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  1. We've been very satisfied with Brighton College for over 4 years. Academically rigorous, yet providing opportunities for children to try out different physical and creative activities. 95% very good and committed teachers. Class sizes in yrs 6-8 are quite small, below 20, due to the economic downturn. The senior school has a great reputation. There is no perfect school. I think all 3 schools previously mentioned are equally good. Just depends if you want your children to follow the British or the IB curriculum. Good luck in finding a school for your children.
  2. Hi! We're looking at a possibility of moving to Muscat with our teenage daughters who are currently in the British system. We've been looking at 2 schools: The British School and ABA. I'd like to find out what life is like there, and was wondering is there a website similar to Abu Dhabi Woman that I could consult? Many thanks.
  3. Thank you for organizing! Looking forward to attending this
  4. Phonics Tutor For Children At Home.

    Hi Leena, The read write ink program is well regarded, you could have a look at their website, they have some nice videos of basic sounds. I was trained on the program and might be able to help you but only from beginning of August. Good luck!
  5. Hi 😊, Not too far in the recruitment process but wondering if anyone had some pointers to share about living in the Seychelles, in particular the Praslin island.. Any feedback on the international school on the island? Is it any good? Children in yr 7 this September. I would be most grateful for any helful, constructive feedback 😊 Not ready to open this topic on FB yet. Many thanks!
  6. Pediatric Opthamologist?

    I was very happy with the one in Burjeel Hospital and it was easy to get an appointment too.
  7. Children's Library

    Hi, I've been told the Al Bateen one has the largest selection of English books for kids. The one we had a look at, near Deerfields, only had a small selection of English kiddie books so we didn't bother joining, but staff were lovely. I am sure you can go have a browse and then decide if you wish to join. My daughters rely on their school library, book depository website, book stores or kindle downloads.
  8. Al Reef Downtown

    Personally, I would go for a 2/3 bed villa rather than an apt. Positives being: 1) being able to park right outside my front door. It's a right nightmare dragging a big grocery shop in to the building from an inconvenient parking spot and then into an elevator before reaching your front door.. 2) most villa gardens have something green already so a much nicer view to look outside from your lounge. 3) no corridor noise Inconveniences: 1) you might find it inconvenient living over 2/3 floors. We don't mind. I hear the apartments are nice inside. Good luck with your choice!
  9. Brighton College Vs The Pearl - Heeeelp!

    Hi! My daughters go to Brighton so I would be partial to this school, however I have heard good things about Pearl. Has your son been accepted to both schools? If so, he is lucky, those places are coveted by many! Visits to the schools would enable you to make an informed choice. Good luck!
  10. Slimming World And Yogurts

    Hi! A sideways tangent from the topic here. I found the artificially sweetened yogurts made me crave more sweet stuff and would often have 2 mullers in a row.. Weaned myself off them and now just stick with the full fat plain natural yogurt, sometimes adding a drizzle of honey or berries/nuts. Much more satisfying. The craving for sweet stuff might have something to do with being diabetic, and often after a dessert I have a piece of crudite to change the taste in my mouth. But obviously stick with whatever works for you, for your own purposes!
  11. Where To Buy Material To Stuff Soft Toys With

    Thank you Horseluver and Hungryhippo :) What a great idea to use the insides of a cushion, creative thinking! Since we found the The Green branch, which was a real crafter's paradise, we bought the polyester fiber there. Thank you:)
  12. Where To Buy Material To Stuff Soft Toys With

    Thank you Déjà vu and TheGoodeLife, we had a wonderful time in the Green Branch! Your directions were a great help and we passed the time in Al Wahda Mall before the art shop opened. It was real treasure trove :)
  13. Where To Buy Material To Stuff Soft Toys With

    Thank you TheGoodeLife, that is so kind of you :) . What a good idea about the panty hoses! Where is the Green Branch? Many thanks again!
  14. Thank you so much for the helpful suggestions déjà vu, Lammas and LMP:)
  15. Hi:) It's half term and we are staying in Abu Dhabi. Would like to take my 10 yr old girls to Dubai for a day trip. Any suggestions for something to do over 6 hrs or places to visit? Would you advise taking the water taxi? What would be the best place to take it from? Many thanks!