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  1. Fireworks at corniche tonight ? ? ?

    Is there fireworks tonight 2nd December at corniche ? Any information ?
  2. Maternity pads

    Hi. Where can I get maternity pads in abudhabi or in dubai. Few years ago I bought it from NMC pharmacy but no luck this time.
  3. Depression Discussion Group

    I think there are more people than we think who want to be in that private group or who want to comment or share their story. I too want to say sooo much but then it comes into my mind that abu dhabi is such a small place :(
  4. Worst Taxi Driver Experience?!

    For the very first time I took a taxi for a school drop off today and I was shocked when driver told me ohoo mam I didn't see that you have a school kid together or else I wouldn't stop to pick you :( Then I realise why it took me more then 20 mins to get a taxi as no taxi driver wanted to go near any school area in the morning.
  5. New Arrival

    Insh Allah all will be better soon.
  6. Neurologist Who Is A Headache Specialist

    Thanks dd . Will do that.
  7. Neurologist Who Is A Headache Specialist

    Other then dr.khaldoun. I am already his patient and need a second opinion.
  8. Neurologist who is a Headache Specialist... need to see someone soon. Thank you.
  9. Steam Inhaler

    We were also giving her ventolin and permicot via nebulizer. But now when there is no wheezing, only little Phlegm/mucus/sputum is left, in this condition (as per dr. saying) hot steam is more helpful. Mabis has a option for tiny or big particles.I am going to buy it tomorrow and will let you know about it's performance.
  10. Steam Inhaler

    We are also using omron nebulizer for her with medication when required. But hot steam is very good in common cold condition (normal cough , no wheezing). Unable to find steam inhaler from omron. Thanks for replying :)
  11. Steam Inhaler

    Thanks for replying ADRose :) I have no idea how good this mabis brand is? Want to know about someone experience before expending some $$.
  12. Steam Inhaler

    I do the same for myself but find it a little dangerous for my 3 year old :)
  13. Steam Inhaler

    Hi All ! I want to purchase steam inhaler and most of the pharmacies have Mabis steam inhaler, is it good? or do you recommend any other brand? Please share your experience. Thank you.
  14. New Arrival

    Congratulations DD !!!
  15. Who Do You Call When You Are Having A Bad Day?

    My elder sister.