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  1. 11+ Exams Advice

    Hi. I wanted to know if they are any parents who have prepared for the 11+ exams whilst living in Abu Dhabi. How did your child cope with the pressure and did they require any tutoring? Thank you.
  2. Please Recommend A Good Orthopaedic Doctor

    Hi. I highly recommend Dr Hans-Joachm Poessel at Harley Medical Center (Marina Mall). I took my DS to him and was very pleased with his advice. Regards.
  3. Best Curry Recipe (To Take Camping!)

    A quick biryani or a rice dish with chicken/veg is easy to carry , warm up on a bbq for 30mins or so and very filling too. Let me know if you want a recipe
  4. Arabic Classes At School?

    It's compulsory from year 1 onwards.
  5. Haven't seen these anywhere here. I bought mine from London (It's an essential for my kitchen). Lakeland UK sell the spice set but not stainless steel.
  6. Iso: Pediatric Dentist & Pediatrician

    Hi, I take both my kids to Advanced American Dental. We love the service and friendly environment.
  7. Quran Teacher In Raha Beach Area?

    Zaheda - i know a Quran teacher who teaches on-island. I will ask her if she does travel off-island. PineGrove - is there an Awqaf center for |english speaking muslims on-island? Thanks.
  8. Pediatric Dentist - Update?

    I have taken my 5 year old to Advanced American Dental. Very pleased with service and friendly dentist. However, the charges are ridiculously expensive!
  9. Legal Firms In Abu Dhabi

    Thanks for all your help.
  10. Legal Firms In Abu Dhabi

    Hi , Does anyone know of any legal firms in Abu Dhabi that will witness the signing of documents? Have some urgent paperwork to send back to the UK but requires an attorney to witness signature. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Supermum.
  11. Best Car Hire In Abu Dhabi?

    Fast car rental
  12. A helicopter has been circling around Etihad Towers, this is their second day today.
  13. Qualifications For Nursery Teachers

    I am concerned too. A UK state school is much better than the expensive nurseries here.
  14. Hi, The end of school year is approaching, I want to avoid last minute panic and be prepared with gifts for DD’s class teacher and teacher assistant. I would love to know what other mums give teachers/teacher assistants as gifts. Thanks.
  15. New Here...

    i am in, weekday mornings :)