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  1. chriso767


    Marks and Spencer in Yas usually have them .
  2. We use Al Ain both at home and work. Not had any issues with them even when we moved homes.
  3. chriso767

    Maid visa renewal and Deposit 2000

    I have just renewed my maids visa. 1. Medical 350 AED 24 hour result from Capital Health. 2. Daman Health Insurance 800 AED - paid by red E Dirham Card ( they do not accept cash anymore- can be purchased at Daman ) 3. EID - renewed on line - 140 AED 4. Typing shop for contract etc.. 5368AED - wait for the SMS to say its ready ( 1 hour) Paid by red E Dirham card. 5. Immigration take number and pick up visa - they ask to see the SMS ready message. Deposit was valid as I did the visa 2 weeks before expiry , however last year I had to pay again when I renewed late. Hope that helps
  4. chriso767

    Sooo, how is everyone?Where is everyone ? hehe

    I'm here too !!! Abu Dhabi that is. Wishing you all the very best DD for your upcoming surgery and a speedy recovery. Thinking of you.
  5. chriso767

    First Days of Tax

    By law each establishment should have their TRN number printed on the receipt