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  1. Roman Holiday

    My visit was way back in 2004 so too long ago to be able to recommend any restaurants or hotels, but make sure to visit the Galleria Borghese! Some of the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen.
  2. Flying With Lufthansa

    I love them, they upgraded me to business class out of the blue once Be warned though, if you have a layover in Frankfurt (their "home" airport), it is a MASSIVE airport and if your transfer time is less than at least 90 minutes you'll have to run! Won't be fun with little ones in tow.
  3. Where Are You On The Global Fat Scale?

    "You are most like someone from Eritrea." Right then!
  4. Is This For Real?

    Sadly it's probably real. Lots of people keep "exotic" pets here (although it's illegal as far as I know!) and they don't know the first thing about caring for such an animal properly. Some of the children in the school I used to work for had tigers and lions at home and thought it was the coolest thing ever, would show off pictures of them posing with the poor animal etc. As soon as they grow too big to be in the house they are generally declawed, chained up 24/7 and kept in small cages in the garden, in the heat. It's miserable.
  5. How Do I Obtain A Personal Loan In Dubai?

    From your bank. They generally will want you to have your salary deposited with them and the amount of money you earn determines the amount you can borrow.
  6. Totally Peeved Off With Madonna!

    10.48 when she was "officially" supposed to be on stage at 9.00 is *really* late. Still, I'm a bit of a concert veteran (cough) myself and if I had heard of your/your friend's plans before the concert I would have strongly adviced you to alter them. Big name artists *always* show up late (or in the case of Guns 'n Roses they sometimes don't show up at all...) and it's really not all them being a primadonna. When I go to a concert that's listed to start at 9.00 I'll expect 10.00 at the earliest, certainly not 9.30. I'm really sorry you had such a crap time, but tight deadlines and big-name concerts just don't go together. Not saying it's right or fair, but it is what it is.
  7. I'm not even British but I'd have loved to be in the UK this weekend...
  8. Finding Work During A Visit In Abu Dhabi

    Sent you a pm Keep in mind that being hired while you are in Abu Dhabi means you count as a "local hire" rather than an "overseas hire", which means you do not (in most cases) qualify for benefits like annual tickets to your home country. Salaries are sometimes lower for local hires as well.
  9. Good Holiday Read Suggestions?

    I just finished reading "The blood of flowers", about a girl in 17th century Iran who has a talent for designing carpets. Beautiful book and thankfully free of the often extreme personal drama in these kinds of books (think "a thousand splendid suns"). It's not "chick lit" lighthearted but definitely suitable for a holiday. I highly recommend it.
  10. I'm not saying there are no women in the world who are not just naturally very petite, and you sound like you are. Can I ask how tall you are though?
  11. I love that letter Tyra Banks wrote and I honestly applaud Vogue for their new stance on underweight models. If any power in the fashion industry can make this change, it's Vogue. And I have no idea what a "size 0" is supposed to be, either. I'm used to European sizes, and 34 is generally the smallest available (and it's TINY! I don't know anyone over the age of 16 who wears a 34). As far as I know a EU 34 translates to a US 2? That would mean size 0 is a EU size 32, which doesn't even exist. Not in any shop I've ever been in anyway, and I've been in a lot...
  12. Helhelp Me With My Bucklet List Please :)

    If you haven't been to Musandam you should go. It's so beautiful. It's only a 2-ish hour drive to Dibba (on the border with Oman) so you can do it in a day. Umm, Qasr Al Sarab? If you've got the spare cash that is...
  13. Where To Go For The Best Pizza?

    There's a GREAT Italian pizzeria called Biancorosso in Y-tower, around the corner from Jones the Grocer in Al Nahyan. It's run by Italians and the pizza is really, really great. Not expensive either, I highly recommend it. We used to go there all the time.
  14. Looks Like A Dust Cloud In Khalifa A

    I live in Dubai and it's not that bad... Dusty yes but nothing extraordinary. It's a bit cooler than it was last week too which is nice :)
  15. Housing Allowance

    Of course it's legal for the company to do this... Plenty of people don't even get a seperate housing allowance, it's just "included in the salary" as they say. Getting it in a lump sum is a luxury that used to be common but is not so much now anymore. Check your husband's contract, if it states clearly that the housing allowance is to be paid in a lump sum once a year then you can go argue it with them (maybe negotiate to twice or four times a year in stead) but if not, nothing you can do. We had to take out a loan to pay our first year of rent in AD, there was just no other option.