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  1. Senorta

    Anyone living in Golf Gardens

    Hi , I am moving to Golf Gardens next week. I will need a gardener to sort out the garden and help with it a few days a week . Does anyone know of a good gardener who works in the area ?
  2. Senorta

    Cranleigh vs BSAK

    Hi All, I have 2 children going to BSAK and the older one has been there from the beginning. I am considering moving them over to Cranleigh after the summer. Both my children are quite academic and i feel that BSAK isnt challenging them enough. In addition in DD class there are a few girls with emotional issues ( broken homes and family problems ) and they seem to take it out on the other girls to the extent of bullying. Have anyone moved their children to Cranleigh or vice versa and what are your thoughts ?