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  1. Sooo, how is everyone?Where is everyone ? hehe

    I'm here too !!! Abu Dhabi that is. Wishing you all the very best DD for your upcoming surgery and a speedy recovery. Thinking of you.
  2. First Days of Tax

    By law each establishment should have their TRN number printed on the receipt
  3. Please ask for receipts from small shops

    Thank you for the tip Momof3 and DD, I totally agree with you.
  4. Cushions?

    Why not find some fabric you love and have some made up ?
  5. Sewer smell

    I drive from KCB to KCA every morning to work, and just around the bridge entering KCA the smell is horrendous. It definitely smells of sewers. Its been like this for the last week.
  6. Coconut Flour

    Saw some yesterday in Spinneys Khalidya.

    Make sure all your official documents are attested, including your degrees and marriage certificate, they can be translated into Arabic when you get here.
  8. Birds in the Neighbourhood

    I think I have all the pigeons pooping on my patio !!!
  9. Summer holidays

    Going back to the UK in September when all the kids are back at school LOL. Having a few days away in a cottage in the Yorkshire Moors.
  10. Skype blocked again in the UAE

    Tried Skype yesterday and seems to be working fine.
  11. 29th Ramadhan. (today)-EID Tomorrow inshallah

    EID Mubarak to you and your family DD.
  12. Removal from London - Abu Dhabi

    When we came over, albeit 12 years ago, I remember we had to list all our :- DVD's/ CD's/Books. The removal company needed the full lists for customs. The container took around 6 weeks to arrive, came into Mina Port. We had to go and meet Customs there , they opened the container with us present , cleared it and it was delivered the following day.
  13. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    I haven't stayed in a compound until the last 4 months. Its a small compound with 6 houses. The old villa, which we lived for 11 years was a private stand alone villa.
  14. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Having been here 12 years now and mostly in a 5 bed villa with a pool and fair sized garden, I can vouch for 4-6 K electricity and water bills each month in the summer. It would probably be more now the municipality tax has been added. Needless to say we have downsized and couldn't be happier. (especially with the much lower utility bills)