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  1. Name something (recipe question)

    kheer(rice pudding) sweet and thick,yum !
  2. shadow teaching

    Hi, does anybody know of someone who has compiled /maintained a Shadow teaching register here? I would be interested in applying for a shadow teaching position in Khalifa City A, TIA
  3. Tennis Partner(female) in KCA

    Hi, if anybody would be interested in playing tennis in Khalifa City ,please PM me , tc
  4. Happy Birthday clover!

  5. Happy Birthday clover!

  6. Happy Birthday clover!

  7. Happy Birthday clover!

  8. Meet Up In June?

    Hey thanks Nahin Wed 13th -7:30 pm suits me fine and may I take you up on the lift offer please ?
  9. Walking Partners?

    Great, see you tomorrow then
  10. Walking Partners?

    Hi, I'd love to join in too please. I'm in KCA, can make it to YAS or any place you ladies are meeting.
  11. Dinner Get-Together

    Hi all, a bunch of us (ladies) are meeting for dinner this Thursday ,15th March.If anybody would like to join us they're most welcome Venue: Lemon Grass-Mushriff Mall Time: 7:30 tc
  12. Coffee - Mon 27Th Or Wed 29Th Feb?

    I'm good with both options, looking forward to meeting everybody!
  13. Locations Of Members

    I'm in khalifa A too , working in the mornings, will pm you my contact details tc
  14. Personal Trainer

    Have sent you a pm
  15. Coffee!

    wow what a lovely idea desertmamaa, 6 more to go then !