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  1. momentmal


    Thanks Happy2
  2. momentmal

    Eid tomorrow ~Mabrook

    Eid Mubarak!
  3. momentmal

    bringing a cat to UAE

    Not so complicated, contact the German Vet Clinic, Dr. Katrin Jahn can help you. With some Airlines the cat has to travel as freight, vaccinations need to be up to date, import permit from Abu Dhabi needed. But for the latest regulations best to talk to a vet here.
  4. momentmal

    Today, 18th Ramadhan, 2018

    DD please post the list of funny company names, that will be amusing
  5. momentmal

    9-11th Days Ramadhan. 2018

    What a chaos with the kids, not so nice ...hope now all ok!
  6. momentmal

    3-5 day of Ramadhan, 2018

    What a hassle on top of a busy time to deal with repairs. Can only recommend to be careful with the gas cylinders, dangerous if not taken care of properly.....
  7. momentmal

    First day of Ramadhan 2018

    The choice of food is really huge, the family is lucky to have you ☺!
  8. momentmal


    Thanks DD
  9. momentmal

    First Day of Ramadhan on Thursday

    Ramadan Kareem
  10. momentmal


    Tried at least 8 farmacies but no luck and if trying to buy online locally it says always out of stock, does anyone know where to buy FRANKINCENSE OIL? Would need the pure quality not the stuff for just giving the smell to a room. Thanks for your support!!!
  11. momentmal

    Ramadhan is estimated soon- Around 17th May, 2017

    Sure it is interesting, Ramadan is such an important time of the year for many families here. Nice to know a bit more and if anything is different compared to last year....
  12. momentmal

    Dusty Weather Today *ugh*

    Sweeping inside and outside has to wait until weather gets better Not nice though for people with breathing problems. Summer is knocking on the door .....
  13. momentmal

    The Lourve Abu Dhabi

    Finally we made it to the Louvre. DD you were absolutely right, it is an amazing building and it will give so many artists inspiration with its light and architecture. Inside the building I find it very nice in regard to the light and air quality. This is important as one spends quite some time to see all the items in display. In Taipei, the Chinese Museum with all its treasures of the culture, I cannot stay longer than an hour because the light and air quality is bad, it makes me dizzy. That is not a problem in the Louvre, it is pleasant to stay in there. Two things could help to even make it a better experience. The signs that explain about the paintings are placed on the floor, that makes one bend over and if it is crowded it is very difficult to read it properly. Also the writing itself is far too small for me (and I guess for some other guests as well). The second thing is that some info signs are just in a too dark environment and I cannot read it because of that. Other than that I will sure go again, it was a very pleasant experience. Well done Abu Dhabi!
  14. momentmal

    *****HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!*****

    Thanks DD, same to you! Just back from a short trip, back to normal now.....slowly
  15. momentmal

    First Days of Tax

    You are very observant! Shopping at Carrefour, VAT is mentioned seperatly on the invoice. For other stores I will be careful and double check it!