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  1. Looking to move to Golf Gardens

    Hi - We live in Golf Gardens in a 5 bed. The compound is fantastic. However, the maintenance is really bad. We've been waiting for the water pump and pool filter cap to be replaced for months. They need the landlord approval which never happened. Also bear I mind that it will cost you a lot on ADDC bills with the huge space and open layout. If you're happy with this then yes it's a nice place to live in, but not for us. We're moving out.
  2. Raha vs ACS

    Nobody has a feedback from ACS?
  3. Raha vs ACS

    Hi, Commuting everyday from KCA to Corniche has taken a toll on me. We're planning to move closer to work and thinking of moving my 3 kids from Raha School to ACS. Can anyone advise whether it is a good move? Any reviews of the ACS compared to Raha? Thanks in advance.
  4. Update on Moorfields Hospital, Abu Dhabi

    Thanks Grace for the update
  5. Al Muneera townhouse

    I looked at Al Muneera facebook sites and found more than 1. Which ones are the "must-have"? Thx
  6. Al Muneera townhouse

    Hi all, we're keen to move to a 4 bed townhouse in Al Muneera. I would like some advice on the best areas to be (island, mainland) and if there are any issues we should be worried about? We have 3 kids, 2 of them go to Raha school. Thx in advance.
  7. Golf Gardens

    Many thanks Florida Mermaid for the valuable info, really appreciated. After visiting a couple of compounds, we're leaning towards the Al Muneera townhouses. We visited the 4 bed townhouses and just feel they can provide a very nice lifestyle with the beach and facilities. I would appreciate any feedback on that area before we sign the contract. Are there any issues we should be aware of? Thanks in advance.
  8. Golf Gardens

    Thanks for the reply. We actually live in KCA and prefer to stay here if possible. What's bad about Golf Gardens?
  9. Golf Gardens

    Hi, We are thinking of moving to 5 bed villa at Golf Gardens and I need your advice as I have heard there are issues with a) Mosquitos at the compound. b)villas with pools have no coolers so too hot to use in summer?. c) What area of the compound is the best to live in, and what villa type is the best between Narjis, Laylak and the others? d) is it a really good place to live in or are we better off with a place like Bloom Gardens? e) Is there any major drawback that we should be aware of as we want to make a sensible decision? Btw I have 3 kids who go to Raha school. Thanks very much in advance for feedback.
  10. Moorfields

    It will be in the Marina Village
  11. Hi all, We live in a 4br villa in Al Reef with an open kitchen. Can you recommend a handyman / decorator to close it PLEASE + doing some decoration work such as painting, hanging wallpaper... Any recommendation would be very appreciated. Thxxx
  12. Tipping/gratuity

    I try to tip whenever I can. Many workers here make as low as 30dh / day. Giving them 5 or 10 won't ruin me but will make a big difference for them. Just how I see it.
  13. Movies That You Liked

    Gravity in 3D is a very good one
  14. Espresso Coffee Maker

    You can also try Dolce Gusto. Not in Nespresso's class but their espresso and cappuccinos are very good, plus they are very affordable
  15. Dinner Cruise Dubai

    Avoid Saluja at all costs