis and I saw so many dangerous situations during the six years here. Driving on two lanes, slowing down abruptly on the left lanes, swerving, not watching traffic in front of them....just to name a few. These drivers accept the chance to cause an accident with potential harm to other people and that deserves a far higher fine than listed in the new catalogue ....
  7. Shopping at IKEA today

    Always lots to see... that was really unacceptable behaviour of that helper's collegue. Hope your arm does not hurt because of that!
  8. Airport and Plane noise Raha beach??

    It depends a lot of your personal attitude towards city noise in general. Some people even are reminded of home by that noise, like a couple I knew from New York, they liked it. I know two couples from Europe who did not mind at all the Airport noise, living in Al Muneera and Al Zeina.... if you are like some people in Germany who think every little bit of noise makes sick then better stay away from that area... I can see the Airport from our windows and the only thing I hear is sometimes at night some engines, but then we are not directly on their start and landing flight path....
  9. Rain in UAE Recently

    We had a waterfall from roof to hall and water in kitchen and storage room. What annoys me is that it is so easy to avoid that if a little more attention to detail is paid....
  10. Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go.... or not?

    Agree with Jenny. Only positive thing is you are back in a job, if you have to go home it might be easier to start a job again as most employers do not like it if people have been too long out of employment. Make sure it is a good company, heard that many male bosses here just take credit for what female employees really have achieved, but that is another chapter....
  11. Something positive - police

    Just want to say something positive. Not often I had to deal with the police, neither here nor another country. But every time I had to deal personally with the police in this country it was a good experience. They responded in a quick and efficient manner, things worked out fine, the people I talked to were very polite! Thanks for that!
  12. Internet issues

    No, so far all ok here.
  13. New Highway 311 now open

    Yes, a very relaxing drive for the time being!
  14. Dentist Dr. Stanke

    Thanks EMS, much appreciated!
  15. Dentist Dr. Stanke

    The dentist Dr. Stanke changed his work place. Does anyone know where he works now or how to contact him? Thanks a lot.