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  1. tangerine

    Crystal Light Drink

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can buy Crystal Light drink mix in Abu Dhabi or Dubai? I used to get them in Safa Express Supermarket in Raha Gardens but they no longer sell them there. Thanks.
  2. tangerine

    Delivery Service for Remote Areas

    Trust me, I already checked out Zomato and Talabat a long time ago. They don't deliver to my area, either, using those services. I'm so frustrated.
  3. tangerine

    Delivery Service for Remote Areas

    Tried telling them they said they only deal with Deliveroo and they don't deliver to my area (go figure). It's so upsetting.
  4. tangerine

    Delivery Service for Remote Areas

    Good evening, I was wondering if there was any delivery service that picks up the food you order if the restaurant you want doesn't deliver to your area. I'm in the middle of nowhere (Khalifa City B) and going to downtown Abu Dhabi for my orders just isn't practical. Any suggestions are welcome and I don't mind paying for a service to do this for me. Thanks.