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  1. Brca Genetic Testing

    Hi, I'm trying to find out if genetic testing for the BRCA gene for breast and ovarian cancer (the Angelina Jolie gene) is available in the UAE (preferably Abu Dhabi). Grateful for advice and recommendations. Many thanks.
  2. Waitrose Al Zeina

    November 17th is the date I've heard (from the cleaning company) for waitrose and Firenze to open. Can't come too soon.....if it ever happens!
  3. Curtain Makers And Fitters Kca

    Just taken delivery of 4 sets of bedroom curtains and 7 further windows with chiffon, all done within a week by Gulf Curtains. Superb range of fabrics. Excellently made. Fitted and installed very professionally. And all at a very reasonable price (our Al Zeina windows are MASSIVE!). Would highly recommend them. I got quotes from another company but despite 3 visits they could only produce a very limited range of fabrics and were more expensive. Go with Gulf Curtains!
  4. How Many Apple Products Are Too Many?

    everyone - am just about to move to Abu Dhabi and thinking about getting an iPad 3, 64gb. But should I get 3g as well as wifi? How much do you pay for a data package on 3g? many thanks
  5. Ipad

    Hi all, I'm moving to Abu Dhabi in a few weeks. Just deciding on what iPad to get so this thread has been really useful. Think I'll go for iPad 3 64gb. But do I go for 3g (or 4g.... which we don't have in UK) or just wifi? And what's the monthly tariff for 3g/4g? thanks