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  1. Thats extremely rude, DD, you should have said something! Ikea is one of those shops where I go in for one thing and come out with lots of things I didnt know I needed!
  2. I look forward to further Ramadan posts from you DD.... I love the incite you give us into it all :)
  3. Thanks DD - online at least, Im going nowhere! :)
  4. Sadly Im no longer in AD, we are back in the UK now DD but can't bear to leave ADW and all my lovely friends. :)
  5. How wonderful, congratulations to you all DD :)
  6. I started them up again last year for exactly that reason, Providence. There certainly are less people around in the summer but there are always a few ladies who are very happy to meet up.
  7. Dont forget ladies...time for the monthly coffee, cake and natter!
  8. ah ok...maybe temporary then.......
  9. did it really? Have they built whatever it was they were planning to build?
  10. the kite beach is closed...or was....they are planning to build on it, TG
  11. Ornina used to be one of our lunch spots, its such a lovely location.
  13. Im sure there are a lot of ladies reading this who would love to go but are nervous about walking into a place and saying to a bunch of strangers. Well just remember, we've all done it.....and discovered that those strangers become friends in the blink of an eye! ADW ladies are the nicest bunch of people ever!!! All that and cake too!!!
  14. I stopped having them when I realised that they were the same every year... losing weight, giving up smoking, etc etc. I gave up smoking eventually ....but I realised that its better to set these targets all year around not just at the start of the year!