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    I like to be outside as much as possible, beach, pool,walking, lunch, brunch etc. I like to read,music,concerts, not into coffee mornings and I hate shopping! Love reading and watching good movies. Currently in Doha but not for much longer I hope.
  1. TV Series suggestions

    Lots already mentioned, The Blacklist , Ray Donovan are both very good. We are just on the end of 11.22.63 which is brilliant.
  2. Heavy rain, thunder and lightening...

    I love thunderstorms, the clouds are amazing, but after 14 hours my ears hurt ha ha
  3. Heavy rain, thunder and lightening...

    Storm has been going since 4am here in Doha, first picture was the sky before the heavens opened.
  4. Storage Abu Dhabi

    http://www.theboxme.com/mussafah.php we used these. Very good and efficient
  5. Cinema Group

    I watched it yesterday but didn't want to say anything, I thought it was long and drawn out, scenery was lovely but I think that was about it. I kept waiting for it to get going. lol
  6. Renewing a UK passport - whilst in AD

    Hubby did it last year, fill the forms in online, print them off sign. He took everything to DHL where they put forms, old passport and photos in envelope. He received his old passport back within a week, his new one arrived two days later. All very easy. Hope that helps.
  7. Leaving The Uae? Here's How To Do So The Right Way

    I doubt it as once your last salary goes in, the bank is informed that that is your last salary. So if money is owed they would take what you owe if not enough to cover it then it would be frozen. That's what my hubby was told.
  8. Leaving The Uae? Here's How To Do So The Right Way

    They only freeze if you owe money, we have that in writing from last employer and the bank. Mind you the rules can change at the drop of a hat so we do make sure as soon as it's gone in we transfer most of it out. lol.
  9. Leaving The Uae? Here's How To Do So The Right Way

    No clearance letter from Etisalat, I just got a receipt when I paid the final bill which states on it Account closed. ADDC used our deposit for final payment, then issued us with a clearance letter by email on the same day. You then forward a copy of this to whoever you rent your place off and the A/C people. That's it, painless and easy. With the bank, we never told them anything even though I know your employer has to let the bank know when your last salary goes into the account, Hubby is having his new salary paid into the account for now as it was easier, we haven't heard from them at all. I think If we had a loan, we would have approached them when we had left, as I'm sure some banks would want everything cleared before you left. .
  10. Leaving The Uae? Here's How To Do So The Right Way

    Etisalat cut you off the same day you cancel, so I left that till the last day I would be using it. ADDC, require 1 day's notice, so once you tell them, it gets cut off the following day, I went in 3 days before but they told me it was too soon, so you need to leave it till the last minute. Also keep in mind the electrics have to be on for any inspection from 'The Inspectors'. Our Inspection was on a Tuesday so I went in on the Tuesday morning, electric was disconnected on the Wednesday and you don't have to be there for them to do it, you will receive a sms once it's done. Very simple really. Good Luck with the move
  11. How To Get Rid Of Furniture?

    No Comment lol
  12. Leaving The Uae? Here's How To Do So The Right Way

    My Experience.... As I mentioned earlier I had parts of this I was dreading, mainly because hubby got a new job and only had days to get up and go, which meant I would be dealing with everything. The Bills, Tenancy all in his name, I was ready for a battle!. We had two months left on our Tenancy so I did have time to deal with it all. To my surprise closing the Electric, A/C and Etisalat went very smooth, all I needed was a letter from hubby authorising me to close the accounts down, along with a copy of his passport and a copy of his cancelled visa, all was done within days of the end of our Tenancy ending. Getting rid of unwanted stuff was a nightmare, this I thought would be easy, I was giving it away, the company ( I won't name but I'm sure you all know).....booked 3 weeks in advance to take the stuff and give to the lower paid workers etc. After clearing date and time with security, all was ready to go, they never even turned up, wouldn't answer my calls, emails or sms messages. After waiting around for 6 hours I picked everything up which I had piled high ready for collection was put in the garbage room, I just hope it did get picked up by people and went to a good cause, I was flying that night so had no option. Selling furniture and other household stuff......that went pretty much OK, advertised, date time arranged, people did turn up and take. Storage companies........that did take a bit of time finding the right one as we only had a few personal items we wanted to store till we know where next, I got there in the end with days to spare. Now then the Inspectors.........that was hilarious, never witnessed anything so stupid in my life. Arrived on time, then started feeling door frames, yes feeling door frames, why? I have no idea, but stood on the balcony watching the two of them laughing to myself, then writing notes, taking pictures etc, I then asked why they were taking pictures of the bedroom floor, 'There's a scuff mark', errm, yes we had a bed in there. I suggested to them that in future maybe they need to to put in the tenancy agreements that no furniture is allowed in the apartments as I didn't realise we were meant to eat, sleep and sit on the floors. Of course they didn't grasp my sarcasm. I asked to read the report on his tablet, there were questions, example....Have the curtains been removed, under the question where three boxes YES NO N/A None of these boxes had been marked, so I asked why not, ' If I leave it blank it goes through automatically as a yes' hahahahahaha, really so why is there a YES box even there, I proceeded to click the boxes myself. After taking numerous irrelevant pictures I informed 'The Inspectors' I would be signing nothing unless they removed the pictures as the report was utter nonsense. The reply from him made my day, if you don't sign there will be no proof you have given us the key or access passes back, really........I soon sorted that little issue by taking a screenshot of said passes and key next to their appointment book and their hands ( didn't take their faces). The looks on their faces was priceless. There you go, I have all the proof I need. After informing me I could comment on the report, I did.....;I don't agree with this report at all, wear and tear, having furniture to sleep, eat and sit on I actually thought was common practice this day and age. I will not sign something I don't agree with and is a load of rubbish, have a nice day' Turned to Inspector gadgets, bid them farewell and left. So yes the parts I dreaded where easy, the last part a farce. We have been informed this morning Deposit minus 1,000AED will be returned....Result! So remember ladies, if you don't agree, don't sign. Sorry for the long post but thought some points worth knowing.
  13. Leaving The Uae? Here's How To Do So The Right Way

    Was absolutely dreading this but it has been an eye opener and the things I thought would be difficult where easy, the things I thought would be easy where difficult, will post a full report in a few days
  14. Ironing....

    I don't own an iron, has hubbys shirts and bedding get sent away, couldn't get in a creased bed. My boobs seem to iron out the creases in my clothes :-)
  15. Happy Birthday Yvonne!