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  1. 27 Low Carb Comfort Food

    Tried the one pan cheesy skillet taco recipe. Yum.....
  2. Can only think that there are untold stories between landlords and tenants here - especially the Yasat compound one with sanitary pads stuck to the walls!!! The rules in the UAE are not set up to make a level playing field in the real estate market. I guess we're seeing the downside of that....
  3. Al Marasy Apartments? (Al Bateen Marina)

    No, they don't - but they both work so if there is noise during the day they'd never know.
  4. Al Marasy Apartments? (Al Bateen Marina)

    I know two people who live there, and they both love it. Were I you, and if I could afford it, I'd live there.
  5. Buttermilk Pecans?

    I always thought you could substitute laban for buttermilk?
  6. Your Last Meal In Abu Dhabi

    We can get fantastic Thai and Indian in my home town - but the Lebanese is just not the same. I really miss Lebanese Flower!
  7. Bow Ties

    You can get a tailor to make one - in matching fabric if you're getting an outfit made yourself....
  8. Brca Genetic Testing

    Maybe try the National Reference Laboratory? SKMC and/or Tawam Hospital's oncology units may know if you can get it done in the UAE and maybe the Gulf Cancer Hospital in Bahia.
  9. Expat Issues, An Honest Account

    Having recently repatriated I know how that feeling of treading water, of not feeling embedded or permanent in one's society, makes one disinterested in many long-term activities. Now that I'm in a home I own, in a society that values my opinion inasmuch as I can vote, with people who are more than likely to remain in my life for some time to come my perspective has had to change to something more longsighted. So has my spending! No more brunches. Far fewer mani/pedi sessions. Lots more trips to gardening and homeware stores. It's different...
  10. Moving Back To The Uk

    We used Santa Fe - which appears to be a Wridgeways subsidiary. I think they are pretty good value for money.
  11. Removalist Abu Dhabi To Australia

    The Australian end of the operation was not quite as good as the UAE end. They messed me around a little with the delivery date (Melbourne Cup was a factor I think ) and I've been thoroughly spoiled by Delight so I was expecting a little more help with the unpacking. I have a claim underway too for some damage done to our 3D TV. So far they've dealt with things very professionally in terms of the insurance claim so I have no complaints - yet. It is early days in the process so I'll report back with the washup when it all happens. Overall, for the price difference I think we made the right choice though. Good luck with your move
  12. Flights - 2 Singles Or 1 Return

    I should think if you have a visa here and you're not considered to be a potential illegal immigrant in the UK you should be fine getting one-way fares.
  13. Kitchen Drama!

    I bought a gas/electric Fisher & Paykel from the store in Al Raha Mall that sold appliances - Better Living I think. Loved it. Have just rehomed it with a great friend otherwise I'd have offered it to you RT!
  14. Tetanus Jab ? Been Bit By A Donkey

    You should be able to pick one up at any of the SEHA clinics too.
  15. This. Could not agree more. Cyber hugs TT - fingers crossed for a good outcome - or at least some sensitive treatment.