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  1. New Mall in Khalifa City

  2. Expat Issues, An Honest Account

    What an interesting read. After 4 1/2 years here, I am realising that I am living life at the "edge" here - not really getting to know people, working, taking care of home life, but not really having all that much fun aside from trips to wonderful places. My assumption (excuse?) has always been - this is temporary. As a natural introvert, it was convenient. But ultimately, I know I'm making a mistake. Then last night, my husband happened to mention that he's pretty sure that he will spend the rest of his career as an expat! We're talking about 15 more years, give or take! Of course, I have a say in it, but he is right that the longer we stay away (from the U.S.), the harder it will be for him to get a job at his level, because our field doesn't recognise international work as valuable. So it is likely, that no matter what I want, that I will be living outside "home" for a long time to come. I can't decide how this makes me feel - empty, I guess? Definitely, as has been said above, I feel that living life at the edges, at it were, is not wise. But how to get back in the swing of things? 'Tis the question. It doesn't help that most expat things are during the day and I work, but I'm sure I could make it work if I were truly motivated.
  3. Is Eric now closer to the island? He mentioned something about Falah street, but never responded when I tried to reach him.
  4. Re Fill/stuff Balcony Cushions ?

    HI there - can I ask what else he does and will he do it in Khalifa City? We need various things done -- but don't want to pay a ton. Things like moving heavy stuff (that DH can't do on his own) hanging pictures (is that what the glass picture is?) hanging lights, and such. When we moved we had eMovers doing it at a very reasonable price, but when I contacted them about doing more of such things, they were not responsive. Thanks!
  5. Fabulous Maid Available End Of Jan 16

    Ah ,just saw this after I pm'ed you. Disregard my pm Best wishes to Kumari -- and to you on the next leg of your journey!
  6. Looking For A Live In/liveout Nanny Or Housemaid Job

    Jerelyn, are you still looking? If so, could you PM me your details, including when you will be released, whether you have references available, and what your salary is? Thanks
  7. Driver's License For Maid?

    Hi -- so we offered this to our maid, who initially agreed, then backed out as she was too scared to drive in AD (not that I blame her...) Be prepared, if she does accept and gets her license, to pay her quite a bit more as the going rate for a driver is quite a bit higher. Plus a lot of ladies decide they want to be drivers only, not housekeepers as well, as that seems to be in demand. I still wish we could have convinced ours, but I didn't want to push it as the last thing I want is someone to be scared of driving my son!
  8. LMP do they just want to be drivers, or would any be willing to be housekeepers as well? I fear I know the answer, but just in case... thanks
  9. Question Re: Working

    Hi all -- is anyone here an independent contractor (e.g., consultant, adviser, etc)? Working independently for a company based here? If so, I would sooo appreciate being able to talk to you. Not sure if I'm able to work off husband's sponsorship (I doubt it!) What's the latest? Questions include; can I work for a company as a consultant, yet they give me a labor card? Do I need to join a free trade zone to sponsor myself? If so, which is most reasonable/easy? If you're willing to chat with me, could you either PM me or shoot me a response and I'll get in touch? I know this is a fluid environment with constantly changing rules, so I won't hold you to it but I would love some pointers. Thanks in advance!!
  10. The Weather!

    I thought the weather was better yesterday as it was less humid - went for exercise outside with DH, DS, and dog in tow -- we all came back practically heat stroked! This has to change now please! It's great in the morning, and evenings are getting better, but the day is still super hot for this time of year! Yallah!!
  11. Hi there -- we're an American family and are very picky with our health providers. We use Dr. Shalji at Smilerite - my son's teeth have been in braces for a little over a year, and he's due to take them off in 2-3 months. I feel that Dr. Shalji has done an outstanding job, and he is great with my teenager. I highly recommend him.
  12. Child On Smart Balance Board Dies In Abu Dhabi

    I hate those things. Kids are all over the Khalifa street roads speeding up and down. It's just a matter of time before another tragedy occurs. My son really wants one and I've told him categorically no. Besides the danger factor, the only exercise some of these kids may sometimes get (walking/biking) is replaced with this contraption.
  13. A Storm Is Brewing In The Arabian Sea

    Wait -- just realised -- next 4-5 days? Just paid silly sums to stay in Fujairah over the long weekend - first overnight in a different Emirate (other than Dubai) Does this mean we'll be stuck inside our AED1K+ hotel room?!? Rhetorical question...
  14. A Storm Is Brewing In The Arabian Sea

    Chaletfan me too! My first reaction was - oh God, can't wait for the phone calls from family saying "I told you so..."
  15. Question For Americans Re: Passport Renewal

    I just renewed my passport in person in June this year. I have a terrible memory for these sort of things, but I'll give you the gist of it: Made an appointment online, brought all the signed paperwork and pictures per the online directives. I had a couple of questions before my appointment and asked them online, and they answered promptly. When I showed up for my appointment, it was crowded but pretty simple: They took my stuff and told me I'd get a text or email (don't remember which one) notifying me to pick up my new passport, and that's what happened - if memory serves it was something like 2 weeks or 3 weeks? Again, if memory serves, I didn't have to make an appointment to pick up -- there was a time frame given with a sheet of paper to present (so it must have been via email), and I showed up, was ushered in, and picked it up. Pretty painless, actually. Better than my experience in the U.S. last time I renewed! I still remember that one, and it was 10 years ago!