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  1. It is the year 1008 AD and al-Mansur, the despotic ruler of al-Andalus is dead. Without his iron grip the country is heading for civil war as the pretenders to... Vote Here
  2. There are things man was not meant to wot of. Unfortunately, hair has no such restriction. For one head of evil genius hair, time travel has unintended consequences. The multiverse,... Vote Here
  3. In a hidden land, protected by three all-powerful spiritual beings, a lost ship is stranded. Its passengers are accepted as the island's residents, being granted superpowers. After a long period... Vote Here
  4. Yanick DcCullen, inmate 3249 of the Minerva Penitentiary, could never resist taking advantage of a business opportunity. So when he learned he could get his claws on some choice pharmaceutical... Vote Here
  5. Father Jim has a gambling problem, a girlfriend, and his brother Gabe just killed his bookie. Detective Mark Porfino investigates while mob boss Mario Gallante arrives to figure out why... Vote Here
  6. THE TIME TO BE MOST AFRAID IS WHEN THINGS START GOING WELL. Paul Barrett is a successful author. So are brothers Randy and Donnie Camron. Along with the... Vote Here
  7. When Tina Johnson, single mother, forty, wakes up in an isolated castle in Central Europe she simply wants to return to her daughter as quickly as possible. She doesn’t expect... Vote Here
  8. Meet Alec Winters when he’s sixteen years old. Find out how he met Sabrina. Get the scoop on all his friends before the fateful night of his transformation to angel-demon... View the full article
  9. Caves of Chimera, a long lyrical narrative poem, depicts a man and his family caught in an Armageddon Earth. A young father, Doctor Richard Planck – whose thinking mind is... Vote Here
  10. An antique book, a heartfelt wish... and a twist in time... When Lydia wished for a man in her life, she never dreamed she'd have two! ... Vote Here
  11. Dublin, Ireland, 1880. Tired of treating rich hypochondriacs, Dr Will Fitzgerald left his father’s medical practice and his home on Merrion Square to live and practice medicine... Vote Here
  12. Abandoned at sea When Ivy Mallory awakens; she finds herself on the ship of the man who rejected her love years earlier. While he was away working for the... Vote Here
  13. In a charming Massachusetts town, Lily Perfect, a budding, savvy entrepreneur has her sights set on running her own boutique filled with handmade creations. The last thing she wants is... Vote Here
  14. The town's people of Rainbow have lost their reason to smile but with the idea of a cleaver mayor and a magical twist may hold the hopes and dreams for... View the full article
  15. “Songs From Richmond Avenue” by Michael Reed, offers an off-kilter, satirical take on big-city misfits, the bars they frequent and the occasional, albeit, misguided quest for something better. ... Vote Here