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  1. Hello again ladies Ok, so as mentioned in earlier posts I am excitedly coming back to Abu Dhabi with my husband for the first time in 6 years at the beginning of September. I am currently looking through my summer clothes and would like to check something with those who are stil living in UAE. I love cold shoulder tops, they cover the bingo wings, are generally not too low at cleavage and are cool and loose to wear in warm weather; perfect for 30 + degree heat. However, they were not really around in AD 6 years ago so I am unsure as to whether they are acceptable to wear walking around generally in public? I know that peoples perceptions of what is respectful to wear and not offensive can differ greatly, but a general feel would be great. SO happy to be bringing my husband to AD to show him where I lived for 7 years, I know that a lot has changed..which is just as exciting for me. Thank you in advance S
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