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  1. Golly, this thread could not have come up at a better time for me. I had a guy come out to see me from Holborn Assets last night. We have no assets here, all we have is what would be in the bank account and whatever my husbands gratuity would be..(providing he was the one who died)...So our only main concern is making sure I am named as beneficiary and providing a guardian order for our daughter ...should we both die... They are quoting me in region of 6000 AED to write a will up!!!! Nooooooo.... I'd appreciate anyone giving me an idea if this is the going rate and whether we actually really need one...My husband seems to think that we could just get a lawyer to draw up a notarised document stating that his sister and her husband in UK are the official guardians...and they would fly over and get her if worst came to worst. With regards to any proceeds of bank account and our possessions....if I survive him, would I be able to deal with this..? I'm just thinking its alot of money when we havent got complex issues going on!!! Any help appreciated..I'm confused about it all to be honest. And if you can help, can you explain it to me like I'm 3 years old...my brain wont cope otherwise!!! TIA
  2. Hi, I have guests coming over in a week or so... I was just wondering what the Corniche concerts will be like..especially Faithless...my friend is a fan! Is it worth braving crowds? Will it be chaos? Will we be able to get home? Has anyone got any good tips for how to make this into a stress free night?? Any help appreciated!!!!
  3. Was It What You Expected?

    I feel like your world and my world are parallel in an alternate universe!!! I feel exactly the same. I came here 3 years ago with the belief we would be starting a new life, making home and settling down after my husband had spent 15 years offshore, living a life in the sun with our daughter. Everything would be perfect and we would be living the dream!! I had hopes and dreams coming here in 2012. I thought opportunities would be tenfold, I could spend my days figuring out what I wanted to do and that I would go and do it. Each year that hope has gradually erased into plain old accepting that this is just my lot for now.. The good thing is that once I got this right in my own head, it became easier. I'm not an 'accepting' person...I was always a 'if you want it go and get it' type of person. I didn't like the word 'No' and I was always able to manipulate/change a situation so I got what I wanted! It's taken until now for me to finally accept that what I want is never going to happpen in this country. And I'm not being defeatist either....I feel that everything I try and do has barriers attached.... I found out recently that I could never have another child so thats been hard...All my life I really didn't have to chance to develop anything in my own time, I was a carer for a relative when I wasnt working stupid hours in my job, my husband was away 8 months of the year and once I had my baby, my life did not have any more space to fill in terms of time. I didn't rely on my family like I should have done, thinking I would be a burden. The good thing is, maybe thats been my saving grace...as when I got here, I like so many others, I had to get on with it. I too feel like a non person, I have no real rights ...maybe I've lost my confidence and abit of self respect..however...the main thing I have learnt is acceptance and the patience that, like you, in a few years, I will be able to find my 'thing'. Its never too late I am hoping...My daughter is only mid primary education and in a few years, she will be grown up. I figure I've just got to embrace the time I have with her and that as her mother, her happiness will always come before mine. I am now thinking that this was maybe what I was supposed to happen...I have finally gotten off the 'wanting more' merry go round and maybe thats fate!! Most nights, my husband and I sit outside having a drink and we vent out our frustrations. he's not the happiest in his job, I'm bored but what we try and do is just thank god for what we have got. And I try and put it into perspective. Ok I feel stifled but it could be alot worse...such is life. I am just trying to live in the moment, appreciate what I've got and what life could be like...I know a few people back home who are going through hell...However, I still allow myself a little dramatic meltdown once in a while. And I'm allowed! Reading your post has been helpful in actually putting into words what I was feeling but most importantly, that nothing is forever. The good thing is, the sun is shining, even though we aren't rich, we are getting by, and I have to believe that what we are doing now is for the future. Our plan is 3 years more, then we'll see whats what. Ive been here 3 years and its gone by in a flash so I keep on thinking I'll blink and the next 3 years will also arrive before I know it. I'm practicing something called Mindfullness..which is something I learnt having suffered with depression a few years back..Its all about focussing on the very moment and whats around you. Im trying to gain pleasure in the little things that maybe we miss each day.. Keep Smiling...Nothing is Forever!
  4. Natural Contraception?

