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  1. Maid on personal Visa

    They are probably sponsored by other people as it is not possible for them to have their own visas. If you need to hire full time, she should sponsored by you.
  2. Hi Pretty is your sister still available? 

  3. Maternity/newborn Photographers

    Jillian greenhill is incredible. Loved her work. Cant recommend enough!
  4. Hpv Vaccinations In Abu Dhabi?

    HealthPlus have the vaccinations available
  5. Pediatric Dentist

    Just wondering, are any of these dentists still around? Does anyone here recommend a good one?
  6. Recommendations For A Nanny?

    It depends on the age of your child/children and your requirements. I would recommend hiring a nanny with you from the US/UK. Makes a world of a difference as most 'nannies' here are housemaids who are not qualified in any way to deal with children and at best, could be babysitters for a few hours. Good luck with your move and welcome to Abu dhabi.
  7. What's For Dinner Tonight?

    Made sage and butternut squash risotto tonight. Scrumptious!
  8. Post-Natal Care At Home

    I dont know of anyone in Abu Dhabi however if you pm me I can recommend Dubai, should you like.
  9. French Flash Cards For Beginners

    All prints bookstore has french material, although Im not sure about flashcards. Do a search online through amazon
  10. Please Help,child Not Settling

    Could you switch classes or even the nursery? Might sound drastic, but I personally believe in going with your gut. If youre worried the teacher is not okay, then maybe chat with her to gauge how receptive she is to your concerns or if she simply brushes them aside, and then see how you feel. Its important that he feel happy that he is going to school, learning new fun things and making friends, rather than worrying or dreading the experience everyday. I hope inshalla things work out.
  11. Possible Mastisis - Where To Go?

    An Ob/Gyn initially, (I wouldnt recommend a GP). They might then need to refer a patient to a breast specialist/surgeon if need be, for diagnostics and treatment if the case requires further evaluation/follow up
  12. Word Association Game

  13. clarisonic mia

    Sephora at Galleria mall
  14. Personal Trainer For Prenatal Fitness?

    The BodyTree has qualified trainers for prenatal classes of various types.
  15. Swedish Medical Clinic?

    They are in the midst of moving to a new location in Khalidiya opposite Spinneys. I believe they are resuming normal business hours in the first week of September. Most of their clinical staff are on summer leave during this move which is why you probably have not been able to get in touch with anyone, as Im assuming the administrative staff are busy preparing for the new location and the landline numbers are yet to be set up.