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  1. gastroenterologist for 6 year old

    When we were looking a year ago, there was only one and he's at SKMC. Can't remember his name now as he was at a conference out of country. We weren't able to find any other actual specialists in AD. Ended up having to go to Dubai where there was only one not at the conference... Sigh. If King's College has one here in AD, that'll be good.
  2. Al Wahda neighbourhood

    Search for Al Nahyan Camp, which is the neighborhood area just down from the mall...(it's where I think of when you say large villas and Wahda Mall). The area is safe and nice, but traffic in and out can be a challenge. Certain streets are faster than others (I always beat others getting in and out because I'm all about the quickest route). Personally, given where my kids are in school, I refused to consider the area as it would make a for a ridiculous commute (as long as living off-island) just because of traffic flow in the mornings. Without that constraint I'd have had no concerns at all about it and being near the mall would be lovely. With that constraint, I would have chosen differently for schooling ;). Currently I live only about 5-7 minutes from the mall, so I have the best of both worlds (in my very humble opinion, teehee). However, I suspect they may just be giving you a general landmark. There are some compounds on the other side of the large road. If you live on that side, suddenly traffic is no longer an issue ;).
  3. Restricted Items.

    We brought in a large number of toy dinosaurs... no problem. One thing that can get people into trouble is air rifles or paintball guns. If your kids have anything gun related that isn't straight forward, junky plastic nerf gun, you may want to reconsider those...
  4. Closed? Open?

    Just a side note... because everything is closed, doesn't mean it's closed ;). We ordered Russo's delivery for lunch today as I hate cooking and it's our helper's day off. We always go out and rather than finding places that are open, we called one that we assume is closed for dine-in. An hour later all of my lovely food was delivered and we had pizza and pasta with no muss and fuss for mom ;). So, you can always try calling your favorite outlets to see if they are open for pick-up or delivery... So, closed isn't necessarily closed.
  5. Real Italian Pizza

    Biancorosso has real Italian pizza (as evidenced by the real Italian guy who runs the place?) (It's next to the Mamoura building off of 15th and 4th). We've found their service to be hit or miss (mostly miss) for dine in. However, they have a pizza called the Buffalina (buffalo mozzarella, basil, and cherry tomatoes) that is DELICIOUS! If you're a margarita fan, I'd skip theirs (nothing to write home about) and try the Buffalina as it is divine! I'm willing to ignore the mediocre service for the fantastic taste.
  6. Adw Meetups?

    TGL, I'll drive you. Pretty sure you're on my way, right? Been busy this year freeing up my schedule some ;).
  7. Weird Maid Question

    Gotcha, I thought you meant that by giving her a gift, she'd think she needed to give us an equivalent gift, which would be madness ;).
  8. Weird Maid Question

    I doubt there are many maids thinking the employer expects a gift on their birthday. Our helper typically does give gifts according to her means. They are often sweet, thoughtful, inexpensive gifts from shops around Hamdan Street. It's the thought that counts and she actually gives it thought. Oh, and that's usually only at Christmas...
  9. What To Do If Our Maid Absconds

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but whether they "truly abscond", (and I'm not clear on what not truly absconding looks like. They are either working or not), you should ABSOLUTELY report it. After all, as you may (or may not) be aware you are LEGALLY responsible for your helper's actions while she is in the country under your sponsorship. If she leaves you to work illegally for someone else (or part time or whatever), your neck is also on the line. Just sayin'.
  10. Maid Visa Renewal Fees

    My husband was told the bank guarantee is one-time but you don't receive it back until she leaves the country... No idea what happens of she transfers to another person...
  11. Renewal Visa Deposit - Filipino Maid

    Not sure as my husband changed employers so my filipina's visa was technically a new visa. We had to pay a 2000 deposit. Sigh.
  12. Maid's Room Sizes In Uae

    The bottom line (as seen above) is varies widely. We currently live in a villa with a full sized room as the maid's room. It fits her bed, chest of drawers, two small drawers, a small desk, chair, and has lots of floor space (it has a built in wardrobe and full ensuite bathroom with tub). I'd call it a kids bedroom in the US. However when we looked at apartments, in the same building we saw a 3 bedroom with a small, but livable sized maid's room that would fit a single bed and a four bedroom that wouldn't fit any size bed. We also saw one that had a maid's room that I would likely kit out as a guest bedroom. So, varies widely. ;)
  13. Advice Needed - Moving To Ad And School Spaces.

    Most people are in the same predicament as you are upon arrival. Unless something drastic has changed recently, you will start school without your residency being finalized. My dh was here for 3 months before his finally came through (don't get me started about incompetence among legal organizations!). We started before our residency came in and provided it as soon as it was available. Reality is that you should put your kids on as many waiting lists as you find appropriate schools (which everyone else has also done). As school spots open up due to students not returning, there will be more fluidity in the lists...
  14. Pumping Mums

    I'm impressed that 15 minutes got enough for her to last to 7 months. I pumped with my twins for a year. I pumped every two hours (or however often they would eat) and I'd say the pumping lasted about 30 minutes each time (sometimes more). As your baby grows, there are only two ways to tell your body to make more milk, pump more often or pump for longer. How well did you do at achieving let down previously? Did you try the recommended tricks associated with causing that process to occur? Is there more stress around pumping that may cause the milk decrease as well. Exclusively breastfeeding should help bring up your supply in the medium term, but it may be hard making that transition. Hang in there. And if you have to supplement with formula (which I'm certain you can get in Europe), it's certainly not the worst thing you could do! Keep up the hard work, breastfeeding isn't easy and pumping with breastfeeding is just that much harder. For the year I pumped for my twins, I figured I should stop speaking altogether and just Moo at people ;).
  15. Weird Maid Question

    Probably only because I posted that my lovely helper always says thanks, we gave her a birthday card with cash (a bit more than mentioned above as I didn't buy a cute purse) last night after taking her for dinner at her favorite place. Not a peep. Maybe they're going with the old adage if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything? I'm finding it interesting as if my hubby spent the amount we gave her on my birthday present, I'd be tickled pink... ;). Especially since it now means she has much in her pocket as I've got in the bank (ah the joys of changing employers and waiting on that first paycheck to manage the short term cash flow). I'm just going to continue feeling blessed that she is wonderful and go on about life. One thing that did interest me in the past is that she thinks that if I gave her more last year or for Christmas or whenever and less now that I'm unhappy with her. She doesn't realize that we have no idea how much we gave her last year, it likely depended on our financial situation. I think sometimes she forgets we HAVE a financial situation ;).