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  1. How To Export Your Pet From Abu Dhabi - Dyi

    The health/export certificate is usually valid for 10 days, so you need to go to Cargo Village within this time frame
  2. Three years ago we moved to Abu Dhabi with our cat and completed the import process without any help from the highly paid pet relocation agents. Recently, due to new opportunities we moved to Doha and again decided to complete the export process ourselves and saved over 6,500.00 DHS. Here are steps and tips how to export your pet from Abu Dhabi: You need to find out about import requirements from the country of your destination. In our case, we had to obtain an import certificate from Qatar and we paid 550 riyals for the import and registration of our cat in Qatar. Check with your airline to see if you can take your pet as carry on luggage, or if you need to ship your pet as cargo. Call the airline to book the trip for your pet. You will pay at the time of checking in. With Qatar Airways we checked in our cat as excess luggage:( and the cost was only 400 DHS. Go to your vet and make sure that your pet is up to date with all vaccines that are needed. (minimum thirty days before your travel) Get the vaccination card for the pet. Go to the Chambers of Commerce at Corniche to obtain a Certificate of Origin for your pet. It does not matter if your pet was already imported to UAE. This is apparently new law and you will not be able to obtain a health/export certificate from MOEW if you don’t have the Certificate of Origin from the Chambers of Commerce. You will need to pay 100 DHS for the Certificate. Make sure that you have your passport, Emirates Id and all papers for your pet. You can apply for the health /export certificate online at http://www.moew.gov.ae/en/our-services/animal-wealth/certificates/animal-health-certificate-for-export-re-export-of-live-animals.aspx and pay the fee; 110 DHS. Then you need to take your pet to the office of Ministry of Environment & Water located at Cargo Village. You also need to bring vaccination card for your pet and the certificate of origin. They will verify the microchip in your pet and then they will issue the Health / Export Certificate. Don’t forget to bring your passport and Emirates Id. That is all you need and you are free to go with your pet. Total cost that we paid excluding vaccination was 1160.00 DHS. Total cost quoted by our vet in Abu Dhabi for the door to door export of our cat to Doha was 7800.00 DHS, total savings 6640.00 DHSBE PATIENT, PLAN AHEAD AND GOOD LUCK,
  3. Moving In And Out

    To all expats in Abu Dhabi planning to move out... We recently left Abu Dhabi and I wanted to give you a little bit of heads up as what to expect before you hand out your keys (make sure you have them all or you will be charged for the missing keys) When you are moving in ask for an inventory list even if it is unfurnished apartment and check that every item listed is actually there and in undamaged condition. If you have not done so at moving in, ask for one as soon as possible and check everything before you give your notice. Ask for everything to be repaired or replaced. After you give a notice of moving out, they don't care about you and they will try to get paid for any stuff that needs maintenance or was not there in the first place. Here is a list of the items that we had to pay for, only because we never asked for the inventory list: 1. Your kitchen sink most likely consist of a double equal basins, equipped with 1 nickel stopper and 1 rubber stopper for food disposal. In two different appartments we were charged for the second nickel stopper that was not there in the first place. Please check your sink and call your maintenance dept. while you still there to replace the misssing stopper. (if listed) 2. Inspect all of your bathrooms, make sure that all soap dishes and brush holders are there. We paid a lot of money for the missing soap dish in our first apartment. By far, it was the most exspensive soap dish that I never saw neither used. 3. Check all of your windows. They will open every single one to check that they are in good working condition. We had a problem with our master bedroom window. It wasn't properly installed and was a little "wiggly". The maintenance crew that inspected our apartment wanted us to pay for the window replacement. We argued the charge and they agreed to fix it. 4. Check the spray hoses by your toilets. We were charged for a seal replacement on one in the guest bathroom. Ask your maintenance dept. to check them all while you still there and have them replaced, if needed. 5. Check your oven; make sure all trays and if listed, roasting rods are there. We were charged for the missing roasting rod in our first apartment. We had our own electric oven and we never used the one in the apartment. Needles to say, we did not go through the inventory list while moving in, so we had to pay for it while moving out. (It wasn't cheap) 6. Light bulbs, you need to replace them all one way or another.
  4. For those of you living in Capital Plaza, does anyone else have intermittent false fire alarms? The fire alarm in my apartment (Tower A) goes off every few hours no matter day or night. Called maintenance several times and they promise to fix it but the problem repeats after few days. I'm just curious if this is a systemic problem or only in my apartment?