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  1. Hi all, Could anyone tell me of their experience with Canadian international school, my little girl is turning 4 and going to big school. Im definitely more nervous than she is!
  2. Amity or ajyal?

    Hi everyone! My daughter has been accepted into two schools ajyal and amity... can anyone provide feedback on how happy you are with any of these schools if your child goes to them?? Thank you so much for any help you can provide! ps she is turning 4 so just starting big school
  3. Curly hair

    I tried them before, but didn't have a great experience So hard to find hairdressers who understand curly hair
  4. Curly hair

    Hi everyone! can anyone recommend a good hairdresser that understands curly hair and how to cut it?
  5. Pet accessories

    Hi all! can anyone recommend a good place to buy pet accessories in Abu Dhabi? thanks:-)
  6. Harley Street Medical Centre - Feedback

    Hi @TwinsMommy just wondering if you got your child's adenoids removed, my daughter is scheduled for one this week and I'm nervous. I love Harley street and dr housam but still nervous obviously
  7. Cooking class

    @tri-geekfor adults
  8. Cooking class

    Hi everyone! Can anyone recommend any cooking classes in abu dhabi?
  9. Best car seat

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what you all think is the best car seat available in AUH for toddlers (2 year old)?
  10. gastroenterologist for 6 year old

    Thank you both so much for your help! I'll check kings college out
  11. gastroenterologist for 6 year old

    Thank you for this!
  12. Diastasis recti

    Thanks! Looks good...will check it out :)
  13. gastroenterologist for 6 year old

    Hi! Does anyone know a good gastroenterologist for children (6 year old) in Abu Dhabi?? Thanks in advance
  14. Where can I go with an 8 month old?

    Check out My First Gym in the city... I used to take my baby there all the time she loved it, great place for learning having fun and developing skills
  15. Diastasis recti

    Hi everyone did anyone suffer from this after giving birth? If so, did it get better and how?? Quote Edit