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  1. Varicose Vein Treatment

    Hi AD Rose, Actually a friend of mine too had it done it at Al-noor , and in the same way within 5months they are beginning to re-appear..she has lost hope...scary stuff..
  2. Varicose Vein Treatment

    Thanks Mucra,will call up n have a chat and see what the doc says. but is there any other option rather than injecting stuff into our bodies..some herbal creams or massages which could help...I was reading some article which says acupuncture helps but to a certain extent..wonder if any such thing is there in abudhabi ..
  3. Varicose Vein Treatment

    Hi all, Has anyone done this treatment recently, i have terrible varicose veins popping out of my legs, and a few spider veins as well..after my kids were born,i have almost stopped wearing dresses because of this. Any good medical center or doctor you know of and can recommend.. How much would the treatment cost and how long could it go for. Thanks .
  4. Bon Jovi With Kids

    Oh, it's my first time, so was totally clueless. Thank you and appreciate ur replies.
  5. Bon Jovi With Kids

    Hi , My lil ones are 7yrs and 5yrs,..do I need to buy tickets for them for the Bon jovi show...any one with small kids has attended before..? Thanks ..
  6. Bulk Order Of Finish Tablets

    Morning ladies, Had a small query, where can i buy bulk order of Finish dishwasher tablets or powder.. Hate having to buy every month..when i could stock it..any other brands you use which is better and easy on the pocket?? Will appreciate all answers. Thanks and Good day,
  7. Had been to Singapore recently...they have lovely dresses of Elsa and Anna there..my DD has one...n loves it..incase u have friends u could ask them...all the best in ur search...
  8. Tours In Bologna And Barcelona

    How I wish it could be adults only....we will be 6adults n 2 kids...def making a stopover at Barcelona ..did not plan the itinerary as of now, hav to keep the kids in mind n plan accordingly. It's a 4-5 day stop over.nothing too hectic hopefully, actually after visiting nana in UK , planning quick trips to Spain with the final stop at Portugal. Hoping to make this work, how's euro rail? Shud we buy the pass here.for inter state travel . Thanks a bunch.
  9. Tours In Bologna And Barcelona

    WTG we too are planning a short holiday to Spain, could you suggest the must-do/see places around. N yes will probably book the church tickets online..thanks for the tip...any more..
  10. Japanese Hair Straightening

    Thanks Moka, I didnt think of that. My friends love my curls, if I just scrunch them with mousse. Even more confused now,as to if I want to keep a few curls or not. Have you tried both, whats the time period for the hair to get back to normal healthy,before u try the next? is it safe to try both say after a gap of 6months?
  11. Japanese Hair Straightening

    Since you have already done it and are happy with it, could u share ur salon name. I have dark,frizzy and frail hair. In your opinion should I go in for rebonding or try the Keratin treatment..m afraid of the damage to try out both. so fed up of tying my hair coz of humidity n dust. thanks again.
  12. Japanese Hair Straightening

    Thanks Ladies, but have u tried this salon, " the Kazumi Salon," at the Grand Millenium al wahda, they apparently do an american hair relaxing treatment by using the '‘Rejuvenol Brazilian 24 hour Keratin Treatment.’' is this the same as in Keratin treatments, it costs around 1500/-dhs , also keratin and rebonding are they not one n the same thing. except for milder vesion being used in keratin, http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/bodyandmind/features/33014-hair-relaxing-in-abu-dhabi#.UmId0XCw3p8
  13. Japanese Hair Straightening

    Hi all, Anyone tried / done this? and where ? its also know by other names such as thermal straightening, bio ionic, and Yuko hair straightening. Thanks.
  14. Zumba Classes

    Is Zumba at Rock Gym still on ? is yes are there any morning classes. evenings not possible for me..tia
  15. High Spirits

    From what i can read,I guess they only asked for today being the holiday n all. Had been there yest at Spinney's Murror , crowded but no questions asked. Happy Shopping.