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  1. We used ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) and set up a money transfer account on line which took about 3 days for approval, after that you just need to put in the amount you want to transfer and it takes 1 - 3 days to transfer. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the best days as it would usually be there the next day. Do not give up your US Bank account as you will need it to transfer the funds into. ADCB did not charge for wire transfers, but Bank of America charged $16.00 per wire transfer. Good luck with your move and new journey. You will love Abu Dhabi!!
  2. Try Mushriff Central Park ( the old Mushriff Park) it is HUGE. It's a perfect place for children, it has a farm barn with camels, goats, cows etc., a putting zoo and many play structures. I believe they will host your party also. Im not sure about the BBQ, but you could ask them. It really is a pretty park.
  3. Hallmark store in Khalidia has them.
  4. Thank you!!
  5. Yes, I forgot his name and lost his contact information when my phone was stolen.
  6. I'm needing the contact information for "the man with the van" please
  7. Operation Smile is always looking for books to sale. The funds are to cover the surgical costs for children with birth defects (cleft lip) 02 658 4790
  8. Delight Cleaning Services
  9. There is a possibility that we may be moved to Saudi. Anyone lived there as an expat? Any information and or tips/advice would be most appreciated!
  10. Hi there! Yes they moved and it has been empty since they moved out, and that was well over a year ago! They would not budge on the price and it has now sat empty all this time. Go figure...
  11. It will also depend on your insurance.
  12. Don't worry it is very common and they will grow out of it. My pediatrician in the US said it was very common especially with boys - they are always running, jumping etc. Have you tried warm baths before bed? My Dr. Told me to give small dose of ibuprofen at bedtime.
  13. My son experienced the same thing and so did many of my friends kids. www.m.webmd.com/children/guide/growing- pains
  14. I thought part time was illegal...
  15. Last week I had a nasty fall after walking outside and my glasses fogged over completely. I missed the stairs and had a bit of a tumble and ended up with a dislocated shoulder and a tear to the a/c joint. So looks like I will be here also. Good news is that it was my right side and I am left handed.