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  1. arranging 21 huffaz for Quran recitation

    I want to arrange 21 Huffaz (who have learnt Quran by heart) for Quran recitation? Is there any way I can ask any masjid over here to arrange for me?
  2. Is there any way I can arrange 21 huffaz here in ABu Dhabi for Quran recitation?
  3. Salon for brazilian blowout

    Hello, Does anyone know a good salon to get brazilian blowout done in Abu Dhabi?
  4. Lost Cat

    Hello, I saw this cat a while ago near qasr-ul-hosn. It seems like a persian cat & not a stray cat so I thought it might be someones pet. Its injured & what not so I tried to call emergency vet number but nobody picked up. Will call tomorrow. Is it someones pet?
  5. My Crochet Youtube Channel

    Thanks a lot ladies, thanks a lot for your appreciation. You all are so encourging. :) Will definately teach how to make a crochet bag. You ladies can use this tool to put thread in the needle.
  6. My Crochet Youtube Channel

    And please change the setting to HD before watching the video as YouTube decreases the video quality while uploading. http://feedback.screencast-o-matic.com/knowledgebase/articles/140421-why-is-youtube-playback-blurry-and-unreadable
  7. My Crochet Youtube Channel

    Hi, I started my crochet youtube channel finally. If anyone interested in learning crochet please subscribe to my channel.I only have 2 subscribers right now :( .I hope you like it. I welcome your suggestions. :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvY3PIxj9NJQPWrx713xY7A Thanks
  8. Youtube Channel

    Plus I am trouble in videos too. Whenever I upload it turn out to be blurry when its originally not even though I publish them in HD. any idea guys?
  9. Youtube Channel

    ^ but there was this list of countries, including UAE, where I can't change the payee afterwards.
  10. Youtube Channel

    & I was wondering why I can't change the payee name in future if I want to?
  11. Youtube Channel

    Hi, I am thinking to start a youtube channel, was wondering has anyone over here already have one? Would like to know the suggestions they provide. Thanks
  12. Friend's Birthday

    So my friend's birthday is coming & I want to give her a gift & can't decide what should I give her. And I want to know if anyone know a place where I can get a cake delivered to her place. Any ideas?
  13. Puppets - Where To Buy?

    I have seen puppets in borders.
  14. Tie Pin

    Ok thanks. Which suit stores you are talking about where I can find tie pins?
  15. Tie Pin

    I want a tie pin with aeroplane on it. Can I get it anywhere?