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  1. Too much change!

    I would take it to local shops, I remember when Spinneys would give you a packet of chewing gum if they didnt have fils to give as change.
  2. Hair and skin problem...Help!

    Hi Ashwaa. The vitamin E will be easily found any supermarket/ chemist will stock them. I used to buy my oils from Abela supermarket. But havnt been in Abu Dhabi for a while so I wouldnt know which shops sell the oils..maybe one of the ladies on the forum could help.
  3. Hair and skin problem...Help!

    Hi you could try this. Choose a neutral PH shampoo Add 10 drops of rosemary oil Add 10 drops of lemon oil. Add 2 ( split) capsules of vitamin E Shake the shampoo bottle them use as normal. Try leaving on your hair for 10 mins before rinsing and really massage into your scalp. I did this for years whilst living in AD and it stopped the hairloss.
  4. Lots of questions.

    Thanks for all the replies ladies..very, very helpful. Proud to say the ciggies arent for me as I have neen a non smoker for 3 years now..But, i do however use an E cig which ive heard arent aavailable in the UAE..im just wondering how i would also get it through customs given the fact its a battery and small ammount of liquid..
  5. Lots of questions.

    Thanks for the replies Britnic and HI there Lammas.x The southern sun actually came up on the cheapest hotel option so im going to check that out. I looked at others but we really are going to be up and out early, back for a quick shower, gladrags on and back out again, so apart from the ones i know to avoid we are not too fussy. Im so looking forward to going back for a holiday Lammas. Just hope i can cram all my old haunts on my to do list..thats if they are even still there. Lol
  6. Lots of questions.

    Wow..no replies! Has everyone left for the summer?
  7. Lots of questions.

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping you can help me with a few questions I have. 1. I'm thinking of visiting with a friend around the 27th of Nov until 3rd Dec..given the fact it will be during National day celebrations do you think Christmas decorations etc will be in place inside hotels? 2. How are the buses to and from Dubai? Are they clean, A/C and how frequently do they run, do they drop off anywhere near the burj khalifa, and does anyone know what time the last one back to Abu Dhabi is? 3. Does Flavours restaurant in The Sheraton still do a seafood night? 4. Are Entertainer books still available..would they be worth buying for a week's visit? 5. Al Diar capital hotel or Millennium on Khalifa street. Both same price, had a quick look on trip advisor, Al Diar seems to have noisy clubs ..which would you choose. 6. Are the ciggies still cheap? Thanks everyone xx
  8. Happy Birthday dakmor!

  9. When we returned to the UK after 12 years no claims we were told by all insurance companies that it was useless because it was obtained outside of Europe. Even though we had a letter from ADNIC. So we had to start as new drivers all over again.
  10. What Do You Hoard?

    Loved reading this thread ladies, it reminds me of the days when I Would bulk buy setlers Tums (antacids) Cream of Tartar for playdoh,bags of scampi fries and Tena ladies. Lol
  11. Happy Birthday dakmor!

  12. Eye Cream

    Deja vu, I apply just a few drops of bio oil to my face and neck once sometimes twice a day, it has moisturisers built in, so if you are going to use it on your face you can apply moisture cream once the oil has completely soaked into the skin. Bio oil have a website that gives you lots of answers on how to use it. Its the only thing I've ever used and actually had compliments on how glowing my skin was.
  13. Eye Cream

    I've used lots of different lotions and potions over the years, both cheap and hugely expensive. The best thing I ever used and still do is Bio oil.
  14. Worst Taxi Driver Experience?!

    Oh, I could write a book on my experiences over the years living in Abu Dhabi. I had one taxi driver throw my change in my face because I wanted to be dropped off outside my work and not on the main road. Another who decided to unwrap a tinfoil parcel and start eating a fish complete with head during ifftar whilst driving with one hand. Then the one who picked us up from the airport and twice veered sharply to the left as I realised he was actually falling asleep. And worst of all was the one that was staring at me in his rear view mirror making weird faces, it finally dawned on me that he was masturbating!!
  15. Damn Clackers

    Reminds me of a couple of years ago when "heelies" were the new craze, the kids would be flying around the shopping Malls and supermarkets. Clackers might get banned eventually, I remember Laser pens getting banned about 10 year ago but it didnt last long.