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  1. Christmas.....

    Christmas pudding is an abomination! An abomination I say!!!
  2. Long Standing Member Desert Dream

    Desert Dream, Hope you have a speedy recovery! In the meantime, you must learn to type with your toes! Feel better soon. Ruben Scruggs x
  3. I am genuinely gobsmacked!

    @Chaletfan, because self-righteous people always think they do.
  4. I am genuinely gobsmacked!

    @tri-geek, you could be blessed, too! They're starting crowd funding for a 20 piece bucket and family meal at KFC. Shall I share your email address with them? ;-)
  5. I am genuinely gobsmacked!

    I'm just messing. I think she stopped last year. I'm still messing.
  6. I am genuinely gobsmacked!

    Me either! But, she is still breastfeeding so maybe that what's she's referring to?
  7. I am genuinely gobsmacked!

    So, this afternoon I received an email from an old friend, who quite frankly is lousy at keeping in touch. She and her husband are both professionals and make good money. They are also both "earthy" people (I know...ew...but to each his own) and have decided to send all 4 of their sprogs to a Waldorf School, a very expensive private school that churns out other earthy people. They enjoy multiple holidays per year; are mortgage free because her father bought their house; and, basically spend the rest of their money on stupid stuff. (I'm still testing you, ADW censor!) Anyway, back to the email. It goes like this: "Dear Family and Friends, Verruca is now in the third grade. This year's curriculum revolves around the students' current phase of development and their budding awareness that they are individuals in this world and not so much "an extension" of their parents as they've felt since birth. Themes such as home building and self sufficiency run throughout many of their lessons and stories during the year. Another way her school helps her do that is to take her class on a week-long trip to a farm in upstate New York. There, the children perform all the farm chores: They rise with the animals, care for the animals, tend to the crops or harvest, and cook and clean for themselves (with some supervision from adult chaperones). Sometimes the trips happen in the springtime so there is more time for fundraising. However, due to farm and class schedules, Verruca's class is going in Mid-October. The children are excited to be going earlier than expected, but it also means that the time to fund raise for the trip is shorter. As part of our fundraising effort, which include class bake sales, raffles, and other events, we are reaching out to our "family and friends" network for donations to help offset the $400 cost that each family in class is responsible for. Can you help us make this trip happen for her? With the help of her "village" we could make that happen. Any donation will be helpful. You can make the check out to Gwenyth Paltrow since our class doesn't have a separate bank account. Our address is... Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah USA Many thanks for helping her through a valuable and fun growing opportunity! Love, Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow" If the letter had to do with some life threatening disease that needed urgent and costly treatment that they couldn't afford, I'd be in there like a shot. But, for them to ask "friends" and family to subsidize the cost of the trip not covered through fundraising?! Am I the only one who thinks they have rather long brass necks? P.S. Is simply responding with "No" acceptable? Just asking.
  8. Aloe Vera plant

    Would going out and buying one not be quicker?
  9. Academic Research Survey

    Afra, I'm sorry I cannot participate as I no longer live in the UAE. But, though I would ask if you have considered adding your survey to ADW's Facebook page, too? Good luck with your studies!
  10. Anyone else reeling from the shock of Brexit?

    Here is a very interesting viewpoint: http://indy100.independent.co.uk/article/people-are-really-really-hoping-this-theory-about-david-cameron-and-brexit-is-true--bJhqBql0VZ
  11. Reformer Pilates - KCA/ Maqta/ Officers Gate City

    Sorry - what I have to say about this has absolutely NOTHING to do with what you're asking. BUT, did anyone else have Snow's "Informer" come to mind when they saw the title of the thread?
  12. Saying Farewell to a Longstanding Member

    @Jennyr_au, I'm just sad that we've never gotten to do an ADW Ladies' Night together! Though I suspect that if we had, @freddo and I might have contributed to you leaving a little sooner...quite possibly being escorted to the airport...in shackles... P.S. You may be leaving AD, but I hope you don't leave the forum! xx
  13. Some people just have no respect - for themselves or others. Sad, but true.
  14. Bringing Herbs and Spices

    J1000, as far as I remember, herbs and spices are amongst the products that we were not allowed to ship. Your husband will be able to find everything he uses PLUS some without any problem. Good luck with your move!
  15. Rome

    Ciao signore! We're planning a trip to Italy this summer and will be visiting Rome. For anyone who is familiar with the city, is there a particular part that you would recommend for booking accommodation? Thanks in advance! Ruben