    I found just getting married in the first place and having 1 child was the best form of contraception going forward.... :winksmile: :winksmile: Ha ha! Sorry to be so cynical!!!!!
  5. Renewal Visa Deposit - Filipino Maid

    Hi We are just renewing our lovely helpers visa for 3rd year. Can anyone confirm that the 'deposit' of 2000 aed is just related to Sri Lankan/Nepalese/Indian maids...I read somewhere that it doesnt apply to Filipino workers??? I am banking on it being the same as last year : Visa Fee - approx 5250 Daman Insurance - 600 aed Medical and emirates ID etc - about 700 ish If we are ahving to pay another 2000 to line someones pocket, Im going to feel abit angry to be honest!!!! Let me know if you know any info - much appreicated.
  6. Hi, Ive been sitting around for 3 years after leaving the UK. Well, I havent actually been sitting round...Im bringing up my children whilst my husband works all the hours god sends... I havent a degree but 25 years of experience at management level....this obviously counts for nothing in this country. and if I stand any chance of a job versus someone with a piece of paper, I know I need to at least refresh my PC skills...before I try and use my influencing skills to try and talk my way into some kind of job...given that our rent has gone through the roof, we are stuck here and need to find a way of staying in our home...just until we repay a debt.. So, my question is, can anyone recommend a company that I can undertake a referesher course which is either certified or will provide some official training , at least so I can put it on my CV? Then I can go on my merry way, with my new skills, trying to find a job that I can fit round the school run/bus/anyone willing to take my child home with them ...just so I can pass over over my hard earned cash to my greedy landlord so I can stay in my home What I really want to do is get on the next plane out of here.... TIA
  7. Does Brightpoint Hospital Do Mammograms?

    I had one there...a very nice South African lady did it...service excellent!
  8. Bank Accounts & Money Transfer

    We also thought HSBC was a better option when we moved here....we were wrong. The only good thing is you can sign up for their global account transfer service which is immediate providing you have Uk based account there and your account here and the tranfers are much cheaper...but their rates are abysmal and their online services are pre historic. We are now with ADCB who give ok rates tbh...and its internet service is great...its linked into all the bill payments so heh presto, I click 1 button and all my utility bills are paid , they even know the amount of the bills! Its much better than HSBC....
  9. Maid Salary

    Just an addition.. when you mentioned 1500 aed...I would probably include food in that...it abit low if you want an experienced housemaid who has been here a few years.. Honestly, you wont get many biting your hand off these days for that figure...I say 1700 as a min with a pay rise if they do a good job.... Obviously if they are new to here, maybe you can justify it due to lack of experience... Just my thoughts..!
  10. Maid Salary

