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  1. Parrot Found

    A parrot flew into our apartment this morning, we live in Al Bandar, if you're missing one or know of someone who is missing one please PM me. Thanks!
  2. Good Hairdresser

    Stacey at Colour & Curl, Maqta Village She's very good or at least I thought so!
  3. Hair Colour And Stylist

    Stacey at Colour and Curl, really good at colouring and cutting, modern/up to date, knows what you're talking about!
  4. Hairdressers In Kca?

    Highly recommend Stacey at Colour and Curl, it's beside Swiss Market in Maqta Village - near Park Rotana/Khalifa Park so not too far!
  5. Bisto Chicken Gravy?

    Supermarket in Raha Gardens Plaza had some yesterday
  6. Bisto Chicken Gravy?

    Spinneys Al Bandar usually has it, can look properly next time I'm there though if it helps
  7. Washing Ikea Sofa Covers?

    Thank you ladies! Will give it a go
  8. Washing Ikea Sofa Covers?

    Oh no!!! Better stick to Dry Clean then! Thanks
  9. Washing Ikea Sofa Covers?

    Hi there, Has anyone tried washing Ikea sofa covers? Ektorp sofa, not the cotton covered one, the other type Thanks
  10. Brunch - Something Different

    Hi there, It may be a bit far out for you but Filinis (Italian) in the Radisson on Yas Island is a lovely brunch. They do it the "traditional" Italian way, not buffet style, all the courses are served to the table, you just sit and eat! Outside terrace is really nice, well shaded but may be getting too hot now to sit out. Enjoy!
  11. Getting Married In The Abu Dhabi Shahira Court

    Hi there, There hasn't been anything on this topic for almost 2 years but I'm hoping someone can help! 2 expats - 1 with residency, 1 on visit visa, want to get married here under Shariah Law - possible???? From the threads above seems you need a Medical, letter from your father (female party), passports and application? Does anyone know if you need a lawyer? representation of some sort? Thanks for any help or advice