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  1. Removals/shipping recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for removals & shippers from AD to UK. Any help gratefully received.
  2. Best Selling Sites

    We are leaving Abu Dhabi later this year and, after reading the tips in the pinned post, it's time to get the ball rolling. Like most people we have filled our villa with barely used furniture which we now need to sell. Past experience tells me that it is difficult to get a fair price for furniture, white goods etc. Can anyone please recommend a genuine selling site? My local one has only managed to provide time-wasters and then bombard me with adverts for shifters.
  3. Dentist Khalifa City A or Abu Dhabi

    Poor you, DKmom! Which dentist did you use there? Of course, I can only vouch for my own treatment at Al Bustan Clinic under Dr Samer. I had a wisdom tooth removed plus dental implants and replacement crowns. Have to say I'm delighted with the outcome.
  4. Upholstery Cleaning

    Can anyone recommend an affordable upholstery cleaning service here in AD? My poor sofa is in need of some overdue TLC.
  5. Perfume Testers....where to buy?

    I buy mine from the Hamdan Centre. Cant remember the name of the shop (sorry!) but, if you go in the front entrance and turn left then almost at the end is a shop (in front of a mobile phone outlet). His perfumes are genuine and he's willing to haggle.
  6. Daewoo FR4502K fridge-freezer. Frost free. Net capacity fridge: 273 litres, freezer: 101 litres. Energy efficiency: A. Energy consumption per year in KWh: 383. Cost new at Carrefor: AED1,399. Asking price: AED500. Black & Decker juicer. Only used 3 times. AED150. LG vacuum cleaner. AED100.
  7. Dentist Khalifa City A or Abu Dhabi

    I go to Dr Samer at Al Bustan medical centre (near the Adnoc petrol station KCA). He's excellent.
  8. Where To Go For Table & Chair Hire?

    Hi, I need to hire tables & chairs for Christmas Day. We have 18 for dinner, and my dining table is way too small. I've been given details for Silver Spoon, but they're very expensive. They want AED200 just for delivery & collection! I'd be grateful if anyone knows of anywhere that's more reasonably priced.
  9. Where To Buy A Rabbit Cage In Ad

    Does anyone know where I can get a rabbit cage, and supplies like food, hay etc, in Abu Dhabi? The pet stores I've tried seem to do loads for cats, dogs, fish & birds. Even the vets don't supply other animals! I need a cage as a matter of urgency.
  10. Rheumatologist Recommendation Please

    Thank you, YTM.
  11. Rheumatologist Recommendation Please

    Thanks Camilla. It's always good to have a recommendation.
  12. The Ants Go Marching...

    I use diluted white vinegar in a spray on my work tops & find it works well & make sure to vacuum any crumbs & wash floors daily. They also hate cinnamon, so I sprinkle it near to where they emerge (safer than pif-paf or raid if you have kids/pets). I also bought loads of Kilner-type jars from IKEA for flour, spices etc. & keep cereals in containers as they will get into the boxes.
  13. Rheumatologist Recommendation Please

    Can anyone recommend a good rheumatologist here in Abu Dhabi please?
  14. Cheapest Place For Rice

    Thanks DD. I need quite a lot, but if they're cheap enough I'll get a few 2kg bags.
  15. Cheapest Place For Rice

    Does anyone know where I can buy white rice very cheaply? I need it for a craft project, so the cheaper the better.