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  1. Irish Passport Renewal

    We have also just renewed a couple of passports through the Irish embassy here, over Christmas. Both back within about ten days I think. Did it here as we're leaving AD shortly and the embassy here is always so fast we didn't want to bother doing them in our new location later this year! We kept the current passport as well.
  2. Removalist Abu Dhabi To Australia

    Oh don't say that about Delight, we used them for our move in AD and were, indeed, Delighted with them and their batallion of movers. Think that is just the tip of the iceberg though in assimilating to the real world after too long in the Middle East! Thanks for the feedback, it really was the other end I was interested in hearing about so that's helpful. Best wishes for settling back in, hope everything else comes out safe and sound from the shipment!
  3. Baby K'tan Sling - Abu Dhabi

    Hi, I'm not sure about the exact brand however Mamis in Al Seef Village Mall has a range of slings and I believe they are running baby wearing classes so may be your best bet to try on different types. They're just off Salam Street at the Khalifa Park / Ministries complex exit.
  4. Removalist Abu Dhabi To Australia

    Just checking in to see if your move has completed, Aussietania? We're moving in a few months and have all the usual suspects coming through with quotes now, would be really helpful to have feedback on how Santa Fe Wridgways handled the other end of the move in Australia. We're heading to Melbourne...
  5. Hi TT, I'm so sorry this has happened, you must be feeling very confused and concerned. I have seen lots of gynaes/obstetricians here over the years and have just discovered Dr Raquelle Martinez at Harley Street. She has been excellent and exceedingly gentle on a couple of minor procedures, plus it has been relatively easy to get an appointment! I would even suggest going to see Dr Susan Bowman (GP) there if you can't see Dr Raquelle as she is very understanding and will help you in the interim. The usual names are of course recommended, Dr Tank now at The Doctors Medical Centre is excellent but it's generally quite difficult to get a speedy appointment with her. I understand Danat Al Emarat has opened, which is a women's and children clinic. I saw on another post that Dr Gowrie is there, if it's the same one who was at the Corniche, she is an excellent doctor. I really hope you can get some good information soon and try not to worry until then. Best wishes.
  6. Removalist Abu Dhabi To Australia

    Hi AT, I would be very grateful if you could let us know how the process goes too. We are planning on moving 'back' to Oz (at least for my husband, other end of the earth for me: the perils of meeting, marrying and raising a family in the global crossroads that is Middle East!) in the coming year and won't have a clue - we both came out here, separately, with a couple of suitcases a decade ago, leaving with a spouse, 2 kids and a container or two... Best wishes for your move, I have enjoyed your posts on here.
  7. Low Rise Waterfront Building On Reem

    Do you mean Marina Square? That's the development closest to Abu Dhabi island, about 4 towers of roughly 20 stories clustered on the car park podium. It's surrounded by smaller townhouse-style developments too. I'm sitting in my office on sowwah square looking at it right now, think that's the name. There are two or three individual towers as well in the same space (near the main bridge to Reem) which presumably have different names. I think the Geant on Reem is in this area.
  8. Dr Maurice Khoury

    I bumped into Dr Maurice last weekend, said he'd be starting the last week of January, he was on "technical" leave until everything got sorted.
  9. Santa Photos - Locations & Timings

    Abu Dhabi mall, santa's grotto open 11am - 3.00 pm and then 3.30 pm until late (poor Santa and his elves with only a half hour break!) I popped in during lunch break last week about midday and poor old Father Christmas was sat waiting with photographer and no kiddies about. Probably busier now the school holidays have started. Otherwise the Galleria has a winter market and grotto but starting at 4 pm each day, which isn't much use for those of us with babies and toddlers. I'm sure there are loads more elsewhere.
  10. How lovely, congratulations on your wee boy!
  11. Neonatologist/paediatrian Prior To Baby?

    I had my two babies at the corniche and yes there are of course paeds etc there who do newborn checks before discharge. The PKU is done on, I recall, the third day here so you are referred to a government mother and baby centre for that as you are normally discharged by then, but if not the corniche will do. Fortunately (or not) with both mine while we had been discharged We were back in Corniche for jaundice treatment/feeding issues so they did it there and saved me a trip. But once discharged and provided you're not under the care of the hospital team for any issues with baby, you are on your own I.e. No routine health visitor checks. Many of us tend to find a paediatrician we like and have regular checks there from shortly after birth. It's not essential but good to keep track of weight and development and so on (though with this being your fourth I'm sure you're fairly clued up on this by now!). There are other options such as the lactation clinic at corniche will do baby weigh ins and so on, but it can get busy in there and with a newborn it got a bit much getting there regularly (for feeding issues with both babies, tongue ties grr) but they are very good, if very over-stretched. I'm confident that all other hospitals will do the newborn checks before discharge, so don't worry about other hospitals. Good luck, let us know how you go!
  12. How Do I Get A Booking Appointment?

    I have always found going in person to be the most effective form of dealing with the corniche. My youngest has just turned one so my info could be a little out of date, but during that pregnancy all registrations were done at the women's health centre. Go early in the morning (I think the first appointment is something like 7.30 am) and just plead to see a midwife there and then stressing the urgency, the midwife manager is a British lady who often walks about the hallway and will get involved if you're loud (and possibly a bit teary?) who will probably take on board how far along you are and that it's fairly urgent. I know it's not very fair on others waiting for scheduled appointments but the early morning slots are typically very quiet. Bring all the usual documentation with you (passport for you and husband, marriage cert, visas if any obtained already) in case they might process you administratively as well. It's a long shot but given where you are and the frustration that it is the phone system at the corniche, it might be the best way. Also bring some form of sustenance (only vending machines available), patience and reading materials. I understand from recent posts here however that the administration at corniche has changed a lot so I may be over-optimistic but good luck. Maybe by now you have had success in getting through anyway.
  13. Shopping For New Baby

    Just a note that Baby Jogger products are not distributed in the UAE (or at least not widely available, there seems to be a new distributor in Dubai but they don't carry a wide range of stock) so you would be best to source the bassinet for your stroller at home. If you purchased it here, online, you would have to pay for shipping from UK/Ire/US.
  14. Bupa International, who operate in conjunction with Oman Insurance in AD, but as Bupa in Dubai (due of course to HAAD's pernickety requirements) are generally very considerate with respect to ongoing cancer conditions. It is my company's provider and they are extremely comprehensive including all sorts of preventative checks with respect to cancer so I can imagine they would at least be able to advise in this regard. They only provide health cover, not travel, but I think you're more concerned about medical requirements than your flight being cancelled, for example. It may be useful to speak to Bupa international in the UK in the first instance to be directed to the correct local representative. Www.bupa-intl.com
  15. St Andrew's Library?

    I believe the St Andrew's library has closed down, there was an article in The National a month or two ago. My two love the library at The Club, but only useful if you're a member, as an aside it's one the most useful things about our club membership! Otherwise I understand there is a children's library at Khalifa Park, it used to be up in town off 32 street near The One but has moved down there now. Haven't been yet, despite living nearby, but there was discussion on here about it recently. It might be called the national children's library? And is open in the mornings when the park is not, apparently.