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  1. Happy Birthday Despina!

  2. Happy Birthday Despina!

  3. Happy Birthday Despina!

  4. My thought for the day: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” Voltaire 1694-1778

  5. Ionysis The Star!

    'Moms who get to labor and deliver naturally come away feeling strong, brave, and afraid of nothing' Interestingly Luna this is exactly how all three of my c-sections left me feeling: strong, brave and afraid of nothing! i think this is how all new mums should be feeling when, not matter how they deliver, they end up with healthy beautiful babes.. having a baby is a very empowering experience i think either by natural delivery, by elective or emergency c-section.. all births involve pain and effort and always the process should be judged by the outcome as i said above: a healthy beautiful baby -and all babies are so beautiful to me.. it is up to the mum to decide which way she wants to go.. again: having a baby is empowering in itself!!! after i had my first baby i knew i could achieve everything i wanted and nobody could stop me..
  6. Zayed University

    Thanks for this justme2, i was just thinking that US educational institutions would look for US qualified people as they would be more familiar with the curiculum etc... i will have a look though.. i guess US educational system is in general more prevalent in UAE HE but there is no harm in trying!
  7. Zayed University

    Many thanks for this, and yes, they say they need people for August 2012! That new college they are opening as you said... i will wait then and see what happens... DH insists i should follow up with them but i d'rather wait for a while to see what happens as i am not sure who i would be going to see, the head of department perhaps but can i just go and ask to see him?? in UK these people are very busy -i was the research fellow for the HoD in my school and dean of the faculty for many years and know how these people operate- so i don't know if i should try to make an appointment and go see them... in UK it is all so simple... you apply, you are either called for an interview in a clear timeline or are turned down.... anyway, will try to be patient.. many thanks again for your input....
  8. Ionysis The Star!

    please can you tell me how you can be up so early in the morning and in such a good spirit???? can't get used to these early mornings... terrible!! my consultant was great too and all 3 scars are neatly tucked away but i do think the skin and underneath layers suffer from all the cuts... but who cares... i am past this sort of vanity!! still, planning it all and going through it without any stress -if there can ever be such a thing as a stress free childbirth!! well as close as possible - is worth a bit of unsightly scar tissue!! luckily enough my husband would have a fit if i would ever show my tummy publicly so he is the only one seeing anything unsightly and if complaining i just remind him that this is where his lovely kids came from !
  9. Zayed University

    Thanks for this insight HD, would you have any idea how long it takes for the applications to be processed??? now it says 'active' in the status, would that become then 'under review'?? i dont mind waiting, i just want to know if someone is looking at these appls and if i am in wth a chance... i usually do very well at interviews, the only one i failed was one i had when i was 7 months pregnant and for a job i didn't even want;-) so thanks for the encouraging words, you don't think then i should try to follow this up, just wait for a while and see what happens.. thanks again..
  10. Zayed University

    Thanks JustMe2, yes i have a teaching degree, a masters in computer based learning and a phd in teacher professional development and years of experience working with students and teachers... as i said the posts i applied for in ADEC arent on the site anymore so i have stopped thinking about them!
  11. Yes, i am afraid the hours here are crazy H, my husband wanted to come here for the kids to have a better life than being in the north of ireland, cold weather, no summer, stuck at home most of the time but we end up the same here.. again stuck at home as he is always busy, i am new and we live out of AD so nothing around us... and while back home he could leave work for a couple of hours to go to the kids' sports days etc.. here he is not allowed to be away from work for personal reasons such as these... as for cleaning ironing etc. please don't break your back over a dirty house -though i am sure it is not at all dirty!! your boys won't be young forever, enjoy your time with them instead of cleaning, i hope you don't get the au pair to sit with them while you do the house chores... life is too short for cleaning and have a perfect house all the time.. we don't live in the ideal home exhibition after all as a friend of mine once put it... just spend time with the kids whenever they ask for it, read to them, play with them, since you live in AD take them for walks on the corniche... these times will never come back.. while you will have many homes to clean etc... i constantly have guilty feelings for my son too as he was the second kid and when he was only 9 months i had to stop breastfeed him in order to become pregnant again and he was never the baby for long time.. as donahbp says guilty is any mother's second name!!! we can't avoid feeling this way, noone is perfect, we can just love them as much as we can and hope for the best for them!! don't give yourself a hard time.. be happy and they will be happy too!! take care, xxx..
  12. Ionysis The Star!

    U look great all 3!!! well done!! agree about the hair too lovingmy40s!!! And way to go for promoting the c-section cause
  13. Flies Are Driving Me Crazy...

    oh FM, i have been blessed so far as i have seen no cockroaches around -but i shouldn't tempt my fate!!! DH did pest control before i set foot in this house as he knew i would get the first plane back if i ever see one... well, i exagerate but you know what i mean!!! well, you suggest i get a swat then -thanks for reminding me the word!- and mine must be really religious as they are out and about from the first prayer not just after the afternoon one;-)
  14. Why Can't I Get Into My Kitchen And Use It? Help!

    Just to say thanks to all for the insightful comments!!! good to know i am not the only one who can't cook won't cook in AD!! though since i started this thread my mum made me make a greek sweet on Feb 1st for the new month to be sweet - i know i know greek traditions and superstitions!!- so i have sort of baked -well really i just made halva for whoever knows just fry semolina with some cinamon and then throw in the pan a syrup made from water and sugar and cook till water is absorbed.. i ave found my indian friends do something similar.. not much skill required but the result is nice and the kids love it too! still, DH does most of the serious cooking but i got some nice stuff from IKEA and Lakeland and have started sorting out cupboards etc.. i found the smell has subsided since i started putting stuff in them.. so working at it.. again, thanks for the encouraging words!!!
  15. Flies Are Driving Me Crazy...

    please what can i do about the flies??? i don't open windows etc only when i want to get one out and then very carefully, and once i get them all out here comes another one just out of nowhere!! i am going crazy slowly but surely i think!!! should i buy one of those things -not sure what you call them- that you can hit and kill a fly with??? hate killing anything but i am really considering it.. i would rather get them out of the house in peaceful manner but they don't co-operate!!! what should i do???? thanks!