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  1. Tables and Chairs for Rental?

    Hey all, I am hosting a large group for a dinner next week and I need to rent some long tables and chairs (to seat about 30). Anyone know a company that does this? And delivers? Many thanks! G
  2. Running During Ramadan?

    Hi All! For those of us who are still crazy enough to be trying to exercise outdoors, can someone answer me this? Can I still wear running shorts (sports shorts) during Ramadan? I go early in the a.m. - usually between 5:00 and 5:30. My shorts aren't crazy short, but they do reveal my knees. Thanks, and Ramadan Mubarak to all celebrating this special season! Gretchen
  3. Another question about flats....

    Hi all! Still searching for the next place to live...anyone live in or know anything about the Al Bateen Towers? They are near the Marasay complex, newer buildings, some are residential, others are commercial. (One of the buildings is where First Gulf Properties is located.) Just saw a beautiful flat in one of the towers this weekend, but have never known someone who lives there. Any thoughts/advice? As always, thanks! G
  4. Al Marasy Apartments? (Al Bateen Marina)

    The one I looked at the other day was 215,000.
  5. Al Marasy Apartments? (Al Bateen Marina)

    Aussietania, thanks so much. Can I ask...do they ever complain about the construction traffic in that area? That seems to be the biggest drawback to me. Thanks for taking the time to comment G
  6. Hi ladies... I went and looked at an apartment in the Al Marasy development by Al Bateen Marina. Was wondering if anyone currently lives there and what you think of it? They seemed quite lovely, but I'd love more insight from someone who has it, good or bad. We are wanting a 3 bedroom and would love a water view. Also, I have a dog, but the place seemed quite dog friendly! Thanks so much in advance for any advice you may have!
  7. Anyone have a good A/C guy?

    The company my landlord contracts with is less than ideal. They never change our A/C filters (just wash them off) and make a HUGE mess everytime they come. Anyone know of a company or an individual who is good at servicing your A/C units and isn't a slob? Thanks in advance, ladies! :)
  8. Anyone know the actual office to have this done? We went to the typing center and got the forms filled out, but where do we take them? And does my husband have to do it, since he is my sponsor, or can I do it myself, now that the forms are typed? Thanks in advance!
  9. Rent A Kitten For The Summer?

    I've met these cats, and I promise...if I was going to be here this summer, I'd take this sweet little boy kitten in a flash. He is sooo full of personality.He does need a family who is involved...but, man o man, if you want a smart, sweet guy to entertain you for the summer months, this is THE GUY!!!!
  10. For Writers Out There, So What's Is Your Next Project?

    So, we a had a preliminary "meet and greet" this week, and came up with a few ideas/goals for the writing group. This group would mainly serve as an opportunity to support each other in our writing endeavors, offer advice, share industry news, network and keep each other motivated as we try to make serious headway in our writing. Though this is by no means a group for published authors only, we are hoping to attract people who are committed to their craft and are willing to make the sacrifices it takes to finish that book/get that agent/find a publisher...whatever your current goal may be. At this time, the group won't necessarily serve as a critique group, but could definitely help match writers up who are interested in beta reading for one another. Interested in joining us? We are planning on meeting once a week, usually in a coffee shop-type place, somewhere on-island. (This last week we met at Al Whada Mall, and that worked well.) If you are interested, could you send me a message and let me know if you prefer a morning, lunch-time or evening meet up? Looking forward to meeting some more Abu Dhabi writers! :) G
  11. Where Are You Traveling In December?

    So, I made the decision....just booked out tickets to Bangkok, then on to Cambodia and Vietnam. Anyone have some advice???
  12. DH just found out he has the last 2 weeks off in December. Wondering where people have gone, or are going that was fun, interesting and didn't break the bank? We are a family of 6 (3 teens, 1 tween) and spent last December in Kerala, India. Any thoughts/suggestions/or places you WOULDN'T go??? Thanks!
  13. For Writers Out There, So What's Is Your Next Project?

    Hi ladies... I have been chatting with one of the other AW members and we are going to meet tomorrow at Al Whada Mall for an informal "writer's group chat". Anyone else care to join us to talk about writing? I thought we could just introduce ourselves, talk about what we're writing, (or what we want to write) and see if anyone's interested in forming an actual writing group. We'll be at Tim Horton's at 12 noon. Hope to see you there! Gretchen
  14. For Writers Out There, So What's Is Your Next Project?

    Writers! What a great post to find this morning. I am a writer of children's fiction, and just sold my first middle grade book (ages 9 - 12) this summer when I was home in the States. I sold it to Macmillan inNew York and it will come out under their imprint Henry Holt for Young Readers next fall (inshallah!). I am waiting to get the revision notes from my editor and am starting a new project in the mean time. Wondering if there are any writers out there that would like to meet up for coffee, lunch, drinks and discuss writing, the challenges of writing, or even get together to read/critique each other's work? Like I said, I only write pre-teen/teen stuff, but would love to chat with anyone out there who is writing...it can be a very lonely business sometimes! Good luck to you all! Gretchen
  15. You Can Only Choose One!

    I think I'm in the "putting away laundry" camp. Don't mind washing or even folding it....HATE putting it all away! 2nd on my list....cat litter box. :)