    They are just trying it on to get the best deal from you....!!!! And so would I if I was them! Lets face it, we are all negotiators these days.... The girl who works for me I pay 2100 aed pm .I started her 2 years ago on 2000, this is pure salary, she buys her own toiletries and mobile phone etc and any food she wants for herself. I cook each night, she will usually eat what's there if she likes it, if not, she makes something herself which is usually rice (I bought her a rice cooker!) and anything else. I also give her a 13th cq upon renewal of her visa each year as a bonus for the previous years work. If I felt she hadnt earned it, I would either pro rata it or not pay it. It's a simple as that. I also pay for a big box to be sent home, usually around 275 aed for her family each year, she gets an annual flight home for 4 weeks holiday and health insurance as per law and goes off Friday morning and comes back at noon on a Saturday...sometimes I let her go Thursday night ...but I can always ask her to stay if I need her..it's flexible depending on our needs! She's happy to work together so we all have the time we want... She has her own bedroom upstairs with her own mini fridge for her own items, Ive bought her things like a hairdryer and a pair of trainers as she loves walking our dog (!!) I will pick her things up as a nice gift/gesture if I felt she needed them, and I dont pay her for babysitting, its part of the job. If she works a weekend, i will give her time off in lieu for additonal hours worked the weekend after ... She is really happy as its all black and white and we talk daily about any issues etc. when she initially came for the interview, I asked her what she was earning with her last employer.. If you are going to get a reference off previous employers, they should happily confirm this anyway but she told me she got paid 1300 aed pm. She wanted more than 2000 but I just told her straight what the deal was, I couldnt offer any more. But the fringe benefits I was offering such as the bonus etc, sold it to her I think. Its about not just making it about the cold hard payment at the end of each month. I would suggest that a starting point with a live in maid with some experience is between 1900 - 2200 pm, but its up to you to decide if that includes food etc. I certainly wouldn't start including, phones and toiletries in that either, its their job to afford those items I feel. She did ask initially if the salary inclulded this and I just said no...would my husbands salary pay him for this ..I dont think so!! You have to be very business like ...at the end of the day, its a job, you aren't a charity and I believe in a fair days pay for a fair days work. Doesn't matter what anyone's situation is, its the same principle. Dont be afraid to challenge them as to what justifies their salary request...and check everything. At the end of the day, go with what you feel the work deserves. i.e if you have 5 kids and a 7 bedroom house and you work all day then obviously they deserve more...I have 1 child, I dont work and a 5 bed small-ish villa...so I fully justify my salary offer. 3000 +, salaries would be more for live out scenario where you would need to factor in 600 aed approx for accomodation costs etc. Honestly, they will ask for alot more but its up to you to be clear about what you can offer them as well as the salary. Make it about the whole package rather than just that. It goes along way to work for a fair, caring employer!!! Anyone trying to still negotiate with you after all that would be stupid and not worth employing in my opinion...you wouldn't want them if they were that bloody minded ...it shows they dont care and probably arent worth employing. Just stand your ground and dont let them bully you either! Hope this helps !
  11. Bcad Vs Bisad

    My daughter attended BISAD the year we moved here. We then swapped her to Brighton....its the best decision I have ever made. The school isn't perfect but the overall atmosphere and attitiude of the school is fantastic. The children are really well behaved and the school really encourages respect and caring attitudes in them. The bus services are terrrible for Brighton I know. I think BISAD has gotten its act together recently, we were just underwhelmed, and she wasnt happy there. ...however...the main thing is that your child will be happy there, it has to fit around you and if you cant get your child to school without this stress then I would opt for BISAD. Everyone's opinion will differ. I just found BISAD very parochial, old fashioned and there was challenges due to the lack of english being spoken and children being ignored at the expense of others. That was my opinion only...I have many friends with kids there and they are happy with it... Go with your instinct .
  12. Al Reef Community Update - Good/bad/ugly

