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  1. Hi all, I am hoping this is the right board but DH has decided to start his own company and is looking to enter into partnership with an already established company although his company will remain autonomous. A local sponsor is already organised. What we are after is a business lawyer who can go through the contract and legal pitfalls that we may run into. I have done an internet search but it is just so hard trying to work out who is reliable or not. DH will be a sole operator at the beginning but we may look into employing people in the future is business picks up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, TB
  2. Tax Return Suggestions

    It does but I need a person to interpret my claim as it isn't straight forward.
  3. Tax Return Suggestions

    Unfortunately I still need to file a tax return back home in Australia and I was after suggestions for local companies or individuals that are reputable. I don't want to give it to H&R block as although they are the most well known, I don't think they really look after the smaller guys. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Trish
  4. Do You Know/have You Ever Met Someone Famous?

    Shane Warne David Suzuki Jane Goodall and some amazing people who are personal celebrities to me :)
  5. Australian Passport Photos

    Ive used both the photo lab at Al Wahda mall and Marina mall. Both times I had no issues.