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  1. We are relocating to Abu Dhabi in the Fall, the actual date still to be determined. My husband will be arriving in Abu Dhabi Tuesday for a 10 day stay and he is under strict rules to fit in some school tours while he is there. We have a soon to be 5 year old son that will be starting kindergarten in the Fall. So far we are looking at:

    American Community School

    American International School

    GEMS World Academy

    Abu Dhabi International School

    We are relocating from Washington DC so an American school on island would be optimal since we most likely will be living in Etihad Towers or somewhere near the Corniche.

    I realize that registration for many of these schools opened last February so I am realistic in that we will probably be wait listed at any/every school. I'm not too stressed if we have to wait for an opening since it's just kindergarten.

    Can anyone recommend any other schools on island that we should consider? Any school on the list above that we should stay away from? Any specific questions to ask while touring a school?

    I have been following/searching the posts for over a month now so I know my questions are nothing new but if anyone has any suggestions or experiences to share I would be extremely gratful! This is our first international move so it's all new to us!

  2. We will be moving to Abu Dhabi this summer. My son, Max, will be 5 years old this August and is currently attending a Montessori in the United States where he is blossoming! Does anyone have any reccomendations for a kindergarten program that is similar to Montessori? Student centered inquirey based learning. Max is currently on par with his peers beginning to read and write but he has trouble sitting in whole group instruction for more than 10 minutes so teacher centered instruction with a lot of desk work will be difficult for him. He has been tested for disabilities and doesn't qualify for special education services so I don't think a special ed school is appropriate for him. I am looking for a kindergarten program with learning centers where students are moving throughout the classroom and teachers that are kind and consistent with their classroom management/discipline. Any reccomendations and/or insights are greatly appreciated!

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