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  1. Looking to move to Golf Gardens

    How much are they villas going for and the landlords negotiable. I saw 1 villa today and 2 last week. price varied from 270-320... ( obviously the 320 landlord was deluded ) Is it 1 central ac unit ? or a few units around the house ?
  2. Looking to move to Golf Gardens

    Hi, We have been living in Abu Dhabi for 7 years.... Same villa and compound. Recently the maintenance has become a real issue and the rents are still astronomical. The houses look old , dark and tired. Does anyone know if Golf Gardens has any availability for 5 beds . Tried an agent who is not much of a closer. She wants us to take the villa immediately and lose a months rent here.Our Moving date is July 4.
  3. Tutor

    I am looking for a tutor to help with year 4 and year 5 english. Practice with creative writing and comprehensions. DD likes to take her time and just needs a lot of practice. Any recommendations ?
  4. Personal Trainer - Any Recommendation

    Hi I am a fitness freak and have tried a million personal trainers.... The best thing to do is a group class ( there are loads of people who are daunted by them ) hey are the best way to get ft... Depending on your level of fitness.
  5. Football For Toddlers

    Does anyone know where 3 year olds play football in Abu Dhabi ?. I wanted to start my son off this term. He loves kicking the ball and running and this seems like the best option for him.
  6. Live In Housemaid Required

    I am looking for a reliable live in housemaid. Someone with experience . We are a small British family for 4 both my children go to school. Someone who is honest and trust worthy. If interested please call 050 8003872.
  7. Hi I am looking for a reliable part time driver. Someone to help with school pickups in the afternoon. I have 2 children. One is at Nursery and the other one is at the British School. You must have a clean UAEdriving licence and 2 years of driving experience. 0508003872
  8. Hassan Abu Dhabi Country Club

    Hassan has moved back to Lebanon . I asked the girls who work at the Salon.
  9. Ladies I have a coffee table which needs sanding and plus a bed and 2 side tables that need polishing. I got Mughal carpenters in last week and they quoted 4700 aeds for the job.( Bit steep ) Does anyone have any recommendations ?
  10. Hills / Mangroove Or Raha Beach

    I live in the old Al Qurm ..Nice houses but a bit of an issue with maintenance. We have been here for 4 years love the houses and compound but if I was moving again I would choose the hills over Al Qurm
  11. Children Of Syria And Iraq

    Hi Everyone Just a reminder that we are still collecting for the children in war torn Iraq and Syria. Last day for dropping off items is 22/10/14. Please PM if you need details.
  12. Hassan Abu Dhabi Country Club

    When did he move ? I go to the country club and got the general feeling that he was not very pally with the other 4 guys in the salon ? Did you try Sheraton Khalidiya as he worked there for a while.
  13. Hills / Mangroove Or Raha Beach

    Did you mean that the school is on 19th Street ?
  14. Hills / Mangroove Or Raha Beach

    Hi Bri Mangrove Village is a nice compound but he villas are old and there is indeed an "animal" problem there.. I had some friends who lived there and then eventually moved out. Raha is nice but a bit far out...and the bill can be high . Stick with the Hills...Nicest of he 3 compounds if you can handle the stairs Also have a look at Golf Gardens and Bloom Gardens