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  1. 5amra

    1-2 Smile

    Hello, I would like to ask has anyone tried them yet? They have this offer going on these days of 5,100 AED for invisible braces so I was wondering has anyone tried them. Is it good enough? Should I go for it? http://1-2smile.com/lp/index4.html?utm_campaign=fb-dr-051
  2. 5amra

    Red Heart Yarn

    Hello, Does anyone know from where I can buy red heart super saver yarn in Abu Dhabi that too at reasonable price? I checked Malik & shaheed shop, they had it before but now they dont. Thanks
  3. 5amra

    arranging 21 huffaz for Quran recitation

    I want to arrange 21 Huffaz (who have learnt Quran by heart) for Quran recitation? Is there any way I can ask any masjid over here to arrange for me?
  4. Is there any way I can arrange 21 huffaz here in ABu Dhabi for Quran recitation?
  5. 5amra

    Salon for brazilian blowout

    Hello, Does anyone know a good salon to get brazilian blowout done in Abu Dhabi?
  6. 5amra

    Lost Cat

    Hello, I saw this cat a while ago near qasr-ul-hosn. It seems like a persian cat & not a stray cat so I thought it might be someones pet. Its injured & what not so I tried to call emergency vet number but nobody picked up. Will call tomorrow. Is it someones pet?