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  1. Linda & her friends join the hybrids of Oasis as they search for The Dead. Not an explosion at Disney World nor a showdown in the swamps of southern Florida... Vote Here
  2. A startup company’s telepathic Sortmind app Mindwipes ten thousand users in the city of Canterra, and political factions battle in the streets over whether telepathy should be free to all... Vote Here
  3. The exciting conclusion to SOUL CHASER… Enemies make strange bedfellows… especially the dead kind. And you know you should never trust a vampire. When... Vote Here
  4. Lucy must grow up fast and defend herself, before those that killed her mother come for her. Her journey to become strong leads her to understand her mother's heritage, a... Vote Here
  5. A clean, cozy fantasy short story collection. Some would make fun bedtime stories for children and others something for mom to read when the little ones are asleep. So whether... Vote Here
  6. Lucy must grow up fast and defend herself before those who killed her mother come for her. Her journey to become strong leads her to understand her mother's heritage. A... Vote Here
  7. Javier, Carys and Anel’s lives are intertwined by a heart in this inspirational romance love story. But how will their lives be joined forever when they are continents apart? ... Vote Here
  8. Photography has never been so dangerous for Jack. Excited to visit Prague, he's ready to action. But, photos isn't the only challenge that Jack will face. Blissfully unaware of the... Vote Here
  9. Freya and Brennan barely have time to settle in their new romance when tragedy strikes. Sick of waiting for the axe to drop, Freya convinces her partner it's time to... Vote Here
  10. Vivienne is still reeling from the fight with Carleigh and finally enjoying some well-deserved quality time with Sébastien. Absorbed into each other, neither is aware of the dark forces lurking... Vote Here
  11. HE FOUGHT FOR FREEDOM AND SURVIVED... During his time in the military, Tristan Cayne has seen more than some do in an entire lifetime. Part of a special ops... Vote Here
  12. HE WAS GIVEN A NEW LIFE, A NEW CHOICE, A NEW PATH... Once upon a time, Dominic Kosta didn’t have a last name. In fact, he had nothing growing... Vote Here
  13. Ace had always known that trusting her gut was the right thing to do, she knew it back in Iraq, she knew it on the field, and she knows it... Vote Here
  14. Things were pretty crappy before, but nothing could have prepared Ace for what was waiting for her when she finally woke up. Months had passed since she fought Damon... Vote Here
  15. Ace Hart was entrusted with some of the government’s best kept secrets, working with Special-Ops, she was revered by heads of every agency around the world, until her entire unit... Vote Here
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