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  1. Name something (recipe question)

    Corned beef pie :)
  2. October Coffee Morning

    I love the coffee mornings, have made some great friends as a result of them. I think there are a lot of ladies out there who often feel lonely and lost and an ADW meet is a great way to create a social network, which is SO important as an ex-pat.
  3. Fantastic Scottish Vacation Spot

    and I can confirm.....its an absolutely awesome place to stay!!!
  4. New Beauty Salon

    that always makes me smile too Jillybean :)

    Recruitment agencies? Just a warning, be very very careful, there are a lot of scams out there....mostly involving you paying out and getting nothing back. You should NEVER have to pay a recruiter! Its far better to contact companies direct.
  6. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    yeh... I cut them with scissors, which means you cant reuse them!!
  7. New to Abu Dhabi - seeking advice of a few things

    Mother Goth, youre probably aware that a lot of people are away on vacation right now so you may not get much response until after Eid. Hope youre enjoying your new life. Its takes a while to settle in and get sorted but once you are, its wonderful!
  8. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    Oh DD - the discarding goods instead of returning them is a HUGE bugbear of mine. OK if youre suddenly in a rush and you need to go, or you just dont want them anymore...give them to the checkout operator who will have them returned to their correct place The packers tying knots in carrier bags - a small thing but they are so much harder to carry ...handles are for holding, not for tying!
  9. Quiz Night

    What a good idea!
  10. Tarsheed Survey - conserving water and electricity

    Ive always wondered why solar panels werent installed on every building - makes no sense to ignore such a valuable resource
  11. Birds in the Neighbourhood

    The Swifts were my favourites when we were in AD. I used to love sitting in my garden in the UK watching them swoop and soar...... but living on the 13th floor in AD meant I was at the same height as them and they used to try and scare me by heading straight for me as I sat on the balcony and would then swerve to left or right at the last second...... I watched them for hours and used to be sad to see them go, knowing the heat of summer was on its way. Haven't seen any where Im living now...its mainly seagulls and garden birds...but they'll be around somewhere...
  12. Eid ul Fitr 2017

    Sorry to hear you arent well. DD, hope the appointment sheds some light on whats wrong. what a lovely gift from your son.
  13. Eid Mubarak to you and your family DD
  14. oh wow..... yum!
  15. 20th Ramadhan, 2017

    I was surprised when I realised how fast Ramadan is passing DD. The meatball sandwiches sound delicious by the way!