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  1. Pain At The Bottom Of The Foot

    Hi! Can anyone advise what I should do? I have been having pain at the bottom of my foot nearer towards the toes. Not the heel area. Should I see an orthopaedic? Can anyone recommend one? Thank you.
  2. Pain At The Bottom Of The Foot

    Thank you! Will try him after the school hols.
  3. Pain At The Bottom Of The Foot

    Is he an orthopaedic?
  4. Car Stereo

    Hi! Can anyone recommend somewhere I can go to remove a cd that is stuck in the car stereo? Thank you
  5. Car Stereo

    Thank you. Apparently they will have to remove the radio and have it sent to Dubai. We will not have air con whilst this is being done according to Toyota. Guess we will have to wait till its cooler.
  6. Buying Property Here

    Good morning Well, we're actually considering taking the plunge and buying a property here. I'd appreciate any views regarding the pros and cons, which as relative newcomers we may have missed. The job is quite stable and should see us here for around 8 years. If we bought, the company rent allowance would go to us; theory being in around 8 years a modest property would be virtually paid off. If this comes to fruition we would have to downsize and would be looking at a 3 bedroom villa in say Al Reef for around 1.4M DHS( our budget). Our logic (such that it is) being that prices have already fallen and after a few years the company rent allowance has already paid for a good percentage of the mortgage. Before we go deeper into this venture, I'd be very happy to receive any opinions or dos n dont's that we may not know. Thanks Desert Rosie
  7. Buying Property Here

    We were told Raha is for UAE nationals only. Is that true? Where can expats buy? Thanks
  8. Buying Property Here

    Seems like 20%.
  9. Buying Property Here

    Good food for thought. To clarify, we are thinking of buying a villa to live in (not rent), the rent allowance would cover the mortgage. If we sold a few years later, even below market value or even after a down turn in the market, the mortgage paid was money provided by the company (less our initial 30% downpayment). We're still at the initial stage and have yet to contact a bank re mortgages. The max 50% loan for expats has not been implemented (as far as I can gather) and I anticipate being able to get a mortgage for 70% of the value. If we get to the mortgage stage, we will also look at Islamic bank mortgages as they are reputed to be less volatile - must admit I havent researched those yet though. Any thoughts : ) ?
  10. Buying Property Here

    Thanks to all!! Really grateful for the input. Our minds still not made up and we're going to tread carefully. 'Dono'..that is the idea and that's the reason behind buying. But I appreciate that there are so many variable risks. However I would think its unlikely for real estate prices to fall say 30-40 % from current levels....correct me if I'm wrong : ) Build quality..point taken. I'll post to let you know which way we go. Thanks again.
  11. Hi there We have been in Abu Dhabi for a few months now and classified as non resident in UK In the event that one of the family needed medical treatment, would we still be entitled to go back to the UK for NHS treatment? I heard before that this may depend on keeping up Class 1 or 3 contributions whilst overseas. We haven't got around to doing that yet. I'd be grateful if someone could shine some light on this topic. Thanks D Rosie
  12. British Citizens: Nhs Entitlement On Trips Back

    Thank you. :)
  13. British Citizens: Nhs Entitlement On Trips Back

    Thank you both for that. It makes sense, appreciate there are a lot of grey areas. We don't have any health issues at the moment, but on hearing some people's medical experiences here and not knowing any better we would be tempted to return home if treatment was needed in future. Time to contact the N.I. people I guess. Thanks again
  14. Harassed By Driver, What Would You Do?

    This happened to me nearly a month ago. Could not get my husband on the phone and i am new in Abu Dhabi. I was so scared i forgot to get the taxi driver's name and no. I now know not to speak to them.
  15. Can anyone recommend estate agents Al Zeina and Al Bandar? We are relocating to Abu Dhabi. Thank you.
  16. School Bus Bsak

    Can anyone tell me if there is a school bus from Bsak to AL Reef? Can you give me the number to the bus company please? Thanks
  17. Hi there On the domestic helper theme. I wonder if anyone has brought their domestic helper from overseas to Abu Dhabi? If so what was the level of red tape, agents, fees etc. I'd really like to find out as we are moving to Abu Dhabi in July. Our current Filipino helper really wants to make the move and is trustworthy, so we will try to bring her along if the procedure and fees arn't prohibitive. Any tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks again.
  18. Have You Brought Your Previous Amah From Abroad?

    Thank you so much for info. What's the salary for a Filipina helper? I suppose I have to pay the salary required in Abu Dhabi and not what is required here.
  19. there, This is my first post. We're relocating to Abu Dhabi in June. Our current Filipino helper is 27 years old and we are thinking of bringing her along if possible. I was wondering if there is a minimum age for domestic helpers in AUH? Thanks for any advice you can give. desertrosie
  20. there We are relocating to Abu Dhabi in June. Our 14 year old son is currently wait listed for Year 10 at the British School, Al Khubairat. This is of course for GCSEs. In case he didn't get a place there, could anyone please recommend where else we should look in Abu Dhabi for a good secondary school, looking towards A Levels. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks desertrosie
  21. Recommended British Schools For Year 10

    Thank you. Will definitely have a look.
  22. Domestic Helper: Is There A Minimum Age In U.a.e.?

    What is a normal salary for Filipino helper? Thanks.