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  1. Christmas Restaurant....

    We are now looking to make Christmas Eve or Christmas day reservation in a hotel here in Abu Dhabi for dinner or lunch and I need some help. Basically we would like a fancy beautiful place with good buffet or 5 course etc...I checked the magazine and it shows many places which you reserve the table and pre pay but I am at lost in location and food quality. Any help?
  2. Maid Be Aware!

    yes, something that happened back in 2012. I heard she is working in the marina villas behind the marina mall and this is the reason I felt like writing the post. Why would this be strange?
  3. Housemaid/nanny Available

    Hi Would you please give me a call. We are american family, no children. We live in Al Ain Tower Khalidiyah. We need a full time maid, we give visa plus salary, accommodation and 1 ticket yearly to your home for vacation. If interested, please cll me at (056)693-2927, Anna.
  4. Maid Be Aware!

    ! I had a maid who worked in our home in 2012 to 2013 who robed us. She stoled all my perfumes, clothing and jewellery. At the time, I was in the US and when I was back we were moving to another home and she knew she would be gone and only when we unpacked i noticed things were gone! I had her in my new home after that and I saw her stilling a lipstick, that's right, a lipstick! At that point I told her I had a doctor's appointment I had forgotten about so I would had her gone from my house and I told the security what had happened. Because she had her own visa and I did not had how to proof she robbed us I could not go to the police. Here in the UAE if you don't have hw to proof (have in camera), or the maid don't have the visa done by you as her sponsor, if you go to the police you will have to pay up to 50 thousand dirhams! So be aware! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of her but I can describe her looks: She is about 50 or so years old, short, she have a big belly, split front tooth and wear glasses. She goes by the name Shirley. She is from Sri-Lanka have a daughter who lives in Dubai, her daughter have a job in some type of IT job. I heard from other maids that Shirley works in the Marina Villas, behind the Marina Mall. If you have a maid who looks like the description I gave, you can send me her picture and I will identify her for you. My email is apkennel@yahoo.com I feel in the obligation to alert since I should had done long time ago. Thanks, Anna.
  5. Anne, If is not too late, I would like to contact your nanny. I am desperate after a good person like what you described her to be. Thanks you! Anna.