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  1. Ivf Clinic Recommendations Abu Dhabi

    Incorrect for a Consultant IVF license. In order to upgrade from IVF specialist to IVF consultant, you require formal supervision and case log in a centre accredited for training - there are none in the UAE. There is not a single case of IVF specialist upgrade to IVF consultant at HAAD or DHA - all IVF consultant license holders have been appointed as such from tha start of their career in the UAE. Secondly, HAAD does not allow specialists to practice IVF independently, see below for the HAAD ART standard: 6.6.4 Specialist Physicians with specialisation in assisted reproductive technologies may provide IVF services under the following conditions: The Specialist possesses evidence in support of their specialisation in ART treatment; the Specialist is supervised by a HAAD licensed Consultant specialising in ARTs; the Specialist does not treat patients that have been identified as high risk; and the Specialist undergoes a quarterly performance review by the supervising Consultant; The ART service is provided by a HAAD licenced Consultant/Specialist and embryologist specialising in the field of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs); Providers are required to present evidence to HAAD, when requested, on achieving quality and safety through records on the number of ART cases performed per licensed embryologist per day, and demonstrate that these are comparable to international evidence based best practice;
  2. Ivf Clinic Recommendations Abu Dhabi

    Look at the title of your treating doctor. If it is a specialist then this is different from a consultant. Only consultants are license by HAAD for independent/unsupervised practice as only consultants are deemed competent. In the West these would be deemed trainees. Next look at what your consultant's title is - does it say reproductive endocrinology and ivf or only OBGYN/ If is says reproductive endocrinology then this means that they have some experience (usually three years) working in the field but they do not require a formal subspecialist qualification - formally accredited subspecialist are difficult to recruit to this part of the world as the main attraction (pay) is usually adequate where they are. The HAAD webiste has a document on quality standards for provision of IVF in Abu Dhabi. Read it. It is helpful. Having said all of this, if you are happy with your doctor then that is also important. This is a stressful journey for you. It is important to have all the facts but equally important to be happy and have a good working relationship with your treating physician.
  3. Ivf Clinic Recommendations Abu Dhabi

    Yes I have. This is not directed at your clinic but all clinics - your background check is, sadly, inaccurate.
  4. Ivf Clinic Recommendations Abu Dhabi

    Err, yes they are. How do you differentiate between the centres when there is no reliable/independent pregnancy reporting system, no requirement for the doctor treating you to have formal accreditation in fertility treatment/ivf and none of the centres will allow scrutiny of their practice as none will sign up to an accreditation body. They are all the same. You may like one doctor more than the other but that is a personal choice.
  5. Hpv Vaccinations In Abu Dhabi?

    Maybe. Perhaps it would have been better to simply ask the question without bringing the personal history of friends onto a public platform (and this too from someone who is identifiable from this forum) in a community as small as Abu Dhabi. The benefit of this vaccine is primarily to those women/young girls who have not had their first sexual encounter yet. Once this happens, the benefits decline significantly. There is a culture of vaccinating adult women, who are already sexually active, especially in the UAE - clearly this is pointless.
  6. Hpv Vaccinations In Abu Dhabi?

    Not being pedantic but what is the point of your friends getting the vaccination after they have confirmed HPV????
  7. Ivf Clinic Recommendations Abu Dhabi

    I think the honest answer would be that there is not much to choose between the IVF clinics in Abu Dhabi. It is probably better to go with the clinic you feel most comfortable in as clinically they are all the same. I would also caution against the success rates that are quoted - it is quite impossible to have a pregnancy rate of 90% unless there is some serious funny business going on (i.e. treating women who don't actually need IVF - happens lots in the UAE as many women are under considerable pressure to have a baby straight after marriage). The highest pregnancy rates quoted worldwide from the US and EU never cross above 65-70%. It is food for thought that despite all the claims, not a single IVF clinic in the UAE has any form of international accreditation for IVF. Go figure!
  8. The pre-term clinic is run by Dr Leanne Bricker. She is very good and you will be absolutely fine. No better place in Abu Dhabi.
  9. The new arrangements are to ensure that the Emirati patients do not have to wait for appointments and can get to see the consultant of their choice. The expat appointments are in the afternoon and only for a limited number of days of the week. I think, eventually, the hospital will only cater to Emirati patients.
  10. all he needs is a semen analysis which should have no sperm in it. This is done easily at Gulf Diagnostic Centre on Khaleej Al Arabi - no referal needed. Corniche IVF can not see you unless you are a UAE national.
  11. Any Changes At Corniche?

    Corniche no longer accepts self paying patients and Daman basic. For all other insurance companies, if your insurance is not covered at Corniche then you can not be seen there unless it is an emergency. This also means that you can not pay upfront and claim back from your insurer.
  12. Any Changes At Corniche?

    There have been significant changes in policy regarding who can be seen and deliver at Corniche over the last week. Please contact the hospital directly to clarify if you are still eligible to receive care there.
  13. Corniche 50000Dhs for IVF and 70000Dhs for ICSI
  14. A good question to ask any delivery unit is how many transfers out they have of women and babies (i.e. those who need care that can not be provided at the hospital they booked at). The answer might give a degree of insight into the safety of birthing in that hospital.
  15. Available Lady Driver

    Hi I ,am looking for a driver mainly for school drop and pick ups . Please contact me ASAP. Many thanks