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  1. Lost civilization. Ancient secrets. A fast-paced adventure where danger lurks around every corner. While exploring ancient ruins nestled deep in the lush Guatemalan jungle, a team of international... View the full article
  2. The​ Warrior, the lover, the protector and the friend. ​ Her new life was meant to be a fresh start, but the more time she spends with her... Vote Here
  3. When the solar system adopts the buggy SolGrid telepathic network designed by computer hacker Patrick James, Jack Commer’s charismatic but impudent son Jonathan James instigates a rebellion against fascist brainwashing.... Vote Here
  4. Berserk at missing his five hundredth point in a row, psychopathic Junior Dropout Basketball League star Billy Bolamme kills a taunting radio announcer with hand grenades, then blows up an... Vote Here
  5. “Exotic Destination” - steamy romantic book about love, temptation and sensual games between two lovers. The story surrounds a young woman with a lack of her relationships and at... Vote Here
  6. The story surrounds two best friends Alexandra and Christina. They have always been the opposite of each other. Alexandra is naive and shy but Christina always has been open-minded. ... Vote Here
  7. Join Abby and Holly in Book 3 as the cousins discover a new presence in their old Victorian while they are cleaning out the library of old books. They are... Vote Here
  8. Valaria is young, in prison and pregnant. She is also a Jaguar. After she was ripped from her home in the southern Pantanal region of Brazil, she... Vote Here
  9. Timeless. Beautiful. Dangerous. 1816 — the Year Without a Summer — resulted in two of literature’s most feared and beloved creations. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.... Vote Here
  10. It’s been a little over a year since the teens lost one of their own, but the memory still haunts them. On a crisp fall evening, Jimmy... Vote Here
  11. Tom has spent most of his life locked behind the cruel walls of Weatherly Orphanage, but when he learns that his parents might be alive, Tom knows he must do... Vote Here
  12. The day Aeron Alexander walked into Makenna’s life was the day that changed everything. Being her first in many ways, he was someone she felt she’d always be connected to... Vote Here
  13. A select collection of poems written over 18 years. This beautifully diverse debut collection contains poems that are rhythmic, lyrical, classical, contemporary, visual and with hidden depth. Poems from this... Vote Here
  14. Special Forces guy. Govt Spook woman. Off-World Scientist. A Computer named Elvis. What could go wrong? Vote Here
  15. The Red Hand is the fourth Frank Nagler Mystery. It is a prequel to the other three books in the series. It tells the story of a young... Vote Here
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