    I have a 5 bed in the Med village. Its just about holding together...only because we look after it. We have a large space round side so our landlord seems to think its worth charging us more. I will tell you there a LOADS of unscrupulous landlords who own property here and they will try and get more than what the villas are worth. Dont be fooled by agents telling you the market rate...its down to you to negotiate hard and not be bullied by anyone. There are plenty of empty properties here...dont believe what the agents tell you...loads of people moved out last year when prices increased. Last year, we renewed at 185000....its not worth it but I like the fact I have outside space and a pool, which we do use. I couldnt find anything in KCA or in another compound that suited us so it was better the devil you know. There is no way Im paying that this year and will try to negotiate a decrease to 175000 which I feel is probably the going rate for a 5 bed. The 5 beds in Arabian and Desert are older ...Med and Contemporary are newer. The Med village has been left with NO facilities whatsoever, its all bare land with no green spaces and no parks and no shop. There are no plans at this time to complete it either. The parks are abreeding ground for disease...the equipment is dangerous and I won't let my child play on the sand there due to the large amounts of cats doing their business there. It appalling. The shops in the other villages sell stale produce but its ok if you just need milk and bread etc...the Plaza that was planned is nowhere near being finished. Manazel (who are a bunch of cowboys) have just placed a HUGE billboard on it , advertising their new development Al Reef 2 on the way to Dubai!!! Im thinking this is a blackmail thing ...buy in Al Reef 2 and we will complete Al Reef 1!!!! Errr..no thanks, seeing as though the villas are beyond craply built! My friends kitchen cabinets just came off the wall last week and nearly killed her..... The roads are subsiding, there is not enough sewers to drain the wastewater so they have lorries arriving every hour to pump it out from the entrance...its abysmal. The whole place is a complete "Naughty Word" and I hate living here. There is a HUGE growing labour camp next door which is increasing by the day..the rubbish they are leaving is terrible and there are always strange men wondering around the village. I just close my eyes every day and pretend I dont live here. The only good thing is that when I shut my front door, I am transported to my own world. Yes, having a pool that is usable all year round is great, and having my own garden is great. Im just not sure I can stand it much longer for those reasons!!! I would think carefully about moving here just so you get a pool and garden!!! Thats why I moved here, but the travelling and mileage you will put on your car on a daily basis plus the fact I feel depressed every day driving into it is simply not worth it. Make sure you investigate other options fully before settling here. Hopefully, you may be happy here if you do. I like my house but its everything else that really gets me annoyed and really fed up. Nothing works properly. It reminds me of a ghetto tbh....the fact we arent paying the rent is my only saviour! Expect to pay upwards of 1200 dhs per month in summer if you have a 5 bed...the aircon and pool regulator cost a fortune. And they have just increased the tariffs ...
  13. I think the real issue here is the lack of support for working mothers over here , full stop. I'm not surprised though ...however...I think the schools must take a more pro active stance on suppporting families who have work committments. In the UK, most schools have breakfast clubs and after school clubsand holiday clubs for those kids that have a mum and dad who cant get to pick up for the required times. Pastoral care needs to be inproved in all schools here... Nowhere in AD have I seen any school offer this type of support. Most of these clubs are chargeable so its a good money earner for the school...and my little girl loved going to holiday club in Uk when I couldnt get time off work and my husband was away. I just think the schools should be pushed to provide more services to their customers...and yes, I dont think my child is the school's customer, its me as the fee paying parent who is the schools customer. And I think for the astronomical fees being charged, the schools should be flexible. Also, it would enable me to get a job and do something for myself .so therefore I am contributing to the economy...there are so many women out here with skills and qualifications going to waste because of this very issue. Yes, my daughter is the most important thing in the world and I have out her first..but dont I deserve something for me too???
  14. Apple Tv

    No,,,the problem lies with your router and internet connection...which assume to be Etisalat on the basis no other offering !!! Your Apple Tv has all the apps on it, BUT, is governed by your UAE internet connection. You can only stream what is allowed, just like a computer. Therefore, you will need to pay per view on all its content...I find it extremely expensive. Although its good for getting the new releases and kids stuff etc..and you can play your music from your iTunes library on your home surround sound system if you have got one connected. It's quite frustrating seeing all those apps on there, such as, Netflix and the like... If you want to watch other stuff, you still need to connect your PC to the TV, either wirelessly or wired and sign up for a VPN that disguises your IP address in uae and logs you as being in Uk, USA etc...which will be difficult to sign up for in this country as all the sites are also banned. It is still possible to sign up for an vpn account though but you would need to do your research as to how to get it downloaded. For the computer literate , there is way of getting round the issue etc but its illegal....unfortunately!!!
  15. Any Recent Experience Of Ivf In Abu Dhabi?

    By the way... if you go for your initial consultation on the 2nd day of your menstrual cycle, it works out cheaper as they can lump some of the tests in with the consultation fee apparently.. So I'm told.... not that money is the main concern here but every little saving helps considering the vast amounts involved!!!