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  1. Wheelchair To Hire

    Hi The NMC hire out wheelchairs. think was 200aed for 2 weeks. did it for my mum a couple of years ago.
  2. Hello Ladies

    oh eck...moderators i believe i have put this in wrong place. please feel free to move.
  3. Hello Ladies

    Hi there ladies A wee blast from past here for anyone that remembers me. I just wanted to say that I met a lovely lady in a pub on her last night before she was to fly off to Abu Dhabi, her husband was already in AD as either a head teacher/head of year or a professor at either Al Yasmina school or Al Jazeera (i admit a few lemonades had been drank before we got chatting so this bit is bit blurry lol). Anyway, i pointed her in the direction of this forum as the 'go to guide' for newbies in AD and told her to ask all her questions and they would be answered. She was a little anxious about some f the preconceived ideas re alcohol and her freedom as a woman etc. It was nice to be able to reassure her. So if anyone meets a lady called Suzy (i think) from Edinburgh who mentions a drunken meeting from a former Abu Dhabian expat whilst watching a MissCocochanels drag act in the Habana Bar..then it was me and say hi. For those who do remember me, my life as a single lady of a maturer age (early 40's) in Edinburgh is great. i have a new job, i am still studying and there is an 'early days' romance in the air.My DS is loving college life and has discovered the trials and tribulations of being a worker. I miss my friends of Abu Dhabi, I miss the warmth, I miss shwarmas for £1.30 (local middle eastern restaurant is charging £9.00 for shwarma on a plate) and I miss the blue sea. Hope you all have lots of fun and live life to the full. To any newbies from a former oldie of AD....grab the experience with both hands and run with it. Even the stressful stuff is an experience which turns into good dinner party stories at a later stage. take care all yorkie girl/yabadabidoo/sharron
  4. Thoughts On The Club

    Hi...shouting coming. I MISS THE CLUB!!!!!!! Thes excellent staff, the seafood night, the shows, the parties, the food, the adult beach, the beach bar, the library...many an hour spent in there, After spending Bonfire Night, looking out of the window as the frost gathered on the glass in ccccccold Edinburgh; I jealously thought of the 7 years spent in Abu Dhabi at The Club celebrations. As I am still trying to find a decent salsa class....I think of the great one at The Club As i sit down to skimpy, overpriced seafood.....ah The Club is htought of. Apart from friends the only thing I have discovered to miss in Abu Dhabi is THE CLUB..... boo hoo from Yabadabidoo, aka Sharron, fffffrrrrreeeeeezing in Edinburgh.
  5. F1 Concerts...unbelievable And Typical!

    oh danielle i wish i could get over lol. its not going to happen this year for sure. i miss you guys loads. miss the nights out.
  6. F1 Concerts...unbelievable And Typical!

    Oh boy, typical the year I have left abu dhabi 3 acts i have wanted to see are playing at F1!!!! kylie, nickleback and eminem. grrr A good line up when I think of Britney last year....SO glad did not pay for those tickets!!!! I can't come back, so will just wish my friends over there who I know will be going have a fantastic time. Hi to anyone who knows me on here, things are settling down over here in Edinburgh...finally got a job. Have a fantastic flat and DS is loving college. Ex DH remarries this month with my full blessing so i am planning a girly week end away to finally mark the beginning and end. hope all is well for everyone and I hope temperatures are slowly coming down for you all. yabba aka Sharron
  7. Watch Repair Place In A Shopping Mall?

    in the Hamad centre under the escalator there is a watch repair guy, always did a decent job in repair.
  8. Iftar At The Grand Mosque?

    My ex dh attempted to go to iftar at grand mosque last year but gave up because of traffic queues and backlog.
  9. Any Brunches That Do Accept Entertainer Vouchers?

    crown hamdan was where we went
  10. Any Brunches That Do Accept Entertainer Vouchers?

    Crown Plaza do for sure, thats where mine always went first. If u or ur husband work for etihad u get a better discount i think. yabba
  11. Scottish Tennis Player Andy Murray Through To Wimbledon Final

    it was a great game with two great players, the best player on the day won. Wish it had been Andy Murray though! Next year , next year......
  12. Scottish Tennis Player Andy Murray Through To Wimbledon Final

    Hi ladies post has been taken way too seriously.. Of course I know he is British and Sorry Claira... cannot get into the Scottish Independence thing...and as for me having issues with Scots being British...oh for goodness sake the post was meant to be light hearted. It was a nod to the usual friendly rivalry between Scotttish and English, But I gather the point was missed and my post failed in this department. hey ho Yabba
  13. Watched this fantastic match and was proud to be half Scottish. As always with the sports media they are now calling Andy Murray British Tennis Champion now he is winning. If he loses he will become Scottish again. Always makes me smile...Scots out there will understand. Roll on Sunday!
  14. Is It Rude?

    I always use to say to girls i worked with and long time helper that I had some clothes if they knew anyone that would want them, taking out the suggestion that i was potentially offering charity to them in case they were offended. I am a lady of larger proportions so I had to get thick skin when the reply would often be 'oh yes, there is a fat lady next door to me' or 'oh yes, my friend can make them smaller'. Oh the joys of cultural differences re tact and diplomacy. lol
  15. The Time Has Come

    Good luck LC, with the move and the future. Sharron