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  1. clover

    Arabic lessons in KCA

    Will check this out, thank you Jillybean
  2. clover

    melasma/hyperpigmentation help

    Hi,Im looking for melasma remedy using natural/alternative options.Any advice would be appreciated, TIA
  3. clover

    Arabic lessons in KCA

    Does anyone know of any Arabic (group or individual)lessons running in KCA?
  4. clover

    Name something (recipe question)

    kheer(rice pudding) sweet and thick,yum !
  5. clover

    shadow teaching

    Hi, does anybody know of someone who has compiled /maintained a Shadow teaching register here? I would be interested in applying for a shadow teaching position in Khalifa City A, TIA
  6. clover

    Tennis Partner(female) in KCA

    Hi, if anybody would be interested in playing tennis in Khalifa City ,please PM me , tc