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  1. Sorry to hear you arent well. DD, hope the appointment sheds some light on whats wrong. what a lovely gift from your son.
  2. Eid Mubarak to you and your family DD
  3. oh wow..... yum!
  4. I was surprised when I realised how fast Ramadan is passing DD. The meatball sandwiches sound delicious by the way!
  5. Gosh DD Im exhausted just reading that!!!
  6. :) :)
  7. er, I'll pass on that thankyou DD, although I wouldnt say no to the fish, sounds delicious!
  8. oh its definitely worth it.... and I think youre amazing the way you get them up every morning!
  9. I do wonder DD - if you didnt wake them all up....... would they all sleep blissfully for hours?
  10. It is similar DD but oh so much nicer :)
  11. I adore Umm Ali. I first tried it at Pebble's was delicious, I asked her for the recipe but when I saw all the ingredients I decided it was too much like hard work (Im the laziest cook in the world) So whenever we were out and I saw it on the dessert menu I would choose it. Yum I might have to bite the bullet and make some, coz Im never going to see it on a menu here in the UK (unless someone knows better)
  12. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family DD - and to all our Muslim ADW'ers xx
  13. Thats extremely rude, DD, you should have said something! Ikea is one of those shops where I go in for one thing and come out with lots of things I didnt know I needed!
  14. I look forward to further Ramadan posts from you DD.... I love the incite you give us into it all :)