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  1. Does anybody know of any agents/developers offering lease to buy options for apartments/villas in abu dhabi?
  2. Has anyone ever seen coconut flour in UAE? I have looked in Lulu, Spinneys and Coop but not found it yet
  3. Our nanny/maid went on vacation at the beginning of the month (after 10 months' service) and has let me know (when I enquired about flight time arrival so that I could collect her from the airport) that she won't be able to come back until end of April. Does anybody know where i might find a temporary nanny/maid that is not going to cost me 3000+ for 1 month. We don't need anyone for March as we'll be travelling. My son is 15 months old and goes to nursery 3 days a week until 2pm so it would not even be full time. Any ideas what we can do? TIA
  4. Call 0559988143. I don't know the name of the company but we rented 40 chairs and a few tables from them recently and they delivered.
  5. Last time it was bring a spouse/friend for free - is that the same this time? Are you also offering the free consultation as well?
  6. Hi All My son's first birthday is coming up and DH and I were hoping to host a bbq for him. We live in an apartment so can't really do it there. We were thinking of doing it in the park but there will be 40+ people. Does anybody know of a villa that we could rent just for the day so that we can bbq in the garden? That way, it will be more private but the children will still have somewhere to run around. Thanks :)
  7. Can anyone recommend a good pediatric dentist in the city? Thanks
  8. I'm also interested. The Club has run them in the past but I've not seen one since Sep last year.
  9. I'm a club member. I asked around in the office to see if anyone was a member and asked them to sign. I don't mind signing if you don't find anyone
  10. I suspect my 8 month old has an upper lip tie. Our breastfeeding journey has come to an end already but I\m wondering whether the lip tie needs to be checked out/corrected? Does anyone have any experience with this/any recommendations for who to see about it?
  11. working_girl, I sent you a pm but didn't hear anything back. Has you maid's sister found employment already?
  12. Hi What is your nanny's name? Has she found a new family yet? Thanks
  13. Thank you, everyone. I will check L'Atelier tonight and report back if I find it.
  14. Hi everyone. Does anyone know where I can find a Styrofoam cone? I'm hoping to make this Thanks
  15. Hi We usually find it in the juice section on the bottom shelf.