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  1. Good morning Ladies, I have a visitor who want bring back a local dress for her 2year daughter. Where can we buy one please ? Thanks !
  2. Just seen this post... Is it too late ? Available until beginning of February only. Tell me if I can help
  3. URGENT Please, can anyone recommend a good digestive surgeon in Abu Dhabi ? Daman card. TIA
  4. Saadiyat Public Beach is closed until November 20 (Private event)
  5. Good afternoon, Sorry, I read your post just now. Maybe you should ask Rudi from Al Bahia's Hydroponic Farm ( I know he recently had kits. You can buy also beautiful salads and fresh herbs in pots.
  6. Hi, I live in Khalifa A, I love cats (I have 2 ), and will be happy to visit and cuddle the cats. Feel free to let me know if I can help.
  7. Good afternoon Ladies, For a friend In KCA, where can you find a wheelchair for rent for 2-3 weeks? TIA
  8. Good evening Ladies, I have a friend who has just arrived in the UAE and will start alone visa procedures, identity card and driving licence. She lives in Khalifa A. She wondered if everything had to be in AD City or if some things could be done nearby. If so, what, where ??? TIA
  9. Good morning Ladies, I have friends, on vacation in AD currently, wishing to visit an organic farm. Do you know if this is possible, and where? TIA
  10. Happy Birthday Anoukis!

  11. In UAE, we have the opportunity to discover many new foods... I'm looking for someone who could accompany a group of women to the vegetable market (September / October) and give them the names, as well as some information about the vegetables and cooking tips. Thank you very much in advance
  12. . I'm interested, but I don't know how to send a PM...
  13. Thank you
  14. Good morning Ladies, Our landlord increases too much the rent
  15. I saw some in Mina Port, near the flowers market (on the right corner), new but not too expensive I think...