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  1. yabadabidoo

    cold shoulder tops

    Thank you for replying. I think I will err on side of caution and not wear in public. Cheers
  2. yabadabidoo

    cold shoulder tops

    Hello again ladies Ok, so as mentioned in earlier posts I am excitedly coming back to Abu Dhabi with my husband for the first time in 6 years at the beginning of September. I am currently looking through my summer clothes and would like to check something with those who are stil living in UAE. I love cold shoulder tops, they cover the bingo wings, are generally not too low at cleavage and are cool and loose to wear in warm weather; perfect for 30 + degree heat. However, they were not really around in AD 6 years ago so I am unsure as to whether they are acceptable to wear walking around generally in public? I know that peoples perceptions of what is respectful to wear and not offensive can differ greatly, but a general feel would be great. SO happy to be bringing my husband to AD to show him where I lived for 7 years, I know that a lot has changed..which is just as exciting for me. Thank you in advance S
  3. yabadabidoo

    Taxi question

    Thank you ladies.
  4. yabadabidoo

    Taxi question

    ladies Well, I left Abu Dhabi in 2012 after 7 fantastic years and now I am finally coming back for a holiday visit. I am remarried and my husband has wonderfully agreed to be dragged around and down my memory lane for a holiday. i have a question re taxis. the gold and green ones were being phased out as i left and taxi's could be booked by calling, though it was not totally reliable. Is using just taxis to get around AD feasible...inc heading to Grand Mosque and off island (and getting back) The reason i ask is we don't really want to hire a car on our visit. Thanks in advance. Sharron