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  1. chriso767


    Marks and Spencer in Yas usually have them .
  2. We use Al Ain both at home and work. Not had any issues with them even when we moved homes.
  3. chriso767

    Maid visa renewal and Deposit 2000

    I have just renewed my maids visa. 1. Medical 350 AED 24 hour result from Capital Health. 2. Daman Health Insurance 800 AED - paid by red E Dirham Card ( they do not accept cash anymore- can be purchased at Daman ) 3. EID - renewed on line - 140 AED 4. Typing shop for contract etc.. 5368AED - wait for the SMS to say its ready ( 1 hour) Paid by red E Dirham card. 5. Immigration take number and pick up visa - they ask to see the SMS ready message. Deposit was valid as I did the visa 2 weeks before expiry , however last year I had to pay again when I renewed late. Hope that helps
  4. chriso767

    Sooo, how is everyone?Where is everyone ? hehe

    I'm here too !!! Abu Dhabi that is. Wishing you all the very best DD for your upcoming surgery and a speedy recovery. Thinking of you.
  5. chriso767

    First Days of Tax

    By law each establishment should have their TRN number printed on the receipt
  6. chriso767

    Please ask for receipts from small shops

    Thank you for the tip Momof3 and DD, I totally agree with you.
  7. chriso767


    Why not find some fabric you love and have some made up ?
  8. chriso767

    Sewer smell

    I drive from KCB to KCA every morning to work, and just around the bridge entering KCA the smell is horrendous. It definitely smells of sewers. Its been like this for the last week.
  9. chriso767

    Coconut Flour

    Saw some yesterday in Spinneys Khalidya.
  10. chriso767


    Make sure all your official documents are attested, including your degrees and marriage certificate, they can be translated into Arabic when you get here.